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How to give up alcohol forever?

You have long wanted to abandon this dependence, but still for some reason have not come to this? And this is despite the fact that everyone knows: alcohol is bad, and it is absolutely unimportant in what doses you take it, “only on holidays” or rather “regularly”.

Of course, he has some advantages, for example, with moderate drinking, the prevention of vascular diseases is carried out, but not everyone can keep on this fine line of “moderation”.

As a result, there are numerous health problems, personal problems and personal tragedies that may not be encountered at every turn, but still have a place to be.

Studies show that in our country, on average, every sixth person completely refuses alcohol, each has his own reasons, but why should not the rest follow a positive example?

If you still have not abandoned such bad habits, you probably did not find a valid reason that would eliminate all the flimsy "virtues" of alcohol. We will offer you your top 10 reasons that may turn your perception upside down and help you get rid of the habit.

  1. The main and most indisputable reason that makes many people give up alcohol is, of course, its harmful effects on human health. You probably heard more than once about its negative impact, but you hardly knew that, on average, a person who regularly consumes alcohol in a small amount (at least once a week) will have an impressive list of diseases by the age of 30 associated with the stomach, liver, heart, kidneys and reproductive system. Not everyone knows that under the influence of alcohol, the heart increases, scars form on its tissues, which lead to various kinds of heart attacks.
  2. Did you know that even a one-time use of such a poison, otherwise it can not be called, can destroy several thousand brain cells! This process is irrevocable: under the influence of alcohol, erythrocytes stick together, contribute to the blockage of microcapillaries, which leads to oxygen starvation, and, subsequently, neuron death, which are excreted in the urine. The result - the degradation and decomposition of the individual.
  3. It is not a secret for anyone that your appearance also depends on your health condition: swelling, bags under the eyes, pallor, bad teeth and poor physical shape - all these are consequences of drinking alcoholic beverages. It will be more and more difficult to bring yourself into shape, especially with the passage of time, in any case, if you do not have time to give up the addiction.
  4. Are you going to plan kids? Then consider that any alcoholic beverages affect the structure of the genetic code of human DNA. It has long been proven that the majority of cases of birth of children with disabilities in health and lagging behind in mental development are children born to parents who use alcohol.
  5. It may seem to someone that a glass of vodka or a couple of glasses of wine can lift your spirits, cope with manifestations of depression and distract from any problems. In fact, this state is deceptive. Like any drug, alcohol plunges a person into a state of euphoria, which affects the psyche for 1-1.5 hours. After the same comes a depression, which may be accompanied by flashes of aggression and even panic fear. The degree of reaction decreases, the mind becomes clouded, and normal thinking in such a state becomes impossible, which leads to numerous accidents on the basis of alcohol intoxication: accidents, murders, domestic quarrels, and so on.
  6. Alcohol drinks feed all chronic diseases that exist in the body, and its decay products undermine the vitality of a person, reducing his mental and physical activity.
  7. Have you ever thought about how much money is spent on such a "pleasure"? Even if it may seem that a bottle of something hot, on average, is not so expensive, then count how much money, in total, is spent in a month. And in a year? Every holiday, every meeting with friends and so on. If you count everything together, then with this money you could please your relatives with something, buy a good gift for a child or, perhaps, fulfill some of your old dream.
  8. Believe it or not, each use of alcohol has a strong effect on the spiritual world of a person, and, to be precise, closes the chakras for 2-3 years, through which a person is connected with the divine energy. It turns out that one belief in God is not enough, perhaps, for some, this is not an argument, however, it is worth knowing about it.
  9. Have you thought about who benefits? We drink alcoholic beverages, squander our money and health on them, and someone earns a good deal on this. In fact, someone is cashing in on someone else's grief, remaining unpunished, but rather, on the contrary, rewarded.
  10. Unfortunately, people who regularly drink alcohol, rarely remain on the verge of what is permitted, more and more addicted to a glass of hot. As a result of this dependence, the social life of a person changes: not only one job will not tolerate the constant smell of fumes, lateness and a swollen face, the social circle changes, and the person gradually, more and more closes in his problems and complexes.

Do without help

But before it it is necessary to learn, the task in view is feasible. Is it possible to abandon the studied habit? Alcohol can consume a lot of people. But is it really possible to stop this activity?

In fact, a moot point. You can not accurately answer it. The likelihood that a person without outside help cope with getting rid of addiction to alcohol, there is. Especially when he decides to start fighting bad habits. Otherwise, to realize the idea is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, the first rule to remember is to arm yourself with the desire to refuse alcohol.

Search for a cause

What's next? After the person has made the final decision, it is necessary to take decisive action. How to refuse alcohol and cigarettes? In fact, this will be easier if you find out the cause of the occurrence of a bad habit. So it will become clear what to focus on when dealing with ailments.

The most common causes of craving for alcohol are the following cases:

  • heredity,
  • stresses
  • failures at work / family,
  • emotional shock
  • depression (especially prolonged),
  • the pernicious influence of those around you
  • a habit that came from adolescence (drinking alcohol because it is “so fashionable” and “to appear adult”).

These are the most common causes. Just because a person is unlikely to agree to ruin their health. Therefore, determining the origins of the problem is half the battle. Depending on a given situation, you will have to act in different ways. But there are universal tips that are sure to help.

Less negative in life

How to stop drinking alcohol? In fact, to cope with the task will not be so easy. But the main thing - to independently want to get rid of the bad habit.

