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Christmas decorations: modern sparkling toys and stylish do-it-yourself (86 photos)

The New Year and Christmas holiday has a unique atmosphere for which everyone loves him so much. And the decorations and customs connected with it help us to relive the cold season. In addition, this is a great opportunity to spend time creatively with your loved ones.

In recent years, Christmas decorations have undergone many metamorphoses. We are moving away from overly vulgar, sparkling ornaments. Luxurious American-style décor, such as the illuminated plastic Santa Claus and the reindeer, are now gathering dust in basements. Instead, we turn to natural landscapes inspired by the Scandinavian style. Increasingly, ornaments from the branches of coniferous trees and cones appear in our homes. Of course, there are still many glass balls and lights, but still, we are looking for more creative ways to decorate our house for Christmas.

Looking for ideas to decorate your home for the New Year 2019 and Christmas? 12millionov.com offers you 12 great home decorating ideas. All of the jewelry presented here can be made independently. Not difficult, and not expensive. This will help bring a festive atmosphere to the house.

3: A wreath of cones

The door wreath can be made of various materials and in various ways. But a wreath of cones, it is both simple and quite original. Just collect the bumps and paint them to your taste. See also: 12 crafts made from cones with their own hands

10: Little Christmas Tree

This ornament looks stylish and extremely original. This is a variation of the traditional Christmas tree. You can do it yourself. Just take three strips and glue a triangle together. In the middle, attach a small hook, on which hang colorful balls.

Balls of cardboard for the Christmas tree

For the manufacture of multi-colored balls need colored paper on both sides or any postcards and magazine covers.

To get started, you should cut 8 pieces of circles of the same size and 2 smaller ones. Large blanks fold in half twice. The result is a detail that is similar in shape to a quarter of a circle.

On such a small circle, 4 such details are folded four times. On the second small circle are glued 4 remaining. Then each element unfolds neatly, and the halves are neatly glued together to form a ball.

Already dried up circle can be decorated with ribbons and beads.

Balls made of thread

Thread balls are made of any diameters and are suitable for decorating not only coniferous beauties, but also apartment interior.

To create a ball, you need a PVA adhesive composition, threads, balloons. To start with the glue soak the yarn. The inflated ball is wrapped in threads soaked in glue and left to dry for a day.

After drying, the ball is punctured in different parts, deflated and pulled out. The blank is decorated with beads, beads, buttons, etc.

Interior decoration

A wreath made of cones. Such products may be hung on the door, over the fireplace or just on the wall. To create a wreath, cones are taken from spruce and pine, rods or wire, liquid nails and decor elements.

On the basis of twigs or wire paste cones. It is possible to paint such blank in any color and decorate it with ribbons, Christmas-tree “rain”, balls, etc.

Kanzashi decorations, which came from the philosophy of Japanese art. In the form of New Year's kanzashi ornaments, snowflakes, Christmas trees, toys and accessories for people are often used.

Creating a rim with a kanzashi snowflake

To make kanzashi snowflakes, you will need to get a cigarette lighter, scissors, glue gun, 5 by 5 cm squares, cut out of white and blue ribbon, 7 2.5 by 2.5 squares from blue ribbon, 42 square from shiny 2 by 2 ribbon. cm, the bezel itself and a three centimeter curve of a beautiful snowflake.

From the white squares you need to add 7 pieces of simplified round petals. Further 12 simplified petals-triangles are harvested. To do this, the square element is folded diagonally and in half three times.

The following blanks - 6 bicolor simple petals. The snow-white and blue squares are folded diagonally and in half, then blue is laid on the center of the snow-white petal and wrapped around the white, then the white ribbon is wrapped around the blue and laid in half.

Christmas decor 2018: trends, colors and ideas


The best Christmas decor is a mixture of old and new. If you still have vintage Christmas toys - feel free to use.

Even if they do not fit your Christmas tree, they can become part of the decor if they are placed in vases or glass jars. Complement the composition of several branches:

That the decor was stylish and elegant - do not overload it with details. A simple glass vase with branches will be a good fot for candles. A few lights may look better than a blinking multicolored garland.

This year the main colors are blue, gray and purple. So why not blue become the color of Christmas?

In combination with purple and green - like a frozen rainforest that retains bright colors.

Metal on New Year’s and / or Christmas night is also more appropriate than ever. Shades of copper, brass or platinum will complement the decor of the night.


The mixture of metallic shades - gold, silver and brass will give the composition a modern look. Simple geometric shapes (here from Ferm Living) reflect flickering lights well.

The simplicity of the forms of modern Christmas decorations reflects the spirit of the times. The rest will be made by fires, Christmas flavors eaten, tangerine, cloves and cinnamon.

The game of contrasts - a concrete stand for candles and traditional cones and candles. Simple and concise.

The traditional New Year's décor is red or gold, tablecloth, candles, glass decorations, ribbons red and gold. Add white porcelain to complete the serving. Thin long ribbons complement the overall composition.

White dishes will complement almost any of the selected decor options.

Living tree, a combination of natural colors and materials will make the decor cozy and homely. Good will look decorations from fabric and paper.

Broste Copenhagen used natural muted colors with a retro touch to create a contemporary collection of Scandinavian Christmas decorations. Complemented the collection using unusual, but natural materials such as straw and wool, rattan and feathers, paper and red clay.


The last few years, it is customary to abandon the traditional spruce in favor of homemade Christmas trees. Every year they become more thoughtful and more refined.

Decorations from Cox and Cox:

Serendipity collection from Bulgaria:

What is Christmas without evergreen spruce or pine? If you add other plants, such as cones and boxwood, you can make a Christmas wreath.

You can use it to decorate a door, wall, window or table. You can use different types of evergreen trees - spruce, pine, cedar, juniper, thuja to get different shades of green and new texture. By tradition, the composition is perfectly complemented by white, gold and red colors.

