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Tin Wedding - 8th Anniversary Wedding

Today we offer to learn as much as possible about family values ​​at the age of 8 and what kind of wedding it is. Eight years of marriage - is it a lot or a little? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, since for some it is quite a long time, and for others it is a very short interval.

Surely, the first includes all those couples who still do not have everything smoothly in a relationship, and the second are happy spouses. In any case, for eight years of life, each couple has to overcome a lot of tests under the same roof. This also applies to lapping in life and the birth of a baby or problems with his appearance in the family.

However, if the couple was able to save the family over the years, then there is a chance that the spouses will live for many years together. Although there are never guarantees, and a crisis can come at any time during the life of a family.

Eight years together - tin, poppy wedding

If the family lives happily and there is not only love and passion in the relationship, but also mutual understanding and mutual respect, the spouses always celebrate their wedding anniversary. Interestingly, many such dates have their names. The most famous is the golden wedding. Many loving hearts dream to live to this date in their lives. But not just to live together, but also to preserve feelings.

Tin Wedding

It is interesting that in 8 years the wedding is called tin. And it is no coincidence. After all, tin is an alloy and in turn symbolizes the union, the merging of souls. That is, it is considered that if the spouses managed to live all these years together, then they became, as if one whole, a reflection of each other. Also, this metal has a protective layer, which in turn means - loving spouses are protection for each other and their children.

In ancient times there were many traditions associated with this anniversary. So according to one of them on the threshold of the house where the family lived, it was decided to put a tin pot and pour a strong drink into it. Everyone could drink from it. But at the same time it was necessary to throw a coin into the pot, thus wanting a couple of long years of happy life. In the evening, the couple considered the coins and could understand how many people wish them well and happiness.

Poppy wedding

A couple celebrates 8 years of wedding. What kind of wedding could it be? It is often called poppy. The name of the wedding is not accidental. There was even a tradition according to which on the morning of the anniversary of the wedding the woman was supposed to bake a pie with poppy seeds and at the same time divide it among all family members. It was also possible to treat even strangers. However, there was one condition.

Dressed up in the bride and groom were people. They were put on fingers tin rings and planted in front of the spouses. It was believed that these people reflect the heroes of the occasion. If the spouses managed to happily live together for 8 years, what kind of wedding is it - tin or poppy is not so important.

What is given to a couple for 8 years of marriage

The anniversary of the wedding is a purely personal matter and, as a matter of fact, the wedding itself concerns only two people. Because it is only their decision to celebrate an important date in life together or to invite guests home, to a restaurant? Of course, if there is such a financial opportunity and, of course, desire, you can call the most expensive people in a restaurant and what is called to celebrate in full.

If in this case it is important for the spouses to worry in advance about where to celebrate this important event in life, then guests should certainly think in advance not only about congratulations, but also about what gifts to present to the couple. So, now we offer to find out what they give to a wedding for 8 years.

If you have absolutely no time and desire to choose a gift, you can donate money and flowers. But still it will be much nicer for spouses to get something special from their guests. In order not to be trapped and really be original, try to choose a gift of interest. Since this is a holiday for two people at once, present a special gift in honor of a tin wedding. If the heroes of the occasion are people with a sense of humor, you can give them food in cans. For example, condensed milk, canned meat, canned food.

You can give a set of kitchen utensils. Such a gift will be not only original, but also practical.

Do you want to stand out and be remembered for your attention? Then give the spouses a beautiful picture with their image together.

For 8 years, the wedding give flowers. Therefore, be sure to present on this day a beautiful bouquet with poppies. But it is not necessary to give only these flowers. On the wedding anniversary of eight years, you can give a woman's favorite flowers. It can be roses, orchids, chamomile.

On this special day for the family, you can give other gifts. So it can be household appliances, souvenirs, clocks, jewelry and much more. Often, guests choose gifts separately for those who got married 8 years ago. This will also be the right decision, because, despite life, together, these people remain individuals, each of whom deserves attention and respect.