It has already been said that stress and negative emotions often cause alcoholism. Or craving for alcohol. The man washes down the grief with another glass. Therefore, a good option is to create a favorable, friendly atmosphere both at home and at work.

The more positive will be in life, the better. After all, then the craving for alcohol will weaken. The fight against alcoholism under stress - a bad job. It will not bring any efficiency. Even if the person himself wants to get rid of the addiction to alcoholic beverages.

How to give up alcohol by yourself? To do this, it is necessary, as has already been said, to first find the reason why a disease appeared in life. Overwork and stress? In addition to positive emotions will help a variety of types of recreation. But such that in it there was no alcohol. Many relax only with a glass in their hands. This is unacceptable.

You can enroll in a spa or just go relax to the sea, go to the mountains or at home to take a relaxing bath. Any way of rest will help, which will help to distract and not think about alcoholic beverages. Well helps actively spent time. Rest does not save a person from bad habits, but he will contribute to this. Therefore, we should not neglect the advice.

Self control

If a citizen is thinking about how to give up alcohol, you can consider an approach such as self-control. A good way, but to realize it is very problematic. A person must have good self-control.

It is required to give yourself the installation "I do not drink" all the time. As soon as you want to drink, it is recommended to replace the alcoholic beverage with non-alcoholic. Not immediately, but it will help. Unfortunately, often no self control helps. You have to look for more realistic ways. Although repeating to myself "I do not drink" and "I do not want to drink alcohol, I do not need it" is worth it. The power of self-suggestion sometimes works wonders.

A change of scenery

In some cases, life and the monotonous situation is brought to the craving for alcohol. One rule should be remembered - in the fight against alcoholism, any means are good. Especially when it comes to coping with a bad habit without the help of doctors.

What can contribute to improving the situation? A change of scenery! Vacation, rest, a simple variety of everyday life - all this helps to cope with the alcohol. Successful, active and happy people are unlikely to grab a glass.

Tired of work? Leads to depression and nervous breakdowns? It's time to either take a break, or completely change activities. It is recommended to even change the direction of work. A good way to shake up the body. This technique helps not to think about alcoholic beverages.

Shock therapy

But the following method is recommended not only by people who have had bad habits, but also by doctors. For example, psychologists. The man wondered how to properly give up alcohol? Let relatives and friends help in this matter.

What is this about? There is such a technique as shock therapy. This is a person's exposure to a sharp shock, which will lead to a feeling and make you think about the behavior. For each, you need your own approach. Someone needs to play a stormy performance, some are just a couple of shocking phrases. Usually relatives know exactly which approach is sobering.

When it comes to a family man, you can try to talk to him and tell him that it’s time to live separately because of the craving for alcohol. It is worth being careful with this technique: it can either help a person, give him motivation to refrain from drinking alcohol, or, conversely, to drive him into a state that only aggravates the situation. But a good body shake is needed.

How to completely give up alcohol? In some cases, you can try to resort to untested methods. For example, to hypnotherapy. Many people are able to easily give in to suggestion. If such a person wants to get rid of craving for alcohol, hypnotists or good psychologists will help in this matter.

It is enough that someone impressed that the citizen does not want to drink. Or that after taking any alcoholic drink, he will become ill. The method is good, but not at all. He makes no guarantees: not everyone succumbs to hypnosis and suggestion. But consider as an option such an approach can be.

Information about the dangers of alcohol

Itself is very difficult to give up alcohol. But it will be possible to do this if you really want to. Despite this, doctors often say that there are no ex-alcoholics. Either people who are at the initial stage stop drinking, or they have to hope that alcoholism has receded only for a while.

The following advice well helps not only inspired, but also impressionable people. So often advised to watch movies about the dangers of alcohol and other bad habits. At the subconscious level, the body will begin to reject alcohol. Either the person himself, consciously, will stop drinking, having understood all the danger of his addiction.

What else can help when a citizen thinks about how to give up alcohol? In fact, a lot of options. It is advisable to try everything together. A modern way to get rid of various bad habits is the use of various medications ("Proproten-100", "Esperal", "Antabus", "Vivitrol", "Teturam"). They are sold in every pharmacy and sold without a prescription.

You just need to ask for a cure for alcoholism or craving for alcohol. A pharmacist will help you find the right medicine. These are usually pills that need to be dissolved. Either in alcohol or in an ordinary drink.

In fact, the effectiveness of such treatment is not proven. But many point out that alcohol pills have helped them. Most likely, this is simply the power of suggestion, but the result is obvious.


Modern, albeit a temporary solution is coding. This option helps at any stage of alcoholism, but it does not cure. Rather, only postpones another attack of thirst for alcoholic beverages.

Most often use the coding method called "Torpedo". Alcohol add droppers and remove toxins from the body, then injected "Torpedo" - a special drug. After that, a certain time a person will not drink. During this period of time, he himself must correct the life situation and tune in to a sober life.

Doctors and hospital

In order to properly give up alcohol, you often need to undergo inpatient treatment. Again, there are no former alcoholics. If the person himself does not want, he will never get rid of his addiction. No doctors, no pills, no medicine, no coding will not help.

But from real methods that really seriously help, treatment at a drug treatment clinic, as well as a narcologist, is effective. How much will have to be treated? It all depends on the craving for alcohol. A person will be selected a set of medical procedures and lectures that will contribute to reducing the craving for alcohol. Fix the result, as a rule, coding.