Christmas wreath

About the approach of Christmas in Western countries can be judged by the appearance of wreaths on the front door. This tradition is gradually coming to Russia.

You can make this Christmas interior decoration from wire and fir branches. To make the frame, you can fold the wire several times, and then turn into a ring and fasten.

Spruce branches, but you can take the branches of other coniferous plants, you must interweave in a circle so that they "looked" in one direction.

You can fix them with small pieces of wire. But you need to do this so that the wire is not visible.

Then you can proceed to the weaving of the second row - the branches in this case need to be laid in the opposite direction.

If you follow this weaving technique, the wreath will turn out to be voluminous. You can decorate it in different ways, it all depends on the available materials.

Fancy Christmas Wreaths

You can decorate Christmas wreaths made from branches with natural materials: cones, acorns, nuts, dried orange slices or cinnamon sticks. However, you can retreat from the rules and make an unusual holiday wreath.

Christmas decoration is a creative process that requires a flight of fancy. The main thing is that the decorative element fit into the interior.

For example, if the wreath will hang not on the door, but above the fireplace, you can decorate it with candles, if you plan to place the decorative element in the nursery, you can hang small toys on the branches.

Also, designers are advised not to be afraid of experiments and make unusual wreaths. They can be made in the usual way, but instead of branches, cones, candies, flowers, twigs, Christmas balls, beads, or buttons can be attached to the frame. These wreaths look very original!

Christmas tree on the wall

Christmas interior decoration suggests the presence of a Christmas tree. And if you can’t put a real tree in your apartment, don’t despair, because you can also build a Christmas tree yourself from scrap materials.

An ingenious solution, invented by designers recently, you can consider a Christmas tree made of branches on the wall. For its manufacture will require wooden branches or plates of different sizes, nails, hammer, garland and various decorative items.

With the help of nails on the free area of ​​the wall it is necessary to attach the branches, like shelves of the bookcase, that is, with a small indentation from each other.

They should be placed in such a way that the top has the shortest shelf and the bottom the longest.

So get a silhouette of a Christmas tree. On each shelf or branch, you can put New Year's attributes, such as figurines, candles or candies. Then you need to decorate the wall tree with a garland.

Christmas angels

The symbol of Christmas are the angels. Making Christmas decorations yourself in the form of angels is also not difficult.

You can make paper angels. To do this, cut the template out of cardboard, and then attach it to the paper, circle and cut.

You can use ordinary white sheets, as well as angels made of silver and gold designer paper will look festive and unusual.

Such paper figures can be glued to pieces of furniture, or ribbons can be attached to them and hung, for example, to a chandelier.

You can make Christmas toys in the shape of angels from fabric. To do this, you must first make cardboard patterns.

The angel will need a pair of arms, a body, wings and a head. All items must be translated into fabric. Then they need to cut and stitch on the machine, while leaving a small hole.

After that, all the parts of the body of the angel need to turn on the front side. Then all the parts need to be filled with padding polyester, carefully sew the holes and connect all the workpieces to each other also with the help of threads.

Such a fabric figurine can make hair from threads and eyes from small beads. You can also draw lipstick cheeks and decorate the wings with golden rhinestones.

Christmas Angel can not only sew, but also crochet. It is better to use white thread for this. You can link several of these figures and decorate them with a Christmas tree.

Christmas socks and mittens

In winter, you can not do without warm mittens and socks. And it is these Christmas decorations for the house, made by hand, can be an excellent packaging for any gift.

To sew socks or mittens, you will need a woolen fabric, as well as lining. But for a start it is better to make a template from thick paper or cardboard. For example, you can draw a sock.

Wool and lining fabric must be folded in half, then cut around the pattern and cut out four parts with an allowance. After that, you need to flash on the machine external parts and internal.

Woolen sock need to turn the face out, and then it is necessary to insert a sock made of lining fabric.

After that, the parts need to be stitched together and make the edging. You can decorate the sock with a bright ribbon.

Those who cannot sew can be advised to find old woolen socks or mittens that do not have a pair in the house.

They can serve as a basis for jewelry. They can be decorated with fur, satin ribbons, beads or rhinestones.

Sacks with a surprise

The festive atmosphere is created not only with beautiful details, but also with smell. Christmas is associated with the smell of pine needles, tangerines, cinnamon and gingerbread. You can put such a New Year's bouquet of smells in small bags.

First you need to prepare the filler. It will require croup and essential oils. Buckwheat, millet or rice should be poured into a jar, then you need to pour a few drops of essential oils into the grits and close the lid.

Oil can be used orange, coniferous or any other that is associated with the holiday. You can open a bank in a few days.

While the filler is being prepared, you can sew small bags. To do this, it is better to choose burlap - this fabric is well misses the smell and also looks very stylish.

Sacks can be stitched on a typewriter, or sewn by hand with coarse threads. It is also worth taking care of the strings - pieces of ordinary twine are suitable for them.

When the cereal is soaked with the smell of oil, it can be poured into the bags and tightly tie them. These bags on the outside can also be tied with cinnamon sticks or orange circles.

Christmas decorations from buttons

If there are grandmother's boxes in the house, in them, for sure, there will be a huge number of buttons. They can also turn into a beautiful Christmas decoration.

Snowflakes from buttons look very unusual. In order to make them, you must first make the base. This will require wire or studs, as well as glue.

The center of the snowflake should be the largest of the available buttons. To it you need to glue the rays of wire or studs. After that, the rays must be pasted with buttons of different sizes.

If there are beads, they can be strung on the tips of the rays, if not, then small buttons can be glued.

You can also make various figures from buttons - the main thing is to find the basis for them. It can be a piece of cardboard or a plastic bottle of mineral water.

From the base you can cut stars, bells, Christmas trees or men. Then each figure must be completely pasted with buttons.

