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Trendy haircuts for cars: ideas, innovations, photos for haircuts for cars

Kare - hairstyle universal, very popular for a huge amount of time. In its various versions, this hairstyle is suitable for any type of face and hair structure. It combines all the advantages of short haircuts and long hair.

Classic car is one of the basic forms (carre, bob, cascade and cap are the basic ones), on the basis of which a different set of other hairstyles are performed from strict classics to modern style.

Description of caret

A bob haircut is characterized by a clearly defined hairline. Moreover, the length of the strands is different, the longest top strands of hair. The best long hairstyle is the length to the middle of the neck, but this is not a standard and you can play with the long hairstyle at the discretion of its owner. The maximum possible length of the hair to the shoulders.

This version of the female hairstyle is more suitable for straight or slightly curly hair. The caret will be a salvation for fine hair, as with good styling you will get the impression of heavy, thick hair. It is the fact that the hair is cut in one flat line, and gives the effect of gravity and density of the hair.

With the help of hairstyle quads, you can adjust the shape of the face. Just perfect this option for ladies with elongated face. From long hair to the corners of the lower jaw, you can visually make the face a little wider, which means a bit rounder. With a triangular shape of the face with wide cheekbones and a narrow chin, it is recommended to use a hairstyle with a long hair just below the chin. So it is possible to smooth the breadth of the cheekbones and give the face a more rounded shape.

Coloring for owners of hairstyles kare will be a subtle nuance to make the hairstyle even more stylish and unique. For example, dark colors will help to emphasize the subtlety and clarity of lines, and light strands on natural color will give lightness and expressiveness.

Why is quads so popular for such a long period of time? Ladies of past times have appreciated this haircut for simplicity and femininity. And modern women of fashion are simply delighted with the caret for versatility and ease of installation. And indeed, the hairstyle of the square will suit both for strict white-collar workers, and for glamorous beauties, as they say - both to the feast and to the world.


It is simplicity and a huge variety of different options in the styling of the car, making it one of the universal hairstyles. With the help of a hair dryer and a round comb, you can create a light and fun hairstyle for going to a club or to a party from a strict classical version. Also, different variants of partings (straight, oblique, zigzag) will help bring a variety to the hairstyle. Well, of course, this type of hairstyle fits perfectly with various accessories, whether it be bright hairpins, or subtle invisible haircuts or fashionable headbands this season.

Trendy haircuts for short and medium hair 2018-2019 - classic

Our information tour on the types of haircuts will start with the classic version.

The classic square - this is the traditional version, which first appears in the mind when we hear the term "square".

Haircut car has no age restrictions, complementing the stylish image of a young girl or a stately woman in age.
The ease of cutting a bob in traditional design consists in an even cut of hair of short or medium length.

For the classic car is characterized by the presence of equal parting without bangs or straight bangs to the eyebrows.

Laconic classic car - the ideal of elegance. It should be noted that similar carpets look better on straight and even hair, however, carpee curls on curly curls are also acceptable.

Ultra trendy bob hairstyle: trendy bob style option

More recently, bob haircut using the bob technique was only found on the hair of movie stars and show business. Today, bob-bob haircut is an affordable option for any fashionista.

Popular bob-hairstyles won unprecedented popularity due to the extraordinary combination of long strands in front and heavily shortened hair at the back of the head.

Multi-layer bob-cut hairstyles will give your hair the necessary volume, and make you visually younger.

Also note the versatility of bob-cut hairstyle, which allows women with any type of hair to choose their favorite hairstyle.

Refresh and give playfulness bob-square bangs. Thanks to the various options for bangs, namely, oblique, straight, asymmetrical, elongated, bob-cut hairstyle will be able to create both light youth looks and stylish options for women.

Haircuts with graduation and asymmetry

The following types, which must necessarily be called in our informational review, will be fashion haircuts with graduation and asymmetry.
These variations of a bob haircut are able to create an extraordinary mood for their owner.

So asymmetrical car, as a rule, is realized due to bangs and front strands, it can be carried out by a smooth or sharp transition of length.