To properly prepare for the anniversary, you need:

  • choose a place of celebration in advance
  • make a guest list
  • invite guests
  • choose a toastmaster (if desired)

If, however, the couple plans to celebrate the eighth anniversary of living together at home, then you just need to make a list of guests, invite and prepare food. What to choose - a homely atmosphere, solitude away from everyone exclusively together or a restaurant to decide spouses. However, both of them will surely give you a positive sea and a good mood for spouses and dear guests.

What to gift?

The question of what to donate to a tin wedding, neither to the guests nor to the spouses themselves should not be. There are a lot of options, there are plenty to choose from.

What guests can give:

  • Tin cans for various spices, original molds for sweet pastries.
  • If you decide to give sweets or tea, be sure to pack them in a beautiful tin of tin.
  • Candle holders from tin.
  • Bed linen with the image of red poppies.
  • Delicious poppy pie.

What can a wife give her husband:

  • Eight tin cans of beer or stew.
  • Chased portrait of spouses.
  • A tin bucket filled with kvass.
  • Scissors for metal.

What can a husband give to his wife:

  • Any dishes made of tin or aluminum.
  • A set of elite tea in a tin.
  • 8 tin cans of delicious condensed milk.
  • Tin bucket filled to the top with fruit.
  • Beautiful bouquet of bright poppies.

If you want to move away from a gift with thematic overtones, you can wrap any other gift in a shiny foil.
Choosing a gift, you must first focus on the tastes bestowed. It is worth recalling that the best gift will be the one that is made with your own hands. A good addition can be a greeting card made by yourself.


At the table, which brought together the closest people, on this day toasts should sound, congratulations on the tin wedding. This, of course, is not the date when hundreds of guests are invited to the restaurant. Nevertheless, it will be very pleasant to hear pleasant words in the circle of the most kith and kin of the “newlyweds”.
Before the main celebration, send a text message congratulation, the text for which is easy to find on the Internet. Spouses will be very pleased that you remembered about their holiday, especially if you for some reason could not attend it.

If time permits, order a postcard with a pre-designed design. For example, you can include wedding photos. Write kind words to the heroes of the day, they will be happy to read them. In a suitable season, an original greeting will be a bouquet of poppies, which will be accompanied by a congratulatory note. If it is not possible to donate poppies outside the window, the picture will fit, tapestry with these wonderful flowers.

Tin wedding implies an exquisitely laid wedding table. Among the various dishes, a special place, of course, will be given to poppy dishes. As a dessert poppy cake is perfect. A cake in the form of a tin with a comic signature “Eight years in one can” will look original on the table.

Wedding script

On the anniversary of the wedding in 8 years, you can hold an exotic ceremony. Today they are especially popular and, for sure, will appeal to both spouses and guests of the event. If financial opportunities allow, you can go on an exotic trip, for example, to India.
As an option - a party called "Sweet Eight." There should be eight dishes on the table, the start time of the celebration - eight hours, everyone entering the house eight times wishes the hero of the occasion happiness, and the newlyweds themselves kiss eight times.

If the plans of the spouses do not include inviting guests, they can go for a walk to memorable places. Recall where they met, where they first confessed their feelings to each other, where they first kissed. Whatever the scenario, the main thing is that he be kind, and the spouses once again feel young and in love, like eight years ago.

What wedding

8 years of living together in the people are called tin wedding. Tin is a sheet steel, treated in a special way. This material is very durable and flexible at the same time. Here you can draw a parallel with marriage: for 8 years, the spouses have created a strong family and have learned to give in to each other, to compromise. In addition, the tin has a mirror shine. Similarly, spouses are a reflection of each other.

There is another name for this date - poppy wedding. Earlier on this day, a large poppy cake was baked, which was placed in the center of the table and served as a symbol of the well-being and love of the spouses for each other. In esoteric practice, the figure 8 is associated with red, which embodies love, vigor and energy. In numerology, the eight represents constancy, balance and power.