Change of social circle

You can give up alcohol and cigarettes by yourself if you seriously try. In some situations, a person begins to drink for the company or "because it is so accepted in society." For example, in a circle of friends. To turn out to be a black sheep, a non-drinker among the drinkers, no one wants. Therefore, a person begins to drink.

To remedy the situation and give up the bad habit, you just need to change the social circle. Yes, it may not be so easy, but for the sake of your own health you need to overpower yourself. It is not necessary to completely stop communicating with friends and make new ones. Just should not contact with such people once again and spend time.

How it all began

The Range was one of those who first come to the bar and the last to leave. Spirits helped him celebrate holidays, relax, make friends, communicate and entertain customers. It was fun with the Range, but there was always a jingle of glasses or bottles nearby.

His happiness was rated by only 5 points out of 10, which did not correspond to his successful career and beautiful family. Discontent grew in him. He had dreams and goals that eluded him. He was unsporting and lethargic. His life turned into a vicious circle, consisting of work, family and stress.

Go to the "boring" corner

Social pressure grew, rumors began to circulate. The range went to a corner of boring sober-drinkers, from which he was allowed to return only if he started drinking again.

He decided that if his business would suffer because of this, he would give up his ordeal. If he had broken, this turning point would not have happened, which radically changed his life.

Benefits of not drinking alcohol

Three weeks flowed smoothly at four, then at two months, and then at three. Then a dramatic change began to occur.

Very quickly, the Range began to gain physical fitness. No longer had to give up on a hangover exercise. Without alcohol, it has become easier to understand which foods and activities are energized and which ones are deprived of it. All this helped him lose weight: for the year he lost 19 kg, and the level of fat decreased from 30% to less than 10%.

The Range returned to the university, received a degree and switched to a master's program in positive psychology and coaching. He helped create a 30-day Mindfit program to tackle mental health problems in a big city. He also co-founded OneYearNoBeer.

Relationships of the Range have developed successfully both at home and at work. His brokerage business was growing rapidly, motivation was excellent, he felt great.

Mental abilities are revealed

Alcohol and hangovers are detrimental to mental well-being. With the trickle, the Range felt very anxious. It seemed to him that he was falling into a pit: the longer the hangover lasted, the deeper this pit was. Он полностью избавился от этого ощущения, когда бросил пить, и это стало для него настоящим откровением.

Улучшается сон

Сон — неотъемлемая часть высокой производительности. И его может испортить даже небольшое количество спиртного. Даже один стакан способен вас вырубить, но спите вы настолько плохо, что тело не успевает восстановиться. And when you still do not have enough time to sleep, the productivity tends to zero.

Set a sporting goal

Challenge yourself beyond your ability. Let, for example, it will be regular five-kilometer runs, if you are just starting, or a marathon, if you run 10 kilometers without any problems.

As you become more focused, your body and spirit will become stronger. In addition, you will gain self-confidence and begin to usefully spend time that you have previously taken away from the drink.

Having made a mistake, do not be discouraged

Learn, become stronger, compare your achievements and do not blame yourself for anything. Forgiveness leads to responsibility, and guilt makes you look for excuses.

It is widely believed that a mistake is a failure. Because of this, people begin to overeat or drink too much and feel weak.

Realize your mistake, think about it and become stronger. Remember: no one is perfect.

Find a replacement for bad habits

The best way to get rid of a bad habit is to find a substitute for it. Find your trigger - it can be a time, place, emotion, action or person. Find the driving force: for example, you can drink to relax or join a company.

After that, simply replace the bad habit with a healthy one, so that the trigger and the driving force remain the same. If you drink alcohol to chat with friends, go with them not to the bar, but to the gym.

Use the excuse

Most of us need a good reason to stop drinking. But if you are not pregnant and not sick, then all arguments are shattered, when friends, family or colleagues ask you to drink with them.

Justification may well be your non-alcohol program. The next time you start to pour, say: "No, thank you, this year I planned a lot of things, so I decided to challenge myself and not drink 28/90/365 days."

Tell about your aspiration to the world

Share your decision with others, for example through social networks. The more people know about it, the easier it will be your way.

You will not need to explain to everyone you meet, why you do not drink. And you will have additional motivation, because instinctively every person wants to please his surroundings.

Write down every reason you want to make a non-alcoholic pause.

Write why you want to give up alcohol. It helps a lot to change habits. Ask yourself why you need a life without alcohol. What led you to this?

Use paper, tablet or laptop - choose what suits you the most. For additional motivation, post a list of reasons where you will see it daily.


If you decide to give up alcohol, begin to carefully plan your life and get ready for the unexpected. At any moment an old friend may appear on the threshold, whom you haven’t seen for a hundred years and who will definitely want to skip a glass with you. At such a moment, just smile and remember what you wrote down in your list of reasons.

If you are going to an event, make sure that there will be non-alcoholic beverages. If the celebration will take place in a bar or cafe, call there and ask.

Imagine how you order a non-alcoholic drink, have a good time and tell others how well you live without alcohol. Similar equipment is used by athletes in preparation for competitions.

Easy and practical way to give up alcohol. Part one.

Life without alcohol.
Part one. Facts and myths about alcohol.

Should I give up alcohol in my life? This topic is not for everyone can be unambiguous. Yes, and how to refuse realistically, we often do not know, although for the majority, there is nothing difficult in this, but not everyone is concerned. For some time I was interested in questions regarding alcohol in our lives, because he personally got me, so I decided, nevertheless, to write this article. And it is intended for everyone who wants to exclude alcohol from their lifestyle, everyone who does not know that this can and should be done and it is very simple. For those who do not drink - the article can help decide to lead a sober and fulfilling life.