Such toys can be made monophonic or multi-colored. You can hang them with a piece of wire or satin ribbon.

Christmas decoration from book pages

Unusual vintage decorations can be made from old books, sheet music or newspaper pages.

First you need to cut the sheets into small strips, and then fold them in the form of small cones and glue along the edges.

It will take about fifteen or twenty such tubes. After that, it is necessary to cut a small circle out of thick cardboard.

You need to glue the cones to it so that the figure resembles the sun with the rays. In the middle of the resulting decoration, you can glue a small picture, a star made of golden paper or a decorative light pebble.

This vintage decoration can be erected on the top of the tree instead of the traditional star.

Christmas candle holders

Christmas is a bright holiday, which is why candles should be lit in the house. Therefore, you should take care of the beautiful Christmas candlesticks.

They can also be made independently. To do this, you need ordinary banks, in which grandmothers bring different jams or pickles. They can be found in the supermarket.

A clear medium should be applied to a clean jar, and in an hour it should be coated with a layer of acrylic lacquer.

When it dries, you need to cover the jar with another layer of varnish, and then you need to walk on the surface of the future candlestick with a sponge for washing dishes to give a beautiful relief.

After that, the workpiece must be left for 12 hours, so that the varnish has dried completely.

After that, on the bottom of the jar, you must apply a varnish or glue, and then the future candlestick must be immersed in a bowl of salt.

When the salt is glued, you need to wrap the neck of the can with wire in such a way as to make a pen. Small beads, ribbons, fir branches or cinnamon sticks can be tied to the neck of the jar. Candlestick is ready.

Christmas garland

Garland can also be a beautiful interior decoration. Particularly interesting are garlands of fabric or thread. In addition, they are absolutely safe, because they do not break and do not have sharp details.

You can make a garland of small figures cut out of felt - these can be Christmas trees, bells or snowmen. And you can make a garland of pompons.

This will require woolen threads. Можно взять шерсть двух или трех цветов, например, красного, белого и зеленого, а можно собрать все клубки, которые есть в доме, и изготовить разноцветную гирлянду.

Для начала необходимо сделать помпоны. Желательно изготовить около двадцати штук, но для этого потребуется немало терпения.

Чтобы сделать пушистый шарик, необходимо вырезать два одинаковых кружочка и сделать в середине круглое отверстие, чтобы получились фигуры, напоминающие сушки. Заготовки нужно сложить вместе и обмотать нитками.

Then it is necessary to cut the threads along the outer edge with scissors, move the pieces apart and tie the resulting bundle in the middle with a thread. Pompon is ready.

After the required number of parts is typed, you need to tie them to each other and hang a garland on the Christmas tree.

Adding an article to a new collection

Do you dream that the atmosphere of the upcoming Christmas reigns in your house? Then this article is for you. We picked up the most original interior decorations that you can easily and quickly make with your own hands.

When the days become shorter, and the temperature outside the window drops to minus indicators, people really do not have enough holidays, which certainly raise their spirits. And preparation for winter celebrations is the real prevention of blues. Take care of decorating your home for the Christmas holidays, and we will show you what ideas you can implement without much difficulty.

1. Christmas trees in pots

Christmas tree - the main attribute of Christmas. But what if there is not enough space for this beauty in the house? The best way out is to purchase a small live Christmas tree in a container. Not only will it not take up much space, but it will not crumble, which means it will decorate your house much longer than its sawn counterparts.

2. Spruce paws as a replacement for a large Christmas tree

In continuation of the topic of fir trees, we offer another option to replace the classic Christmas tree. A few spruce paws are quite able to create a festive mood, if you show a little imagination and beautifully decorate them. For example, take a large fir branch, hang it on a wall and dress it up. Or put a few paws in a ceramic pot and also decorate them with toys. Fast, easy and very effective!

4. Decor on the windows

Decorating the front door, do not forget about the windows. It is much more fun to watch the winter cold through painted glass. But this is not the only way to give the window opening an elegant look. You can hang Christmas toys at the bottom, you can decorate the windows with stickers in the Christmas theme, you can hang a garland of home-made decorative elements ... In short, nobody limits your imagination here.

5. We decorate the window sill

Following the windows it would be nice to decorate the window sill. It only seems that in such a small space of fantasy there is nowhere to roam. In fact, even on the most modest windowsill, you can create a real winter fairy tale. Put white candles on it on a silver tray - and they will give warmth to the winter landscape outside the window. Or think up a whole story by sprinkling artificial snow on the “scene” and adding characters to the plot.

7. Illumination

What is Christmas without festive lights? That's right, very boring. Therefore, flickering garlands - what should be in every home on the eve of the Christmas holidays. You can decorate spruce with bright light bulbs, as well as other furnishings, or, if you live in your own home, then its facade.

8. Christmas plants

Among the symbols of Christmas there are living attributes of the holiday. For example, poinsettia tend to bloom in the winter holidays. This plant is also called the "Christmas Star" in honor of the Star of Bethlehem. Another symbol of Christmas (as well as eternal life and rebirth) is holly. Do not forget about mistletoe. In the western tradition, under a sprig of mistletoe suspended from the ceiling, it is customary to exchange kisses. The custom went from Scandinavia, where mistletoe was considered a symbol of peace.

9. Candles in the interior

Large and small, in candlesticks and without, as an independent element of decor and as part of decorative compositions ... Candles are good in any form. Like the new year illumination, they create a festive mood. In many countries, a burning candle personifies the victory of light over darkness. The best symbol of Christmas is hard to find.

10. Bulk snowflakes

Home decor or cottages for Christmas does not necessarily imply big expenses. Some decorations can be made independently. For example, everyone can cut snowflakes. And if you complicate the task a little, you can learn how to create volumetric snowflakes, which are made very simply and look very elegant.