In our photo collection are examples of this type of square, so if you decide to choose for yourself a playful, modern haircut, a square with asymmetry - what you need.

Graded car is considered a universal hairstyle. Due to the effect of mild negligence, fashionable haircuts with a graduation are able to create an unusual and memorable image for women of any age.

Trendy haircuts with bangs on short and medium hair

Who would not say that, and the bang plays a lot of important role in creating a unique image. Trendy hairstyle squares - is no exception, because variations bangs are present here.

Simple, at first glance, cutting a bob can drastically change your look if you complement it with a regular bang.

When choosing beautiful haircuts on the square, consider variations of bangs like oblique, straight, torn and asymmetrical bangs, elongated bangs on two sides.

You also can not forget about the short bangs, which makes the bob haircut romantic and even slightly vintage.

Bangs should choose the type of hair. So, for example, a square with a scythe and asymmetric bangs would be appropriate not only for straight-haired women, but also for those whom mother nature endowed with luxurious curls.

Straight bangs in a bob haircut will suit girls with thick and straight hair. This image will be very sophisticated and feminine.

Fashionable haircuts of the car: novelties, trends, original solutions

If a bob haircut interested you, let's also mention such variations as a bobbin, extraordinary bob haircuts with lengthening of the front strands, as well as a very extreme option - bob hairstyles with one shaved temple.

Thus, the square on the leg will emphasize the beauty of the female neck, will bestow its owner with a good volume of hair.

Fashionable hairstyle with long locks on the front is a very memorable and extravagant option. This kind of square is harmoniously combined with stylish youth bows, demonstrating an extraordinary solution to a haircut.

Well, and finally, outrageous haircuts with shaved parts are a great idea for self-expression, because such a haircut will look impressive, defiant, and, undoubtedly, will be remembered by everyone around.

So we presented the main variations of the car. Caret is well-laid. You can experiment not only with curls, straightening, but also to braid, and fix the strands, modeling beautiful styling for each day and for an evening out.

In order not to be verbose, we note that the bob haircuts remain fashionable, every year they are replenished with new ideas, so take note of the popular option, no doubt worth it.

Classic car

The peculiarity of the classic version of the car is that all hair is cut on the same level. To begin with, a control lock is modeled on the back of the head, which sets the length of the entire hairstyle. After that, each strand is delayed at an angle of 45 degrees and shorn toward the parietal and occipital region so that each successive strand is 1.5 cm longer than the previous one. The back of the head does not expose the neck, but the hair here is rather short.

Classic car can be worn both with bangs and without. A short bang gives lightness and playfulness to the image, and thick bangs to the eyebrows or eyelash level will make the look mysterious.

If you like a quad without bangs, you can play with the parting, it can be a straight parting, side or asymmetrical.

Bob caret haircut

The hairstyle is similar to the classic version, but here the hair has a small length and is cut along the same line. A distinctive feature of the bob-cut hairstyle is that the strands in front are longer than the hair on the back of the head. Bob car can be with bangs and without. This haircut is suitable for almost any type, combined with curly hair. Many famous stars wore bob car at the time, for example, such as Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton.

Caret with lengthening

The length of the hair of this hairstyle in front can be up to or slightly below the chin, and the back part is made very short, sometimes shaved to raise the hairstyle, making the difference in length between the brightest and the most noticeable.

The maximum long strands are created at the temples, that is, they frame the face, as it were. On the neck curls fall smoothly, "ladder" or a cascade, which depends on the technique of execution. For curls, located behind, use the technique of haircuts - poyting, with the result that the tips of the hair have the appearance of teeth, which makes the contour of the hairstyle soft and incredibly feminine. Cars with lengthening can be worn by women with any type of face.

Graduated bob haircut

This is a multi-stage haircut, especially popular among girls and young women. The hairstyle is interesting because it is characterized by some disheveledness, and the “feathers” trimmed by the hairdresser will add a romance to the image and hide the angularity of the face shape.

At the back of the head, hair is clipped with gradation, after which the shape of the hairstyle is given. The temporal locks are pulled up to the parietal area and cut out with the use of poiting - teeth on the ends. The most elongated edges of the haircut tend to face.