How to celebrate

The eighth anniversary of the marriage is celebrated in the family circle or with the closest friends. The holiday should be fun and remembered by all those invited. To do this, prepare the house and create a suitable atmosphere in it. By tradition, spouses polish all metal objects to shine. They can be creatively located in all rooms. Also hang a few cans or other products to the ceiling or walls.

Instead of a home celebration, you can have a theme party with contests or go on a small romantic trip only together.

Since 8 years of marriage together is also a poppy wedding, decorate the house with these flowers. They can be combined with ordinary field plants. If the anniversary falls on the period when poppies do not bloom, use embroidered pillows and towels. It will also be appropriate to look poppies made of felt or paper. Place a tablecloth or napkins on the table with these flowers or simply red.

Use red color in clothes. Make for guests scarlet accessories: headbands, bracelets, scarves. Also, girls at the entrance can be issued red hoops for hair, and men - butterflies. Along with the scarlet attributes use tin. Especially stylish will look nameplates for each guest. Instead of a home celebration, you can have a theme party with contests or go on a small romantic trip only together.

Traditions and rites

To make marriage stronger and happier, spouses performed sacred actions. The most ancient rite is associated with a horseshoe - a symbol of well-being in the house. A few days before the tin wedding, the husband prepared a thin plate of tin. On the night before the holiday, the couple entered the stable together and left the plate on the floor. In the morning she was taken and examined for the presence of a print. If the horse stepped on a horseshoe, the marriage will be long and happy. Spouses washed tin plate in the well, wiped dry, wrapped in cloth and hid in a secluded place. This item had to be kept for life and not shown to anyone.

On the anniversary day the tin bucket was filled with alcohol and exhibited along with the bucket of the same material into the yard. One could drink as much as you like, and in return leave some money. A large amount meant that the people around them wished their spouses wealth and love. Also on this day it was decided to shower the corners with poppy seeds, consecrated in the church on 1 August.

According to the tradition, the eighth anniversary was celebrated in a narrow circle of native people, but uninvited guests could get to the celebration. They needed to dress up as a bride and groom, to make wedding rings and decorations from tin. These people sat opposite the spouses and the whole evening congratulated and entertained them.

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33 years of marriage: what a wedding, what to give and how to organize a holiday?

On this day, romantic, practical or comic gifts will be appropriate. It all depends on the needs, temperament and sense of humor of the spouses. According to the ancient tradition, a pair was presented with a tin container filled with kvass. Now this custom has adapted to modern life. Now it is customary to give 8 cans of beer and canned meat, so that life is not bitter, but full.

Friends often offer tea, coffee, cookies or spices in beautiful painted tin boxes. If the spouse likes to bake, then she can give unusual forms for baking. Relatives usually give something that is useful in everyday life. It can be an iron, a set of dishes, cutlery, pots, bed linen or other textiles. A picture in a beautiful frame with poppies or a piece of tin will be appropriate. Also, spouses are given paired bracelets or rings with an infinity sign. If the purchased gift does not correspond to the holiday theme, it is packed in foil or red paper.

What to give to her husband

If a man is fond of cooking, give him a set of professional pans or baking pans. Find out in advance what he needs or would like to receive. Also, the spouse can be presented with canned food with tasty and expensive contents, for example, with sturgeon caviar, foie gras or truffles.

Fisherman can buy a beautiful tin bucket, where he will put his catch. A lover of expensive spirits will like a tin flask with whiskey or brandy, and if he is a beer lover, order a keg of drink of your favorite brand. Give a smoking cigarette case to a smoking man. You can give any accessories made of tin or with elements of this material.

On this day, you can please a man with humorous gifts, for example, with a foil crown or chasing with a funny greeting. It would be appropriate to have breakfast in bed or a romantic dinner with unusual dishes.