12. Edible decorations

Today, the production of Christmas-tree toys and decorations has reached such heights that the plastic ginger man can be taken for edible. But why torture children with artificial fake, if you can make these cookies by yourself? For a while, ginger men or other figures can live on your Christmas tree or on a table near it, and then you can eat them. The same goes for the gingerbread house.

Do not forget that Christmas still has its own special smell: cinnamon, cloves and anise. Twisted cinnamon sticks tied with a ribbon are a very fragrant decoration. As, however, and fragrant mixture of the above spices, poured into one container.

13. Wall decorations

When decorating a house or a cottage, it is very important not to overdo it and not to force all the space with Christmas symbols. Therefore, in order not to occupy all free surfaces, empty walls can be decorated. You can revive them with the help of garlands, decorative panels and any other handicrafts on the Christmas theme, which can be easily attached with buttons or hung on carnations.

15. Color range

Red, white and green are the main colors of Christmas, which contrast well with each other. And it is absolutely not necessary to be a designer in order to learn how to correctly combine objects of these colors with each other. They will harmonize well anyway. It is good to add shades of gold and silver to them. The decor of the room in these colors will give the situation a special festive flavor.

We hope that in this article you have found at least one idea that you want to implement. Remember, a little imagination - and the interior will begin to play in a new way, giving a festive mood to both children and adults.

history of the holiday

Perhaps history is that which first of all makes European Christmas and Orthodox more common.

The way the sorcerers was indicated by the star of Bethlehem, which rose in the night sky

Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem for a census. The city was filled with a huge number of people, and there were no places in the inns. They had to stay in a cave that served as a cattle shed. There, surrounded by animals, Jesus was born. The angel brought the good news of His birth to the shepherds, who hastened to bring gifts. The Bethlehem star pointed in the night sky indicated the way to the sorcerers.

The exact date of the birth of Jesus is unknown. Therefore, the first Christians did not celebrate this holiday at all. Where did the tradition of celebrating Christmas on December 25 come from in Catholicism?

Mention of the first celebrations belong to the IV century AD. The appearance of the exact date - on the night of January 6-7 - was promoted by the Egyptian Coptic Christians. Then the tradition of celebrating this day spread to the whole Christian world. In the IV century in the Roman Empire, the celebration of the appearance of Christ was postponed to December 25.

The calendar twists and turns that began in the 16th century were connected with the fact that Pope Gregory VIII introduced his own calendar, the “new style,” which replaced the Julian calendar (the “old style”). The difference between them is 13 days. Europe, following its spiritual shepherd, immediately switched to a new calendar, Russia - in 1917. The church did not approve the innovation and did not change the chronology. Therefore, the Christmas, from January 6 to 7, is celebrated by the Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Jerusalem and Serbian Orthodox churches, which recognize the “old style”. Thus, everyone celebrates Christmas on December 25, but each follows their own calendar and customs.

Catholic Christmas and its traditions

Preparation for Christmas in the European tradition begins in 4 weeks - in the so-called Advent period. During this time, you need to be spiritually cleansed, prepare for the sacrament of confession, and create a festive atmosphere.

Nativity Scene of the Infant Christ in St. Peter's Square in Rome

How to decorate the facade of the house and interior

Let's start with the interior decoration. It is he who creates the unique atmosphere of waiting for a holiday. Each year, the TV shows comedies: “Home Alone”, “Grinch - the Kidnapper of Christmas” and others. These films clearly illustrate how the interior is decorated in Western countries.

Christmas interior. Photos from adehansa.ee

In this style, you can decorate the apartment and a country house. By the way, it is outside the city that Christmas is most often celebrated in Europe. In the snow-covered house, in front of the fireplace, the whole family gathers with cozy crackling firewood. The whole family creates a festive mood.

Advent Calendar

As already mentioned, the Catholic Christmas is preceded by the Advent period (adventus - parish, approximation). It starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. On this day, it is customary to give Advent calendars to children. This is a peculiar way to count the days before the main holiday, so it is also called the “Christmas calendar” or “Christmas joy calendar”. What is he like?

Advent Calendar

This is an elegant calendar, which shows all the remaining days before Christmas. At the same time, every day is indicated not only by number, but also by a separate pocket, box or case into which a small gift is put: coins, candies and other sweets, bracelets, small toys, key rings, etc. Only one pocket is allowed to open each day. So the happy owner of such a calendar will receive all the gifts, but not immediately. Needless to say, how it inspires and captures children?

Of course, it is better to make an advent calendar with your own hands, along with the child. It's pretty simple: sew 24 cute pockets with numbers, attach them to the base, or assemble them on a bright ribbon and hang them on a wall or cabinet. Another option is multicolored envelopes made of thick paper, which are hung on a string with decorative pegs.

Did bright paper caps or Santa caps like you in the store? They can also be put into action!

Advent Calendar

A sea of ​​joy will bring the baby an advent calendar in the form of a train. Ideal wooden with the desired number of cars. If you are working with unpainted workpiece, then even better. Choose the colors you like, paint them, don't forget about the numbers. The train is ready! It remains only to place pre-packaged gifts in the trailers.

Advent calendar in the form of a train. Photos from awoodenadventcalendar.com

Whatever technique of performance you choose, each advent calendar, made independently, will be unique and will serve as a wonderful decoration of the house.

Wreaths and baskets

What is a catholic christmas without wreaths? They can be different: from large, welcoming guests at the front door, to small ones for windows, walls and a table. You can buy them, but you can do it yourself: who likes what more.

Coniferous wreath can be bought, but you can make

A coniferous wreath as a symbol of Christmas was “born” quite recently - in the XIX century. Theologian Johann Hinrik Vihern took on the education of the children of the poor, who, of course, could not count. But they were keenly interested in when Christmas would come. Tired of constantly answering the same question, Johann took the old wheel and put small red candles and big white candles on it. He ordered the children to light a red candle every day, and a white one on Sundays. When all the candles burn, then Christmas will come.