The article will not talk about hypnosis and other treatments. It is designed to help yourself figure out and make the right decision for yourself. I by no means consider these methods ineffective, no. But I show here that it is very easy to give up alcohol, and treatment means that the solution of this question is given "on the side". And then it turns out that someone “forces” to refuse, and in the subconscious mind there will remain an understanding that this is not voluntary, but forced. I am sure that it is better to approach the issue consciously, but if you suddenly fail to solve the problem in this way, then resort to treatment.

People begin their alcoholic journey of course in different ways, someone is sneaking from their parents during adolescence, someone later, for example at feasts, because this is the custom ... Then alcohol-related habits appear, for example, meetings with friends over a beer, watch football matches with beer, drink, what we like to drink there after a hard day of work and so on. and so on And of course, what a celebration, at the table, without alcohol ... Then there are also self-excuses, like this: "Not for drunkenness, but for health" (although when they talk about health, they mean, maximum, a glass of red wine or something else in small doses, but most are ignored, as a rule).

In general, people who occasionally drink alcohol in general terms can be represented as follows: “Between the“ Uncle Fedya ”who gets up in the morning and the first thing takes“ on the chest ”, then continues to drink all day until the“ stop ”and the grandmother“ God dandelion ” who drank (not to the end) a glass of "plum" on the New Year - all the other people, which is, according to some estimates, about 90% of the world's population. " In other words: nine out of ten people around us are more or less addicted to alcohol.

And, looking at this picture, it begs, so to say, the following, that between an “alcoholic” and a “moderate drinker” the only difference is in the amount of alcohol consumed. In fact, both types of drinkers are dependent on alcohol and, therefore, both of them do not control the situation.

My opinion is that everyone who doesn’t like the alcoholic topic in life is not dependent on drinks, doses, etc., everyone who is fed up, everyone who still doubts whether to drink (at some events) and those who abuse alcohol, those who do not control the amount of alcohol definitely need to give it up. AND not cut, and exclude it completely. (I would like to write one more article on the topic “cut”, already in addition to this)

Is it easy to quit with alcohol?
The answer is simple - YES. The degree of dependence, the frequency of use, the duration of such a lifestyle, the contents of the consumed, willpower, state of affairs and other factors have nothing to do with it. Alcohol in life is easy to give up. More and more practical examples of the fact that any person who consumes alcohol, with any degree of addiction, can easily refuse it. And this fact in no way means that since it is simple, you can start drinking, because at any moment you can “jump out” from this. The trap is very cunning. And in this and subsequent articles it is written how to get out of it, and never fall into it again. I repeat - you should not fall into this trap at all, no matter how confident you are in controlling the situation - everything always begins with one glass (glasses, glasses ...). Breaks and lowers to the bottom and the strong and the weak, and academicians, and large and successful businessmen and others, and others.

I, personally, also attributed myself to the "beer brewers" for some time. Periodically, this beer theme has arisen in my life, be it meeting friends, beer “tasting” on trips (well, of course, how can you not try local beer there .... Brad.), Etc. Plus these holidays are constantly , year after year, the same thing, the Birthday will happen, the New Year, the Bastille Day will come ... And here beer is not enough - wines, champagne, etc. are used. At some point, I personally began to finally get it, and I decided for myself to sort out this issue and stop this alcoholic part of my life.

All people who have ever thought about what to stop drinking ... let's say, approximately the same train of thought, facts on this subject or motives and these are not new, but well-known facts:
· The fact that alcohol destroys life, including those around and close people around,
· Destroys health (for example, significantly shortens life, destroys brain cells, causes impotence, etc. - the list is very huge)
· The fact that alcohol interferes with development, setting serious goals and achieving them,
· The fact that alcohol can lead to various unpleasant and even “deplorable” situations,
· The fact that drinking alcohol is a huge loss of money.

and so on, every person knows this even without my participation, all this is on the surface and I do not want to frighten anyone, so I will not delve into this topic.

For starters, you still need to dot the "and"
Here are some facts and myths about alcohol (and alcoholism) that are hidden in the depths of the problem and which can help to understand its essence and find a way out of it:
But first, a couple of clarifications.
What do I mean by the term "Alcohol" - a substance with the formula C2H5OH or alcohol contained in various alcoholic beverages from beer, wine to vodka, etc., is not palatable, addictive, falling under the definition narcotic.
The stable use of alcohol for one reason or another, and, consequently, dependence on alcohol is a mental state, there is nothing complicated about it. If you remove confusion and suggestion, it will be much easier to make your own, correct, decision.

1. The influence of the brainwashing factor. We all tend to consider ourselves to be intelligent, self-controlling people, independently determining their own way of life. In fact, our behavior largely corresponds to a certain model, because we are a product of the society that educated us. Every day we see the following: that alcohol quenches thirst, has good taste, gives joy, strengthens nerves, gives confidence, relieves complexes, longing and tension, relieves pain, helps to relax and stimulates the imagination. At the same time, it is an integral part of any successful holiday. What party can do without alcohol? It is excluded. Further, on the Internet fashion on the description of different varieties of wines, brandies. Why, this is important information, you need to be a connoisseur, this is for prestige, this is stylish, this is cool. Plus, a lot of articles on the topics that there is such a wine contains such antioxidants and therefore it is useful for ... And here's another fashionable topic - alcohol at home. Of course, this is the whole art, damn it, to cook a “tasty” poison for the body from rotting vegetation. Everything is so vibrant around it, discuss, and how many degrees? Ba..a, there is nothing better than this homemade product! All of this looks like nonsense. And finally, the most effective brainwashing facility: Adults — beer, children-lemonade. And if there are so many “virtues” in alcohol, how many people fall into this trap?

