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10 fascinating British TV series, undeservedly deprived of attention

English TV shows are distinguished by highly artistic plots, which each time amaze the viewer with an excellent acting game, magnificent costumes, impeccable makeup and perfectly recreated decorations that exactly convey the necessary era.

For fans of non-trivial exciting film stories, we have collected the Top 10 of the most interesting British TV series for all tastes.

The Hollow Crown

Fans of costumed historical films will like the multiseries film “The Empty Crown”, which consists of a series of screen versions of William Shakespeare's plays. It tells of the tragic fate of the three English kings who influenced the history of the country. The superb game of famous British actors such as Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddleston and Ben Wishaw makes at the end of each episode shout: "I Believe!".

Separate praise deserve accurately recreated the scenery and costumes of the harsh Middle Ages. A powerful literary basis created by the great Shakespeare makes the film project special and attracts the viewer to the television screens.

How not to live (How to live your life)

This comedy series, of course, will appeal to lovers of fine English humor. The protagonist of the film, young boy Don, by his stupidity, constantly finds himself in ridiculous, but funny situations. But one day he was very lucky - he inherits a house from his grandmother, and in addition to him a whole bunch of unpaid bills and a nurse, a strange man named Eddie ...

In the company of the heroes of the British TV series “How not to live” you can not only have fun, but also learn a lot, for example, “how not to…”: explain the reason for being late for work, say goodbye to a girl or talk to your hairdresser.

Ladies' happiness (The Paradise)

A screen version of the book of the same name by the French writer Emile Zola, the authors of which transferred the picture from Paris to England in the 1890s. The novel tells about the life of a young girl who came to a major city and got a job at the first large store opened for women. Soon, she notices that constant intrigue is lagging behind a luxurious shop window, love affairs are being made, and a power struggle is underway.

Thanks to the efforts of costume designers and decorators, viewers will be able to get into the elegant fashion world of the Victorian era, where sophisticated female silhouettes drove the best men of the time crazy.

Hotel Babylon

Do you want to visit a high-class hotel where you can buy anything you want for money? Then the five-star hotel “Babylon” opens its doors to you, in which you will see the backstage life hidden behind the facade of the friendly faces of the staff and the luxurious interior.

This world is no different from any other, there is a place for friendship, love, intrigue, envy, and humor easily coexists with drama. Looking through this picture, immediately there is a desire to say thanks to the scriptwriters for the unusual plot lines and interesting destinies of the characters that leave no one indifferent.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell)

Before us is an alternative nineteenth-century Britain shrouded in incomprehensible magic. Only the British know how to master it so skillfully in the real world, and after watching the series you begin to believe that once magicians really lived on the shores of Albion. It is worth noting that the film project was shot on a wonderful novel of the same name by Susanna Clark. And after the stunning success of the first season, the writer may decide to create a sequel to this magical story.

In the meantime, we look and enjoy the gloomy streets of old England, Venice, with its many-sided masks and secrets that lie in wait for every turn ...


All lovers of cynical and dark movie should watch the series “Utopia”. Such counter points are intertwined in it: a chic atmosphere combines paranoia, extreme cruelty goes along with acidic screaming tones. To this, you can add an excellent cinematography and an excellent play of actors, thanks to which you get some kind of madness that catches, tightens and does not let go until the end of the last series.

Parade’s End

The picture shows the atmosphere of good old England at the beginning of the twentieth century. Against the background of that time, a classic love triangle is born before the eyes of the viewer. In the role of a young aristocrat appears before us Benedict Cumberbatch, who perfectly conveys the feelings and torments of the protagonist. Yes, and the female characters, thanks to a good acting game, were able to fully reveal themselves to the audience. “The end of the parade” is a versatile series that tells not only about relationships between people, but also shows the history of the country.

My Mad Diary (My Mad Fat Diary)

The series shows the story of the life of adolescents in the 90s of the last century. The main character is a sixteen-year-old fat woman named Ray, who has psychological problems. This picture is designed not only for the younger generation, adults will also watch it with gusto, as it talks about unvarnished reality, and everyone will find himself in one of the characters. And most importantly, the summary that the creators of the most heartfelt show wanted to convey: no matter what you are outside, only the inner content is valuable, and no diets and exercises will make you happy!

Mr Selfridge

The series tells about the American entrepreneur GG Selfridge, which in 1909 opened the first shopping center in England. By the way, it is worth noting that the well-known phrase “the customer is always right” belongs to this person. If we talk about a film project, then the atmosphere of that time is perfectly recreated, interesting historical facts and marketing findings are abundantly presented, and professional breakthroughs of a businessman and his team are skillfully displayed. Also in the picture was not without love lines, betrayals and intrigues. In general, the series will please the audience and will be remembered for its spectacular and impressive plot.