Recently, slight negligence and mess in the hair in fashion, and with a graded four of them, creating easy chaos on the head is easy.

Bob haircut

Everyone knows the classic car. The peculiarity of the hairstyle is that the strands are cut along a flat horizontal line. First, a control strand is taken on the back of the head (by which the length is set), and then the rest of the hair is cut. The master takes each curl, delays at a 45º angle, and cuts. Haircut is towards the back of the head. As a result, each subsequent bundle is 1.5 cm longer than the previous one.

Haircut classic car can be done, as with bangs, and without. And the bangs can be flat, thick, asymmetrical, long, short. And if you do not have bangs, you can wear a hairstyle with a straight, side parting or fix the strands back with hairpins.

  • IMPORTANT! To select a styling option, consider the type of hair. Also, this haircut is suitable for any length of strands.

Haircuts on the basis of four - photo

It is really difficult from a wide variety of women to choose the best option for cutting a bob. It is the stylists who took care of this. Every day there are more and more interesting types of haircuts.

Caret cascade

Asymmetrical car

Torn square

Bob-Caret Haircut

Four-cascade with long bangs

Haircut under the square. Who is this hairstyle?

This hairstyle to face all the ladies. As mentioned earlier, this haircut has many different variations, so any girl will be able to choose the type of haircut.

For owners of an elongated, triangular, trapezoidal shape of the face will go lush hairstyles. Well, if a woman naturally curls her hair, then it is enough for her to visit the salon and cut her hair under the square. If nature did not give her such a gift, then you can make a perm on the square. In this case, the laying will take a minimum of time.

Beauties with an oval type of face will go any hairstyle under the caret, including the classic, as with bangs, and without.

Chubby girls should make four squares on medium, long straight or slightly wavy strands. It is advisable to create volume at the top, but in no case at the bottom. It will be especially beautiful to look with a square with a high top and even curls.

A caret with a long bang will go to the owners of a trapezoid face. The haircut should gently edge the oval of the face to hide the wide cheekbones.

Cutting options

There are many variations on the hairstyle for short, long, medium hair. Next, see examples of such haircuts in the photo.

Meek caret with bangs

Kare on hair of medium length

Graduated bob with long bangs

Graduated bob haircut with smooth bangs

Volume car - photo

To become a fluffy hair, should be done laying. Even on thin hair, you can create a bulk square. For this:

  1. Wash your head. Apply mousse to the still dried strands. Dry the curls.
  2. Separate the bangs from all other hairs, fix the hairpin at the crown.
  3. Lay the remaining strands iron.
  4. Round the ends inward.
  5. After that, make a bang.
  6. Splashing curls with a strong or medium lacquer.
  • IMPORTANT! Bulky make hair curls. There are many options for ideas of such styling. You can wind strands into small, large curlers. And even better to make styling styler.

Kare on black hair

Black color is now popular among girls. Smooth four of a different length looks advantageous on brunettes. Beautiful shine of hair emphasizes a bright image. Black strands clearly frame the contours of the face, and focus on the eyes of a woman. A suitable make-up makes the owner of such a hairstyle stylish and unique.

Hairstyles on the car with lengthening - photo

Thanks to the imagination of professional stylists, there are so many different types of styling on the bob with lengthening. This curls in the form of waves, and just smooth strands with a reflection. Also look stylish hair with a smooth bang and twisted spiral curls. And at the solemn event, you can make hair with unusual weaving, as in the image below.

Short haircuts - photos

Graduated four-legged

Such a multi-stage hairstyle is popular with young girls. In appearance, this haircut is slightly nonchalant, but there are some notes of romance due to feathers. In addition, they still give the face an oval of the correct form, hide angularity. The longest strands of graded car tend to face, and the back of the head is clipped with gradation. Further you watch the masterpieces created by skillful hands of fashionable stylists.

Before you opt for a particular haircut, consult with a professional stylist. He will tell you what kind of car you will find in order to emphasize all the advantages of your appearance and to hide the disadvantages.