Over time, only the form of the wheel remained, and only four candles remained.

Coniferous wreath as a symbol of Christmas was born more recently - in the 19th century

Modern wreaths are made of fir branches, decorated with flowers, Christmas balls, fruits, nuts - everything that comes to mind.

Modern wreaths are made of fir branches, decorated with flowers, Christmas balls, fruits, nuts

Spruce branches will be useful for another decoration - holiday baskets. Someone replaces them with a beautiful spruce, which we will talk about later, someone puts on the table or another prominent place. The basket is filled with fruits, berries, fresh flowers, and its base is a wire frame entwined with pine branches.

Santa Claus

The main character of the holiday, which everyone is waiting for - both adults and children. A good-natured fat man with a beard in a red suit with a white border, belted with a belt with a big buckle, in black boots and in a constant cap. He rides in a sleigh harnessed by deer, with his gnome assistants.

Santa Claus

He sneaks into the house through the chimney and arranges gifts in socks hanging on the fireplace.

Socks for gifts

They are hung next to the dressed up Christmas tree, by the fireplace. To Santa, down the pipe, immediately put in them the cherished gifts. In addition, each family member has his own sock. "Ordered" too big a gift, and he does not fit? Don't worry: enterprising Santa will just put a gift under your sock.

It is difficult to find a home without a Christmas sock during Catholic Christmas

Now, most families prefer a more "secular" way to give gifts: they are beautifully packaged and put under the tree. But the tradition of hanging socks has not gone away. During the Catholic Christmas you will not find a house in which there would be no festive sock.

A great variety of socks are sold in stores and at Christmas fairs: large and small, with beads or beads, sewn or knitted, colored or plain, there are even felted ones. But it is possible to sew them yourself.

Pomanders: a fragrant symbol of the holiday

What smell do you associate with Christmas? With the smell of pine needles and tangerines, is not it? European Christmas also has its own smell. It smells like pine needles and oranges. Yes, not simple, but special - pomanderami. These are oranges, decorated with cinnamon, cumin, cloves. How such decorations are made is described in detail in the article Holiday! Feel it? Orange decor for the New Year.


An orange “spiced up” sometimes becomes part of the whole composition, especially if you fantasize, work hard and cut stars, spirals, hearts or another ornament on the peel. Cones, branches, lemons and exotic spices can also be included in the composition. Pomanders can be laid out on a window sill, on a festive table, hung on a Christmas tree or put in a basket. The fragrance in the house will be inexpressible!

Fortune cookies

Another funny European attribute, the “filler” of the Christmas basket and table decoration is a cookie with predictions. Everyone loves to make wishes. Many of us do this by burning a piece of paper with a written desire over a glass and drinking champagne along with the ashes to the chiming clock. In the Catholic tradition - a little different. Papers, but not with desires, but with predictions, are wrapped in dough and baked.

Fortune cookies

The main thing - to read the "stuffing". In the little notes you can find good predictions or humorous wishes. They say they even come true. The very same cookies, as a rule, are decorated with patterns and decorations in the form of little people, hearts or flowers from delicious glaze.

Mistletoe and Poinsettia

Mistletoe and poinsettia are used for the “vegetable” decor of the Christmas interior. Certain traditions are associated with each plant.

Mistletoe is associated with manyriy

Mistletoe is generally associated with many beliefs. Druids considered it a talisman for evil, a cure for many diseases and a powerful antidote. From here originates and the custom of lovers kissing under the mistletoe christmas wreathto be together all my life. In England, on the 12th day after Christmas, this wreath is burned. This means that lovers who have sealed their union under the mistletoe must marry, and the decision cannot be changed.

Interesting: Abroad, this tradition is used in charity trades. For a lot of money, you can buy the right to kiss a famous person (politician, actor, musician) under a sprig of mistletoe. And, oddly enough, there is a lot of people willing to pay a huge amount for a kiss with an idol. For example, last year British TV star Christina Blakely was kissed for € 25,000.

In the decoration of the house mistletoe can be used in wreaths or a separate branch, tied with a nice bow. Recently, its artificial counterparts from ribbons and beads are popular.

In the decoration of the house, mistletoe can be used as part of a wreath or as a separate twig, tied with a nice bow

Another plant for Christmas is poinsettia (Euphorbia, "Christmas star"). Before the feast of the Holy Night, the whole of Europe seems to be wrapped with a blanket of red poinsettias. Even on the shelves of our stores before the winter holidays put up a lot of bright pots.

Traditionally, the plant is placed in the center of the table, as a symbol of the star of Bethlehem. It is believed that poinsettia will bring good luck and joy to the house. You can also decorate with it a wreath, a Christmas composition or a basket, decorate the base of the Christmas tree. The pots with “Christmas stars” placed everywhere look very nice. Recommendations on the selection and care of the "Christmas star" can be found in the article How to buy and save a Christmas star - poinsettia.

Another famous plant for Christmas is poinsettia.

Important: And mistletoe, and poinsettia poisonous. Poinsettia juice, if it comes into contact with skin or mucous membranes, can cause allergies; if ingested, it can cause nausea and diarrhea. Mistletoe is not far behind. When eating its leaves, berries or stems can begin nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, cramps. Чтобы не омрачать себе праздник, держите подальше эти красивые, но коварные растения и работайте с ними только в перчатках. Особенно далеко их следует держать от любителей все попробовать на зуб — детей и животных.

И, наконец, самые важные атрибуты — ель и ясли.

Рождественская ель

Ели уделяется особое внимание, ибо она символизирует жизнь. Previously, the Christmas tree was decorated with apples (a symbol of gifts to Christ). Later, heavy and perishable fruits were replaced with light balls, of which there are now a great many. However, the tradition of hanging something delicious on the Christmas tree has not disappeared. Often there are candies, nuts, pomanderas and even biscuit, wonderful recipes which you will find in the collection Edible outfit for the Christmas tree.