What to give to his wife

On the eighth anniversary, a woman will be delighted with a bouquet of poppies or wildflowers. They can be placed in a hand-made vase. Usually it is a tin decorated with decoupage, colored threads and stones. It is also a good idea to present a jewelry box decorated with poppies. The spouse will be delighted with a beautiful T-shirt or pajamas. A woman can donate perfume or cosmetics in cans or purchase a regular one and put it in a metal case. Present a certificate for visiting a beauty salon or SPA, or for the purchase of linen, perfume, shoes, packed in a beautiful tin container.

Now you know what traditions are usually followed when celebrating a tin wedding. A day can be spent together or in a circle of close people, the main thing is to get positive emotions from the holiday.

8 years of marriage: what a wedding

Tin wedding - it is celebrated after 8 years of marriage. It symbolizes a strong marriage, which is impossible just to break. People who have lived together for so many years understand each other well and have learned to appreciate all that they have.

Most likely, there are already children in the family whose parents protect them from all troubles and troubles like a tin fence.

Also the eighth wedding anniversary is called poppy. After all, this flower is a symbol of love, passion and motherhood that adorns the life of a woman and makes her truly happy.

By wedding year, they are distinguished not only by their names, but also by the traditions that were transmitted from our ancestors. On a holiday, it is best to surround yourself with only pleasant, close people and do everything to make the celebration memorable and give joy.

People say that this is enough:

  1. Make a gift "newlywed" couple. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on it, it is enough to invest your soul in the chosen gift and wish sincere happiness.
  2. Prepare a surprise "inside the family." Lovers should also prepare and find a gift that will please the second half. It is best to hand it in the morning, while there is an opportunity to be alone.
  3. If the couple lives in the village, then on the anniversary day a tin bucket of vodka is set at the gate. A metal mug is placed next to it so that anyone can drink to the health of the married couple. In addition, in return, the guest should put some coins in the bucket.
  4. Only close people are invited to the celebration. При этом любая пара имеет право облачиться в свадебный наряд и надеть жестяные кольца на пальцы. Тем самым они говорят, что готовы весь вечер веселить народ и прославлять виновников торжества.
  5. С давних времен женщинам принято с самого утра печь маковые пироги и угощать ними всех членов семьи. On the anniversary day on the table should be polished to the shine dishes and metal appliances.

As noted

Poppy wedding can be celebrated in a cafe, restaurant, outdoors or at home. There are no restrictions or special rules. The main thing is that the hero of the occasion feel comfortable and enjoy.

In modern society, it is customary after 8 years of living together to go on a honeymoon trip in order to take a break from everyday problems, refresh feelings and better feel the connection with nature.

Situations are different, but it is best if this is a trip for two, and the children, friends, parents and other relatives will remain at home.

It remains only to figure out what the lovers give each other on the anniversary, and what is recommended as a gift to the guests.

What to give to her husband

Sometimes choosing something as a gift is quite difficult. But do not forget that a loved one will be glad to any manifestation of feelings. And it could be:

  1. Horseshoe. The talisman, which hangs over the door, drives away evil spirits, brings good luck and “sucks” bad energy from people.
  2. Tin Cake. It can be ordered from a professional pastry chef who implements the craziest and most creative idea. Great idea for someone who loves sweets.
  3. Cufflinks. A husband will surely like such a gift if you have to wear costumes often and you want to give a special charm to your image.
  4. Ring. A decoration that will last for many years and, possibly, will be inherited from father to son.
  5. Lighter or cigarette case. If a man smokes or has long wanted to try cigars, this option can not be ignored.

What to give to his wife

Choosing gifts, you need to take into account the hobbies of a particular person. But if you look standard, your wife might like:

  1. Jewelry box. Women always have a lot of different “trinkets” that need their place. Therefore, it is best to choose a large box with a mirror.
  2. Decorations. Most often give chains, bracelets or pendant in the form of a coin. It symbolizes wealth in the family and is even able to attract financial success.
  3. Spice, Tea or Coffee Cans. If a spouse starts every morning with a fragrant drink or loves to cook, then she will have the taste of such a nice surprise.
  4. Candy in a tin box. They are appreciated not only for taste, but also for giving.
  5. Token or Keychain with your photo and words of love. All the most valuable and intimate things that can be kept in the heart of a loved one can be expressed to the spouse thanks to such a nice present.