Movie: For example, in western style. In almost every Western, half the action takes place in the saloon. It seems that the tough conquerors of the West spent their whole lives in order to pump up cheap whiskey and play poker. If someone was beaten to a pulp in a drunken brawl or killed in a shootout, the evening in their presentation was not in vain.
Another example is melodrama: what does a young “tycoon” do when he returns home after a full day of competitive race? He goes straight to the bar, throws two pieces of ice into an expensive crystal glass and pours a generous portion of Scotch whiskey.
And other movie genres, all in the same spirit.

Life. Since there are a lot of people around who drink alcohol, on different occasions, holidays, meetings, they just go to a bar, etc. - it makes an impression that this is completely normal. This is pure schizophrenia. People discuss the quality of wine at a meal: “It is pleasantly strong and rather noble ...” Where not to look - only “connoisseurs”. All this surrounds us so much and happens all around, and here is mWe believe that if we completely give up alcohol, we will sacrifice something, lose something. Alcohol can destroy our lives, but all the same, all our existence depends to some extent on it. We are sure that without it we will not be able to be in society, not able to cope with stress, etc., and we do not know what could take its place (remember the same holidays). Without alcohol, life seems to be boring, unhappy, and therefore it is so difficult for many people to stop drinking.

All this that surrounds us every day, what happens around the topic of alcohol makes it the norm. But this is not normal! A person does not need alcohol, not for the growth and development of the body or for the maintenance of his (body) normal. Alcohol is unnatural for the body.
There are still many facts that somehow relate to brainwashing, but do not want to inflate the article. These examples vividly show how the mechanism works and what should not be so easy to do to all of this, you should understand what is happening.

2. It is believed that many people drink alcohol solely for the sake of pleasure. This is a pure lie. Alcohol is the strongest depressant and everyone knows it. The negative sides of alcohol outweigh the positive. The peculiarity of the alcoholic trap lies in exaggerating the so-called advantages and minimizing the disadvantages. Drinking alcohol does not give any advantages.

3. Alcohol provides support - this is another myth of this trap. An example about support: maybe you paid attention, maybe your neighbors saw something like that, until alcohol destroyed a person (physically, mentally and financially), he does not show a desire to reduce the dose, not to mention the complete abandonment of alcohol? And only having reached the extreme limit, having lost the support of family and friends, a person begins to strive to reduce the consumption of alcohol. But it was during this period that he was least capable of such an act, since now he urgently needs the one whom he now considers his only and most loyal friend and support. From the outside we see what kind of "support" it is. And being in such a situation, it is very difficult to understand that this very friend has led to this very situation. Alcohol does not provide any support.

4. Alcohol gives courage - also another lie. The only thing he does in this case is to dull the feeling of fear (and this is not the same with courage). Togo fear that can help survive in a given situation. In this case, the fear itself does not disappear. And what to do in the same situation when alcohol is not at hand? From the very fear of alcohol can not get rid of. In fact, the following often happens: suppose there is a situation that causes a feeling of fear and is suppressed by alcohol. Now everything is no longer scary, but nothing is done further, because there is no determination, and all because alcohol does not give this feeling. Fear win clear, soberly assessing the situation. The only way.

5. Alcohol is not such a problem., in comparison, say with heroin. And how many of us each know drug addicts surrounded? And again, at the same moment, now Nine out of ten people around us are more or less addicted to alcohol. So this is a serious problem, and it has a much larger scale.

6. Alcohol makes people happy. Alcohol is a chemical that tastes bad. Therefore, we take it for the sake of the impact it has. If as a result we become happier, it follows from this that the more we drink, the happier we become. And then, many have seen such as the company of laughing, happy drinkers suddenly once, and begins to commit violence (for example, the fight begins). Where is the "state of happiness"? It was not his, this is another bike on the topic of alcohol and what a cool, necessary product. Why do people laugh and look happy after a few glasses? It has nothing to do with alcohol itself - we, as a rule, drink on occasions that are pleasant in themselves. Weddings and parties are pleasant events, people have fun and have a good time. Not alcohol causes them to giggle and have fun. If alcohol had a similar effect, people would not drink at the funeral, the last thing you would like to do is laugh. Another example of the failure of the concept that “Alcohol makes people happy”: Have you ever tried to get drunk to stop suffering, for example, because of a broken relationship, divorce, or any other problem? Have you ever, after a few glasses, felt happy? Alcohol does not make people happy, this is a fairy tale.

7. Alcohol is useful in small doses. More precisely, it is accepted this way: alcohol is harmful, yes, it is poison, but in small doses it is useful (and then, it is added what they say, something about the blood circulation, doctors advise well, etc.). This is from the field of "schizophrenia". Яд, который в больших дозах убивает и очень мучительно, в малых дозах так же остается тем же самым ядом. Разница только в том, что в малых дозах организму удается справиться с ним. На самом деле, когда говориться о полезности малых доз, то учитывается только первое действие этого вещества на организм, но игнорируются последующие стадии и степень их воздействия.The first actions probably know all drinkers (such as expanding vessels, etc.). But, further, the alcohol breaks down into substances such as, for example, acetic aldehyde (acetaldehyde), followed by conversion to acetic acid. And these substances are in the blood, in the cells with all the ensuing consequences. So, speaking of small doses, you should be honest and show the picture objectively, “from and to”.