Biblical toys are also needed: the Bethlehem Star - the tip of the fir, figurines of Christ and the Magi, angels, trumpets (the symbol of the good news), bells, fish, lambs.

Christmas tree

The divine light that Jesus brought to this world is personified by the lights on the Christmas tree. Do not forget about them. But the figure of Santa under the tree is better not to put: Catholicism does not attract too much attention to it.

In the Catholic tradition, it is customary to bring fir-tree into the house and decorate it on Christmas Eve - December 24th. Although nothing terrible will happen if you do it before.

Important: In Europe, they prefer decoration in the same color scheme, that is, toys on the Christmas tree and the rest of the decor for the house should be in harmony with each other.

Christmas crib and hay

Initially, the Christmas crib was placed only in the temples. It consisted of figurines recreating the scene of the birth of Christ. Gradually, this traditional decoration moved into the houses. In some families, only figurines or only hay are used: it is laid out on a festive table.

Initially, the Christmas crib was placed only in the temples

Others create a complete Christmas scene at home. This is done with the help of mock-ups depicting the grotto, creche and all the characters in the episode. The assembled composition is, as a rule, behind the glass. It is located in the most prominent and honorable place.

Facade decoration

The holiday atmosphere should reign not only inside but also outside. Therefore, in Europe, all houses are decorated with illumination. Again, popular Christmas movies show it very well. It is much easier to do this than here, since most Europeans live in private houses, not apartments. Although now very often there are friendly lights flashing in the evening and in the windows of apartments. Do not remain without attention and country houses.

The holiday atmosphere should reign not only inside but also outside the house

For outdoor lighting of a European-style house is better to choose facade garlands: ordinary can not withstand frost. You can also “highlight” trees, arbors, benches. For them, choose street lamps of blue and pink tones or lamps, inside of which are put candles.

The outer side of the door is decorated with coniferous wreath. This is a symbol of the fact that the house is waiting for guests.
If you wish, you can decorate the Christmas tree on the street, this is a bit backing from the tradition. The main thing is that the house and garden should be highlighted and decorated.

Having dealt with the decor of the house, the beautiful half of humanity asks itself the question: “What to wear?”.

What to wear for Christmas to keep the tradition

Of course, it all depends on personal taste and preferences. But there are some traditions that are better to observe? Of course there are, and now we will get to know them.

  1. The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing clothes is Christmas colors: red, green, blue or win-win pastel.
  2. The second is that clothing should be comfortable, not defiant, but, on the contrary, suitable for a home holiday. The clearest choice of Christmas European attire is a festive photo session of the world famous English royal family.

Christmas in the royal family. Photos from timeinc.net

Duchess Kate in a dress of moderate length, the traditional red color. It is quite simple, but it looks appropriate and festive. Queen Elizabeth chose a pastel pale blue costume, which corresponds to her age and status. Prince William chose a suit and a pale-purple shirt.

For a home holiday, it is better for women to choose fitted or loose-fitting dresses, and for men - pants, shirt, polo or sweater. For high society exits - costumes (for both women and men). Well, children's outfit is quite simple to choose.

Children's outfit is very easy to choose.

For girls - dress, skirt with a blouse, you can add a waistcoat. Boys will feel comfortable in jeans or trousers with a shirt or t-shirt.

In case the little one becomes cool, it is appropriate to add a pullover, vest or cardigan with a funny pattern.

Everything is chosen at least with the slightest emphasis on Christmas colors. For example, a red dress or a dark green dress, a men's green pullover.

Lovers of bully fit funny sweaters deer, snowflakes or with the image of Santa

Lovers of bullying fit funny sweaters with deer, snowflakes or with the image of Santa. In any case, the main thing is that the “suit was sitting” and the mood was wonderful. If you do not like and do not go green sweater, then do not wear it.

What to submit to the table on Catholic Christmas

On Christmas Day, it is customary to gather together at a festive table, on which a variety of dishes are carefully prepared. Without a "rich" table and a holiday is not a holiday. Interestingly, a set of traditional dishes in each country. It is believed that there should be twelve (by the number of apostles). Of course, now these boundaries are blurred. However, there are several signs that the table is laid in a Catholic family.

On Christmas Day, it is customary for everyone to gather at the holiday table.

Be sure to serve:

  • fish dishes (smoked, salted, fried, baked, or as part of a salad - it does not matter),
  • cranberry jelly from Hercules sourdough,
  • juice (boiled with honey, barley or wheat grains),
  • wafer (thin unleavened Christmas bread),

Presence of alcohol extremely undesirable. If desired, it is best to limit yourself to a glass of red wine.

In almost all countries, game and bird (goose, duck or turkey) are served.

Game is served in almost all countries.

Before setting the table, you need to take care of its appearance: cover it with a clean white cloth, decorate it with fir branches, candles, and small wreaths. In the center of the table is a basket with hay in which bread is placed.

And now we will make a small Christmas gastronomic journey to see the festive dishes of different European countries:

  • In England, a Christmas meal is unthinkable without a fragrant turkey with cranberry or gooseberry sauce and pudding poured with rum. It is effectively set on fire and served on the table.
  • The French and residents of the United States also prefer the turkey. Only the French add a goose liver pate and various cheeses to the list of dishes.
  • In Denmark, turkey is replaced with goose or duck with apples, adding rice pudding or rice porridge with cinnamon to the main course.

In Denmark, turkey is replaced with goose or duck with apples, adding rice pudding or rice porridge with cinnamon to the main course


  • In Hungary and other Balkan countries, game can not be offered to the table. It is believed that then happiness will fly away.
  • In Germany, you can not do without a huge dish with apples, raisins, nuts and marzipan.
  • Spaniards cook suckling pig on a spit.
  • The Chinese - Peking duck.
  • In Italy, tortellini and seafood are served at the Christmas table.