How to congratulate

Guests who have been invited to such an important event choose gifts much easier - any copper dishes, jewelry, figurines, jewelry boxes, cigarette cases, wine cups or nameplates with the names of lovers will do.

You should also pay attention to beautiful bouquets or donate seeds, if the couple in love likes to be engaged in plants. The main thing is that all gifts were presented with soul and accompanied by warm words.

Traditions and signs of tin wedding

On the day of the eight-year wedding anniversary, the couple tried in an unusual way to inform the neighbors about their holiday.

To do this, they put a tin bucket filled with homemade vodka near their home. Anyone could get a hot drink.

But to drink the wedding drink was supposed only from a tin bucket, which the couple must have left next to the bucket.

In gratitude, friends and neighbors, and just passers-by, were throwing coins into this bucket in gratitude. It was believed that the more coins collected in the bucket, the longer the joint life of the couple.

In the evening, the couple must leave a sheet of tin in the stable.

It was considered a good sign if the horse left a trace of his horseshoe on this sheet. This was a clear prophecy of a happy life. Such an imprint was necessarily cut out of a tin sheet and stored as a family heirloom and a symbol of joint happiness.

The eighth anniversary of the wedding was usually celebrated in a narrow circle of relatives and friends. But there is a small loophole for anyone wishing to get to the wedding ceremony.

The pseudo-pair could dress up in the suits of the bridegroom and the bride, which were necessarily present in tin ornaments, and without an invitation to come to the wedding.

Such a tin pseudo-pair could not be kept out of triumph. They are necessarily seated in front of this couple.

But as a thank you, the pseudo-couple had to entertain guests and young people throughout the whole celebration.

How to celebrate the eighth anniversary?

The celebration of a tin wedding does not provide for wide festivities. However, everyone can come to such a wedding and congratulate the young ones.

Therefore, when preparing for a celebration, it is necessary to take into account not only the number of invited friends and relatives, but also uninvited guests.

There are certain requirements for young clothes.

As a pair with a “bridegroom” with a “bride”, who usually come to the festival without an invitation, is considered a tin pair at this holiday, these heroes of the occasion are not supposed to put on symbolic outfits.

Usually young ones confine themselves to embossed tin or in the form of poppies.

You can pick up some interesting beads, belts or hairpins for a similar occasion.

Of course, a couple can replenish the collection of rings, in which, apart from wedding wedding decorations, there are rings purchased for a wooden, cast-iron and copper wedding.

Rings of tin pair can exchange directly at the wedding ceremony.

Despite the simplicity of the material - the symbol of an eight-year wedding, it is possible to pick up quite diverse elements of interior and table decoration.

And it is not necessary to put banks with canned meat or sprats on the table.

Such "attributes" would be appropriate except for the celebration of nature.

As interior decorations, you can use foil, from which original garlands, flowers, butterflies or symbolic greeting slogans are made.

On the table you can put flowers in cans. Of course, this day will look perfect poppies.

But if the season does not allow you to find such beauty, you can buy any red or yellow flowers.

Also fit and tin original boxes that can be used as vases for sweets and fruits.

Unusual medals can be made from tin, which will be awarded to winners of wedding contests and quizzes. Such distinctive signs can be identified and parents, best friends of the family, and the heroes of the occasion themselves.

The colors of tin weddings can vary between shades of yellow, red, orange, metallic colors.

Therefore, when choosing napkins, tablecloths, dishes combine these colors.

Tin theme even with the use of poppy bouquets unwittingly suggests the idea of ​​holding a themed wedding.

Such attributes will be as appropriate as anywhere else when preparing a wedding in a rustic style.