8. Alcohol quenches thirst. The same nonsense. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the body, including because, after a drunk dose, I want more. This happens with strong drinks, such as beer or wine (which contain up to 80% of water). And after some time after drinking alcohol, there is an even greater effect of thirst (in common people - sunyak). I cite this as a fact. Who is interested in the causes, can make chemical reactions of alcohol decomposition and find the cause, what kind of oxidants there are and what else. This is your own. So a cup of cold beer in the heat, this is a topic from the category: "you can not imagine worse."

9. Alcohol trap. Why do I use this term at all, because what happens to a person who consumes alcohol, and does not depend on doses, frequency and drinks - all activities fit the description of being in a trap. A trap with all the characteristic signs and attributes: there is a bait, there is no evidence of danger, the gradualness and sequence of dragging out - for losing the victim's vigilance, etc. A little more about that.

Like all traps, alcohol is the same with its subtleties and tricks, for example:

· Slipping to the bottom occurs so gradually that we do not notice anything. The process is similar to aging. Every morning, when shaving or putting on make-up, in the mirror we see the same face as yesterday.

· People who drink moderately may not fully realize their position, but they certainly feel somewhere that they have fallen into a trap. They usually think like this: "It does not harm me, and if I need to quit, I will do it." This is another clever quality of the trap - it makes us postpone this unpleasant event. Againthe alcoholic trap is arranged in such a way that makes a person delay the solution of the problem as long as possible. At the chronic stage, the victim is convinced that the problem is unsolvable, so she has no choice but to sweeten her bitter pill.

10. Warnings about the dangers of alcohol. Why it does not work. Now, probably, it is written everywhere that “Alcohol is harmful to health”, that “Alcohol destroys the liver”, etc. (it is the cause of certain diseases). Including the law, manufacturers are obliged to warn about the harm to the health of their products. And people who use alcohol know what is harmful, and someone not even hearsay (there may be examples around). Why does this not work? Well, First of all because there is an illusion of control over the situation. “Yes, I know that alcohol is harmful, but I control my drinking process, I don’t drink much and often and I can quit whenever I want.” Secondly, the way of life around, all the activities around alcohol, making it the norm of life dominate any kind of warning. ThirdlyThe state of health is not a contrast, it is not a perceptible value, until you get sick. Let's say that alcohol causes cirrhosis of the liver. Drinking a glass of wine, for example at a banquet, or even getting drunk “before the blue snot”, even if everyone is at the same banquet, how to feel it, how to see it specifically on yourself? No, until it happens, but then it will be too late. For the same reason, you cannot set your goal on health, you need to set quite specific parameters in order to get a result (for example, weight is such and such, waist size is such and such, develop breathing to run three kilometers in the standard for such and such). And how to catch the health of the liver and, moreover, link it with another drink? In my opinion, this is a very skillful move by alcohol producers. Part of the society requires that something be done in the framework of the fight against alcohol and now agreed that now everywhere it is warned about its harm to humans. Not drinking "activists" and unaware, the fact that manufacturers know for sure that this will not work in any way. But alcohol abusers know that alcohol causes harm to their health. It does not stop anyone and will not stop, if you do not remove the other factors. And how do you like the fact that all these prevention campaigns are not even able to protect adolescents from drinking alcohol ...

11. About alcoholism. The belief in the incurability of alcoholism is deeply rooted in society. And an obstacle to solving the problem of alcoholism for a person is the conviction that even if successful, the quality of life will inevitably deteriorate. But all the notions of the fact that alcoholism is a disease and its treatment can be long and painful and, ultimately, there are no known methods of treatment from it, are based on a DELUSION.

The first clarification: this is obvious, the fact that a lot of people around the world who abuse alcohol and have lost control in its use, regardless of their personal qualities, independently (or with someone’s help) refuse to use this “potion” without any problems - do the concept of alcoholism, as a seriously curable disease is not wealthy.

Second clarification, it is necessary to catch it, there is a person and there is an alien, toxic substance for the human body - alcohol. The body does not need it at all (well, it's simple, so the children don’t need it and nothing bad happens to them). That is, when a person drinks alcohol, on the one hand there is a change in the state of consciousness - this is just the specificity of the action of alcohol, but on the other hand, the body tries to cleanse itself of poison, includes various protective mechanisms and then, finally, a hangover occurs - one of the stages excretion of poison and the reaction to this poison. And have you seen what kind of hangover a person who was “in a drinking bout,” say three or four days? And here it is mistakenly said that a person is sick, and he also needs a “dose” to alleviate the pain ... But this is not a disease. A hangover is a painful reaction of the body to the poison that is in it and from which it strives to get rid of. Naturally, the weaker the body, the more painful the reaction. And look at the same one who drank some time, a couple of days after he “stopped”. Everything comes back to normal. That is, the problem is not alcohol, as a substance, it is not needed by the body, and after the poison is removed, there are no physical breakdowns at once, and there is no dependence of the organism on the substance itself. The problem of alcoholism as alcohol abuse and loss of control over its use lies on a different plane, such as, for example, the habit (the habit of responding in a certain way to external and internal events), such as self-control, self-discipline, i.e. human psyche. Moreover, it is obvious that for most people we are not talking about any extreme forms of mental deviation and, therefore, we can learn without much difficulty to understand this and control their condition.