Roasted duck with pumpkin, apples and oranges

  • In Finland, guests are sure to be treated to a delicious Rosolli salad. It consists of boiled potatoes, boiled carrots, beets, egg halves, pickles and onions with a dressing of vegetable oil mixed with sugar and vinegar. Nothing like?

In Finland, guests are sure to be treated to a delicious Rosolli salad

Very much he looks like the familiar “Vinegret”.

And, of course, gingerbread. Without them, Christmas will not be sweet.


An Orthodox xmas

As with Catholics, Orthodox Christians consider Christmas to be one of the main spiritual holidays. That's just a little different.

Also, as with Catholics, Orthodox Christians have Christmas considered one of the main spiritual holidays.

What distinguishes Orthodox Christmas from the European?

  1. First of all by date. Christmas for Orthodox comes two weeks after the Catholic, on the night of January 6-7. As mentioned above, this is due to various systems of chronology.
  2. The holiday is preceded by a strict post.which you will not meet in Catholicism. This post is called - Christmas. At this time, a person must be spiritually cleansed, aware of his sins. On Christmas Eve, before the rising of the Star of Bethlehem, the fasting becomes especially strict: one must neither drink nor eat before its appearance.
  3. Attitudes toward Christmas in society also varies. For Catholics, this is more a family holiday, for Orthodox - a spiritual one. Therefore, most go to the temples at the Christmas service, which is held according to centuries-old canons. In Catholic churches, the church service is simplified, or rather even adapted to the modern world.

Interesting: In the Orthodox Church, Easter is revered more than Christmas. It turns out that for Catholics it is more important that Christ was born, and for the Orthodox, that he was resurrected.

How to decorate a house for Orthodox Christmas

Now, many decorate their homes and apartments that are represented in our stores. Without thinking about the meaning of these things and the traditions associated with them. Catholic wreaths and advent calendars adorn the interiors of Orthodox Christians. In this case, the traditional atmosphere of Russian Christmas is lost, and we are transported to a European home. Yes, and the sacred meaning of the items themselves disappears. How to try and decorate the house, following the Orthodox tradition?

The main decoration of the house will naturally spruce. You can hang on it favorite balls, nuts, mandrins, garlands. And be sure to have a star: either as the tops of the Christmas tree, or asterisks, or a scattering of stars from foil on the walls.

In addition to the stars on the Christmas tree, other decorations on the subject should be present in the Christmas decor: angels, trumpets, bells, figurines of the Magi

In addition, in the Christmas decoration of the Christmas tree must be present other decorations of the relevant subject: angels, trumpets, bells, figurines of the Magi. In the rooms you can hang spruce twigs with balls, lanterns or cones. Ordinary cones wrap with foil or paint with special paints.

The interior will become more festive from fresh or carved flowers from beautiful shiny paper. Especially revered icons are decorated with fresh flowers (lilies or chrysanthemums) and coniferous branches. Do not be afraid of their neighborhood! The perfect combination of green and white. And the flavor!

Chrysanthemums for Christmas. Photo from fondos-escritorio.org

You can, of course, replace fresh flowers with paper. The most important thing is to artificial flowers were not placed on the holiday table.

Guests will be pleasantly surprised flower garland. To do this, you need a wire of the desired length. It is better to wrap it with moss or artificial material on which you want to impose flowers and secure with a twine. It will be necessary to lay flowers so tightly that the moisture will stay in them longer and they look fresh.

Some more interesting examples of holiday compositions with live plants can be found in the New Year floristics material: luxury, tenderness, elegance!

Do not do without candles. For them, you need to prepare beautiful candlesticks (and it is better to make them with your own hands, based on 10 ideas of beautiful New Year's candlesticks).

Place the candles on the table or on the windowsill. They must be long enough for the whole of Christmas Eve. White looks very nice, but you can diversify them with red or orange.

Can not do without candles

Try to fix small candles on spruce branches. But here they will have to be closely monitored. Better yet, go back to the old tradition: give a small candle to your child and ask him to go around the house with her. It is believed that this is a request to Jesus and the Virgin Mary about the message of grace to your home.


Another wonderful and sonorous symbol of Christmas. They can be hung on the tree, on the walls, attached to a candlestick or a festoon.

Bells are another symbol of Christmas

Bells can be different: paper, plastic, glass or metal. Yes, and such a decoration is easy to do. It is enough to take the wire, bend it according to a pattern prepared in advance and twist it beautifully with fine tinsel: you will get an elegant contour of the bell.

The angel figurine says that the holiday and guests are welcome in your home. This is also an old tradition. You can place angels on curtains, windows, walls or on the Christmas tree.

Angel figurine says that in this house are happy holiday and guests

Choose materials to your taste: whether you have a transparent glass angel, clay or foam - you decide. It is best to buy a figure in the temple. As a rule, in the church benches for Christmas, they are sold a lot. And if you decide to make angels with your own hands, ideas from these publications will help you:

  • Angels have arrived! Christmas decor from natural materials
  • Christmas angels. Fairy tale do it yourself
  • Master Class: DIY Christmas Angel
  • Christmas Gift Ideas

In the Orthodox tradition, there is also a nativity scene. When temples are decorated for the Nativity of Christ, be sure to install it. Extraordinary beauty, made by professional artists. You can buy a ready-made nativity scene, but what prevents you from making such a wonderful home decoration with your own hands?
Christmas nativity scene

What to wear for Orthodox Christmas

Today, when a return to their traditions is evident, many began to think about how to dress properly for the holiday. First of all, you need to remember that for a long time not only the table and the dwelling, but also yourself were prepared for this day: morally and physically. In the morning it was customary to go to the bathhouse, then wear new beautiful clothes.