Therefore, for a celebration, you can rent a house in the village or organize a banquet on the veranda of the restaurant with suitable decoration.

Any variants of the festival in nature can be interestingly beaten with the use of tin buckets, ladles, mugs.

Culinary traditions

When preparing meals for guests, the menu, of course, will be compiled based on the venue of the tin wedding and the possibilities of the couple.

However, there are a number of rules that are desirable to take into account during preparations for the holiday.

First of all, the hostess should bake pies with poppy seeds.

The wedding is poppy, so the spouse is simply obliged to boast of their culinary skills.

Jugs of kvass were put on the tables. It is believed that the couple have been boiling together for eight years already, the time has come to try kvass.

Drinks, except for kvass, it is customary to put on fire. For someone suitable ordinary tea. But usually it is vodka that is present on the tables during the celebration of the tin anniversary.

Although preference is given to homemade vodka. And remembering the custom of putting vodka in a tin bucket, you can beautifully beat the idea and instead of the usual bottles and carafes, pour the intoxicating drink into miniature buckets, to which you can attach mugs or mini-tin ones.

Given that the guests will be treated to fairly strong alcohol, be sure to prepare a hearty snack.

At this holiday any hearty snacks, as well as meat dishes and festive sandwiches will be appropriate.

Do not forget about the festive salads, and wedding cake.

And so that the guests do not get drunk quickly from strong drinks and nourishing food, it is necessary to provide an entertainment program.

And it should be not just drinking songs and cute congratulations on your wedding day, but mobile competitions and quick dances.

The main thing, when preparing culinary masterpieces, the hostess is to show all her skills acquired during the eight years of married life and to surprise the guests with her most successful dishes.

What give a tin wedding?

All those invited to the celebration, and the spouses themselves, when choosing what to donate to a tin wedding, try to find suitable items from tin.

The choice of such gifts is really limited. It will not be very interesting if all the guests come to the wedding with the same type of buckets or chased frames for photos, pictures.

Therefore, if you want to pick up a really interesting gift, you will have to dream it up.

It is not necessary to dwell only on tin products. You can use this item as a decoration or packaging for your main gift.

Gift tin boxes with tea, coffee and sweets look quite interesting.

You can collect the whole gift set of products in tin packaging, which may consist of a jar of caviar, a box of candies, sprats or other fish, but necessarily rare canned food. There are even cheeses in interesting tin packaging.

For beer lovers, you can present a tin keg with a frothy drink, which do not forget to decorate with ribbons or cool inscriptions.

Suitable as a present and a flag, which you must pour elite brandy.

Such packaging is also suitable for a cash present that can be interestingly presented to young people.

At the tin wedding give and household appliances, and kitchen utensils, and furniture.

You can stop the choice, of course, on thematic products. But in such cases, look for hand-made tin or designer work.

As a cool gift for the husband is presented 8 tin cans with various drinks.

And his wife can be handed over and the usual stew, but certainly eight cans. It is believed that the family must eat food gifts in the next eight days.

Present funny crowns to the newlyweds, made of tin. So they will definitely feel like kings of celebration.

A gift with a picture of poppies or made in red and black tones will also be appropriate for a tin wedding.

Tea or coffee set with poppies will surely please the couple.

And do not forget to add a box of chocolates to such a present, and it’s good if it is “Red Poppy”.

You can order a picture for the holiday or a panel depicting a poppy field.

An interesting wooden casket with a red-black design. This antique-style gift is able to decorate any interior.

Textiles with themed poppy compositions look very original and stylish.

In addition to towels and bed linen, you can choose unusual curtains for the kitchen with the image of poppies, and to them in the tone napkins and tablecloth.

And if a guest boasts his culinary skills, you can present a poppy seed roll with your own hands or an original cake on which you can make symbolic poppies with mastic.

Gifts for spouses tin wedding

Husband and wife had a good enough time to study the tastes of each other for eight years. Therefore, problems with the choice of a gift for a tin wedding usually does not arise.