12. Alcohol and longevity. Well, I want to finish the listing here with such an example. Many of us have heard the following, something like it sounds like this: “But this is where my uncle drank every day, well, let's say, real wine and lived to such gray years (or lived to what age ...) ". This is also a series of reservations. The condition is not perceptible, not contrasting. And how much would this uncle have lived if he had not drunk at all? Perhaps he would have been alive to this day. It is not known at all, and it is not worth ascribing this achievement to alcohol. This is the cynicism of the alcohol system.

You can continue, in fact, to continue to give some facts about alcohol, the topic is large and capacious, but it is already quite obvious that the only truth about alcohol is that it does not give anything, but DESTROYS. You need to stop fooling yourself.

I write this article, relying not only on my own thoughts and experiences on this topic, but also to a large extent on the Allen Carr method, which is called “The Easy Way”. The topic of alcohol and how to easily refuse it is described, I consider it very good in his book “Easy way to stop drinking”. It is very detailed about alcohol itself, about the myths around it, a look at this issue from different sides. And most importantly, it works, it will help to understand the issue and those who have decided to give up alcohol - do it. So I recommend to read it.

I will continue the article in the next post, where the discussion will deal with decision making and practical steps for its implementation.


Alcohol is a bad habit that many people dream of abandoning, but for lack of appropriate motivation, they continue to succumb to it. Of course, there are also beneficial properties in alcoholic beverages, for example, the prevention of vascular diseases. However, in order to achieve this particular item, it is allowed to consume a moderate amount of drinking, which is often not respected. Why is it so hard to give up alcohol?

People have a lot of problems - it brings health, there are dismissals at work, betrayal of friends and failures in personal life. They are often a person decides with the help of strong drinks. A constant endless whirlpool, out of which is very difficult. But still there are lucky ones who have managed to find the strength to live forever, to put a taboo on alcohol. Everyone has different motivations, but the reasons for saying no to alcohol are the same. The influence of alcoholic beverages on the body is more pernicious, you need to remember this!

10 reasons not to drink alcohol

A happy life is impossible in children whose parents abuse alcohol. Liquid in a glass maliciously poisons the mind, the body. Children are the main motivators of higher deeds. In pursuit of easy relaxation, a person forgets about the main thing.

10 reasons not to drink alcohol

For a more successful start to a better life, 10 reasons were collected not to drink alcohol. They will forever destroy all stereotypes regarding this issue.

  1. Alcohol is bad for health. Already because of this it is worth thinking about its use. But if this does not stop, you should understand that with regular use of alcohol in 30 years, you will be guaranteed diseases of the kidneys, stomach, heart and reproductive system. And this is just the beginning of the list.
  2. The right way of life, the first step to healthy offspring. And if you are thinking about children, it is worth remembering how important it is to approach this issue soberly.
  3. Drinking even in small quantities of alcohol ensures instant destruction of a huge number of brain cells.
  4. The skin is a mirror of the body. Pale complexion, swelling, bags under the eyes is a sure sign that it’s time to tie up with this bad habit.

alcohol greatly affects the appearance of a person, tiredness and dullness appear in the eyes

Video: another reason not to drink alcohol

Such a good reason to give up alcohol, if a person strives for a better life.

The terrible consequences of a real reason to abandon this addiction. But if you understand that you are not able to cope on your own, do not be afraid to seek help from professionals. Alcohol is an abyss that absorbs the norms, beauty, health, happiness, offspring and a bright positive future. Maybe it's time to stop, because these 10 reasons for not drinking alcohol are really weighty and important!

1) Lose weight

One of the benefits of not drinking alcohol is losing excess weight.

There are several reasons why weight loss occurs. First, alcoholic beverages, as a rule, are very overloaded with calories. A can of beer contains about 154 calories, about the same as rum and coca-cola. Pina Colada contains a whopping 425 calories in a drink!

And because they are “empty calories”, devoid of nutrients, we still need to eat as much food as we need to get the full amount of vitamins and minerals.

Alcohol also tends to stimulate overeating! In the American journal Nutrition, the role of alcohol is emphasized as the strongest factor of excess food intake. Women who drank the equivalent of two drinks in the form of alcohol ate 30% more than those who drank saline.

Researchers suggest that this is happening because alcohol strengthens our feelings and accordingly reduces all our prohibitions!

2) build muscle

If you are an avid athlete, then your work will not matter if you regularly indulge in alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol reduces protein synthesis and makes it harder to build new muscles. Animals that were given a lot of alcohol received a significant decrease in muscle mass.

And the most important: alcohol reduces the production of human growth hormone up to 70%, and this hormone is a key component in the process of growth and muscle recovery.

3) Lower cholesterol

A glass of red wine a day for four weeks raises the "good" cholesterol to 16%.

If you drink more than a couple of glasses a day or go beyond the weekly limit, you will do more harm than good for your cholesterol level.

When the mice were given the equivalent of two drinks per day according to their weight, the level of “bad” cholesterol dropped by 40%. However, mice that received the equivalent of seven drinks twice a week experienced an increase of 20%.

4) Balance blood sugar

Maintaining a balanced blood sugar level is key to unlocking overall health.

Drinking alcohol leads to an increase in blood glucose to an incredible level.

As a result, you can expect a craving for carbohydrates and sweets, headaches, dizziness, poor concentration and much more. Very similar to a hangover! This is no coincidence. If this goes on in the long term, you have an increase in weight and risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

Give up alcohol and see if you notice a difference in your mood and energy.