Of course, now the regulations are not so strict, and it suffices to observe only a few rules. And the most important of them - avoid excesses. Do not try to overshadow the dressed Christmas tree. This is a church holiday, which primarily requires the beauty and purity of the soul.

As for the palette, the traditional Christmas color is white. Therefore, white dresses are appropriate for women, not necessarily long, but not too short, as well as skirts, blouses, sweaters, jumpers. Of course, men can wear a regular suit with a white shirt or a light pullover.

Decorations are also permissible, but not too pompous. But the pectoral cross is compulsory and the best decoration for Christmas. If you meet a holiday at home, with your family, then the choice of clothing depends on your desire and the degree of churchedness. In any case, this should not be a comfortable home suit, but something festive, light, but at the same time modest and comfortable. Nobody will reproach you for a manicure with a color varnish or a make up.

For the celebration at the cottage, you can choose an attire simpler, although this is also a matter of taste. As a rule, outside the city all stop at light, but more casual clothes. She, by the way, is no less beautiful. A loose, light-colored knit dress, a delicate-colored jumper and a wide-cut denim skirt. For men - jeans and a light pullover or shirt. Fortunately the choice is wide.

If you go to the temple, then there are restrictions, especially they relate to the female appearance. So, short skirts and trousers are excluded. Hands, shoulders and neckline should be closed. On the head there is a light scarf, a scarf or scarf. It is better not to do catchy makeup and manicure and give preference to comfortable shoes.

Children can be dressed like little angels. Girls - in white dresses and with pretty curls. Boys - in light trousers and shirts.

Girl with angel wings. Photos from ss0.tochka.net

In general, for any member of the family it is better to choose elegant, but not extravagant clothes: it is better to wear it for the New Year or to save for other secular holidays.

What to serve

Since Christmas marks the end of the fast, all sorts of goodies should be on the table. The rich table is a symbol of good luck next year. Yes, and he looks special: covered with a white cloth, decorated with candles, coniferous twigs or flowers. Now you can meet at the Christmas table and floating candles. They can also be made by themselves:

  1. Take the crystal bowl or vase. It is best to look broad tanks, rather than elongated upwards.
  2. Pour water into the bowl and place several small multicolored candles, flavored.
  3. Place leaves or flowers between the candles.

This composition looks very original and beautiful. Reflections of candles on water and crystal add a touch of mystery. A pleasant aroma will once again highlight the atmosphere of a winter holiday.

Offer elegant dishes to the guests: when else will you get it out of the bins, if not at Christmas? Everyday dishes will not work.

Interesting: The number of guests must be even, if an odd number is invited, then another empty device is placed on the table.

Now about the menu. According to popular belief, at Christmas 12 dishes are prepared. But not everyone today will begin to prepare a suckling pig, pies and roasts from an elk or a boar. Therefore, the modern menu is less traditional. Многим блюдам нашлась более дешевая и простая замена.


Несмотря на эти корректировки, считается, что на столе в Рождество должны присутствовать:

  • кутья,
  • сочиво,
  • мясные блюда,
  • рыбные блюда,
  • дичь,
  • выпечка (в том числе колядки, или козули).

Рождественские пряники. Фото с сайта 4.bp.blogspot.com

Из напитков: морсы, кисели, взвар. Alcohol, of course, is not welcome on the traditional table, but if you wish, you can treat your guests with red monastic wine or a modern version - mulled wine.

An example of a hearty and solemn menu:

  1. with poppy seeds and raisins,
  2. Christmas kutia with nuts,
  3. soup of pumpkin and curry apples (can be replaced with cabbage soup),
  4. Christmas goose with sauerkraut (or prunes),
  5. pork belly stuffed with cabbage and apples (or meatloaf with cheese, eggs and pickled cucumbers),
  6. Pie "Rybnik" (or other options for cooking fish),
  7. curly gingerbread-roe (carols) with apple or cottage cheese stuffing,
  8. puffs or pies,
  9. Sbiten or Christmas mulled wine (orange, mocha-mulled wine or honey).

Christmas festivities in the country

Meeting Christmas in the country is not only outdoor recreation, but also the opportunity to be with family and friends. This is what is so lacking in our ever-hurried world. Therefore, it is worth trying and making the holiday unforgettable and joyful. It doesn't matter if you follow traditions or not, Catholic Christmas is celebrated or Orthodox. Dress up the Christmas tree in the country house, and even better in the yard, decorate the house with fir branches, candles and fragrant tangerines. Fire the stove or light the fireplace.

Meeting Christmas in the country is an opportunity to stay with family and friends

Important: Regardless of the place of celebration, it is customary at Christmas to do good deeds: give gifts to the destitute, participate in charity events to raise funds or toys, etc.

In order not to engage in cooking, all meals can be brought with you. All sorts of homemade pickles and preparations will be most welcome.

Think in advance how your holiday will be. If spiritual, according to old traditions, be sure to visit the temple. If more modern, then you need to prepare events ": dancing, watching Christmas movies, exchanging gifts, songs with a guitar by the fireplace, sledding and skiing, playing snowballs, fireworks, kebabs in the cold. Here you can find 15 fun ideas in the fresh the air.


Where do not svyatochnyh divination? One of the most "country" divination - divination in the log. We need to go to the woodpile and, turning away, pull out the log at random:

  • Smooth, thick, knot-free log promises a prosperous life and wealth.
  • Knotty - family quarrels, difficulties in personal life.
  • A log without bark - financial problems.
  • And if the log is clumsy or cracked, then failures are possible in the coming year.

Although in all predictions it is better to look for a positive meaning.

Whatever Christmas is for you, the most important thing is the fact of celebration and good mood.

Whatever Christmas is for you, the most important thing is the fact of celebration and the presence of mood

And gifts, paraphernalia, etc. - just an extra bonus that reminds of the roots and excites the festive spirit.