First of all, the eighth wedding anniversary is associated with the renewal of a slightly dying relationship. Therefore, gifts of spouses should be reminded of the depth of feelings.

Presents on this day should be personal in nature and emphasize the importance of the interests of the spouse.

Gifts related to the passion of the second half will be appropriate.

But it is better to prepare a gift that will help bring the couple together and spend the day together.

Tickets to the theater or to the concert, certificates for impressive events that can be received together will become not only a wonderful gift, but also a reason to distract from the hustle and bustle.

Of course, the best gift on this day will be a joint journey. There are many options to choose where to go to an eight-year-old family.

It can be a quiet vacation on the sea or active in the mountains, a romantic trip to the islands or a wellness trip to a sanatorium. The original will be a joint tour of the factory, where they make tin products.

And do not forget about the colors for the woman he loves. It is advisable to find a symbolic poppy bouquet. It symbolizes peace in the family and well-being.

Give each other not only gifts, but also signs of attention, and family relationships will never fade away.

As noted tin wedding in Russia and now

For a long time the Russian people are famous for their love for the magnificent celebrations of significant dates and events. One of the main family holidays is the wedding day and its subsequent annual celebration. So that the celebration did not bore, they regularly tried to diversify it. From this and went that under each anniversary were invented their signs and methods of celebration. Tin wedding is another confirmation.

Endless happiness

Early in the morning, the couple took out a tin bucket with a ladle filled with vodka, moonshine or any other strong alcoholic beverage. This was done so that anyone passing by could drink to continue celebrating family happiness. Tin wedding congratulations collected to the last drop in the bucket, because there is no more generous to the warm words of a man than the one who was treated with a drink. In addition to the oral wishes of well-being, passersby had to symbolically pay for alcohol, throwing a coin into the bucket. The more coins there were, the longer the happy family life was to last.

To the stable to answer

On the anniversary day, the wife put on a patterned ornament of tin, similar to small embossing. And at night, on the eve of the holiday, the husband and his wife took a tin plate, went to the pen for horses and left it on the floor. If a horse, passing through this place, attacked the tin, then it promised happiness in the life of the spouses. It was believed that such a family will easily live to a golden wedding. The couple took care of the plate until one of them died.

If the festival falls on a warm season, then you certainly need to spend it in nature, the main attributes of the table should be cans with drinks and canned food. When everything is drunk and eaten, it's time for fun. Men decorate these jars under the vases and flower pots and give to their women, and they, in turn, make bouquets or weave wreaths to their gentlemen.

How to get to the celebration

Despite the fact that the tin wedding is celebrated in a narrow circle of relatives and close friends, unfamiliar people can also be at the feast. To do this, they need to come in wedding dresses, for the credibility of wearing wedding rings made of tin. They are assigned the role of a modern toastmaster: they should, as far as they can, entertain invited guests.

How to properly set the table for a holiday, praising lived together for 8 years? Tin wedding has a second name: poppy. And this means that among the abundance of pickles and culinary delights, poppy pies must be present on the table. Dishes should be shiny, as if polished tin.

Alternative Gifts

Spouse can congratulate his wife with their happy afternoon bouquet of poppies. And the guests who came can feel free to carry as gifts any brilliant kitchenware: pots, kettles, trays, various forms for baking cakes, meat and vegetables. Also fit tin cans of tea, coffee, candy. You can make any gift themed by wrapping it in foil or shiny paper.

You can once again not to think and give something of the above options. But if you really want your gift to come in handy and memorable, then ask the hero of the occasion what they would like to receive.

Family life begins with a lush, fun wedding, but very soon it becomes clear that married life is not a holiday, but a long and hard joint work. If one ceases to try for the good of his cell of society, then soon everything will collapse. Named anniversaries are created in order to somehow distract family men from everyday worries, allowing them to relax and enjoy each other. Tin wedding is another milestone that a relatively young family overcomes, trying to get closer to the cherished golden anniversary.