5) Save liver health

British scientists emphasize the benefits of even one month without drinking!

102 relatively healthy men and women under the age of forty abstained for four weeks, which affected the decrease in liver stiffness (indicating disease) by 12.5%.

Insulin resistance, diabetes risk went down by 28%, which shows a better overall sense of well-being.

Of course, too much alcohol consumption has a negative effect on the liver in various forms. This is the risk of fatty disease, cirrhosis and liver cancer.

6) Reduce the risk of disease!

Red wine lowers cholesterol, it is one of the scientifically supported drinks to lower blood pressure. Many scientists claim that moderate alcohol consumption reduces your chances of heart disease and stroke.

However, giving up alcohol means that you will become less prone to developing oral cancer, liver cancer and breast cancer, as well as colon and rectal cancer.

7) Improve sleep

Give up alcohol and you will immediately notice that you begin to sleep like a baby.

Even if alcohol helps us fall asleep faster and enjoy a deep sleep for a while, a review of 27 studies says that drinking alcohol reduces the speed of eye movement, and truly deep restorative sleep when our organs function properly.

Even one drink can give such an effect, the more you drink, the more sleep is disturbed.

Alcohol also causes and aggravates a serious condition - sleep apnea, characterized by the suspension of shallow breathing during sleep.

In 1981, during the study, people who usually did not suffer from sleep apnea experienced it after drinking. Even worse, these people did not just suffer from apnea once, they also tested it the next night.

Alcohol reduces the level of melatonin in the body - a hormone responsible for regulating the body's internal clock and drowsiness.

8) Increase the feeling of happiness

It is not surprising that alcohol and depression are closely related. The refusal of alcohol improves mood and outlook on life, and who does not want this?

Many people experience sadness after drinking alcohol. Most likely, this is caused by the effect of alcohol on the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps us feel great.

In 1991, they conducted a study and looked at the level of serotonin in the blood 45 minutes after drinking alcohol. What they found was truly amazing. The level of serotonin was significantly reduced and was at the same level as serotonin, found in patients with depression!

And if you still think depression makes you drink a bottle, think again. Based on a 30-year study, the results of which were published in 2013, it is believed that people are depressed because they drink a lot and do not drink in response to depression.

If you refrain from drinking alcohol, depression will soon disappear.

9) Reduce stress

How wonderful it is to come home after a long working day and drink two glasses of pleasant wine! But, if you often go over more than expected, you will soon get nervous.

Это потому, что спиртное освобождает гормон стресса – кортизол, особенно у пожилых людей до опасного уровня. Каждая дополнительная единица алкоголя в неделю, повышает уровень кортизола на 3%.

10) Улучшить память

Если вы стали забывчивы, примите к сведению, что это все ваше употребление спиртного!

Одно исследование, проведенное на более чем 5000 мужчинах среднего возраста и 2000 женщинах, показало, что у сильно пьющих снижается память, внимание и навыки рассуждения на 6 лет развития назад.

And not only middle-aged people are affected. Spanish scientists examined 122 university students, ranging from sober and drinkers.

Drinking students had reduced logical memory, visual and verbal memory and the ability to learn new verbal information.

The good news is that giving up alcohol from a few months to a year can reverse negative consequences for thinking skills, including solving problems of memory and attention.

But we have not listed all the benefits of avoiding alcohol, because the positive changes in the body do not end there.

11) Stronger immunity

After giving up alcohol, a regular cold, sore throat and other infections will pass much faster.

This is because alcohol has a deep and almost immediate effect on our immune system.

Drunkenness begins to affect the immune system within just 20 minutes after ingesting alcohol! After quitting alcohol, scientists observed an increase in the total number of circulating levels of some white blood cells, which means that the immune defense is accelerating.

Excessive alcohol deprives the body of certain important substances and reduces the ability of white blood cells to multiply (they cannot fight bacteria and viruses as quickly and efficiently).

12) More healthy teeth and gums

Alcohol contains a huge amount of sugar, which has a bad effect on oral hygiene. In fact, alcohol is on the list of the 25 most unexpected hidden sources of sugar!

Did you notice how your mouth went completely dry in the morning after a few drinks? And all because alcohol reduces saliva production, and it is the main defense of the mouth against bacteria. Without enough saliva, we can suffer from excess bacteria and bad breath, gum disease, and even tooth loss.

13) Glowing skin

Are you suffering from dry or damaged skin? Alcohol is one of the possible causes of psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.

Medical advice on alcohol problems: unhealthy skin (particularly superficial infections) is an early sign of alcohol abuse.

Alcohol does not cause rosacea, but it significantly aggravates the skin condition.

Two out of three patients with rosacea experience a flare-up of facial redness after one alcoholic beverage.

In addition, sugar in alcohol will not make the skin beautiful.

14) Increased libido and fertility

Alcohol affects everyone differently, but when it comes to libido, the effect on everyone is negative in terms of future fertility.

Chronic alcoholism and a rare, but excessive consumption of alcohol ignites desire, but reduces the performance of men. However, alcohol increases sexual desire, arousal and pleasure in women.

For both sexes, alcohol has a negative effect on the long term. In men, impotence due to erectile dysfunction after alcohol abuse may persist even after several years of sobriety. The problem is considered physical, not psychological or hormonal, which means that the damage may even be permanent.

According to a Danish study, for women, a consumption of 1 to 5 glasses per week (within the recommended limits) can reduce women's chances of conception.

Bottom line: if you want to create a healthy family, better drink white tea instead of white wine.