Green Wing

Ends our top list of medical topics. The picture takes place in the hospital, but there is nothing more than the medical walls and decorations in it. But in the series there are a lot of ridiculous dialogues, immodest humor and perpetually bubbling madness, which make you love him. Yes, and the characters are so charming in their madness that you can watch their relationship all the time, and you are guaranteed a fun time.

We sincerely hope that any of the British TV shows presented here will be interesting and memorable for you. And after watching the last episode, you will emotionally tell your friends or relatives about the original plot and the excellent cast of your favorite film.

Desperate Romantics

  • Genre: drama.
  • Released: 2009.
  • Duration: 1 season (6 episodes of 50 minutes).
  • IMDb rating: 7.6.

Mini-series about the "Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood" - the rebels and rock stars of the second half of the XIX century. Novice artists Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millet and journalist Fred Walters try to achieve success and fame, solve problems with money, critics and models, and still drink a lot and, obviously, draw.

Known facts from artists' biographies are dramatically rethought: the touching relationship between John Millet and Effie Ruskin, the tragic fate of the Pre-Raphaelite muse Lizzy Siddal and, of course, the famous story of the creation of Ophelia. If you look at Wikipedia before viewing, you will get more pleasure, but in any case you won’t be bored.


  • Genre: Thriller, Drama, Detective.
  • Years of release: 2008–2015.
  • Duration: 4 seasons (12 episodes of 90 minutes).
  • IMDb rating: 7.9.

Kurt Wallander works as a police commissioner in a small Swedish town called Ystad. For a man whose profession is to face someone’s pain, loss and death every day, he has one fatal flaw - total empathy. Wallander is simply unable to get used to violence and will never stop asking the question “Why?”. First of all - to myself.

“The Hour” (The Hour)

  • Genre: drama.
  • Years of release: 2011–2012.
  • Duration: 2 seasons (12 episodes of 60 minutes).
  • IMDb rating: 8.0.

The story of how news was made on the BBC in the difficult atmosphere of the 50s, when it was extremely difficult to talk about current political events on the air. The plot is very rich: a journalistic investigation turns into spy intrigues, personal dramas are intertwined with historical events, so it’s not only interesting, but also informative to watch. And in the series are beautiful Ben Wishaw and Romola Garay.

“Mad Dogs”

  • Genre: thriller, drama, crime.
  • Released: 2011–2013.
  • Duration: 4 seasons (14 episodes of 45 minutes each).
  • IMDb rating: 7.6.

The reunion of old friends did not go as planned: a party about the retirement of one of them ended in the murder of the hero of the occasion. Heroes are ordinary middle-aged men who are so much in the wrong place and at the time that is generally possible. Now they are dealing with the Serbian mafia, drug trafficking and corrupt police.

Resident of Darkness by Garth Marenghi (Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace)

  • Genre: comedy.
  • Released: 2004.
  • Duration: 1 season (6 episodes for 25 minutes).
  • IMDb rating: 8.6.

A delightful and terribly funny parody of the horrors of the 80s, with their ridiculous plots, clichéd characters, silly dialogues, sexism and cheap special effects. A little gem that in 2004 the audience for some reason did not appreciate. But you just look at this screensaver!

I believe that no form of life, be it human, animal, or plant, should suffer during the creation of a television series. Therefore, I am really very sorry for the cat we killed.

Garrow’s Law

  • Genre: drama.
  • Years of release: 2009–2011.
  • Duration: 3 seasons (12 episodes of 50 minutes).
  • IMDb rating: 8.4.

The story of a young lawyer, William Garrow, who first introduced the concept of "innocent, until proven otherwise" in the Old Bailey Criminal Court. Intelligent and courageous, he is not afraid to take on the most difficult cases, because he firmly believes that everyone has the right to protection. In his work, he is confronted with Luddites and slave traders, with false denunciations, false evidence, and simply with unhappy people. Almost all the plots are taken from the real court cases of the XVIII century.

"Dirk Gently" (Dirk Gently)

  • Genre: detective, comedy, fantasy.
  • Years of release: 2010–2012.
  • Duration: 1 season (4 episodes of 60 minutes).
  • IMDb rating: 7.8.

Dirk Gently is a private investigator who uses a holistic method in his work. Dirk is convinced that everything around is a network of closely interrelated events: to find the missing cat, you need to reveal the secret of the sudden disappearance of a billionaire, and the case of the murder of a genius programmer turns out to be woven into exposing the wrong husband. The series was created based on the work of Douglas Adams - the author of the famous series of books "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - and is filled with absurd situations, unexpected twists and, of course, excellent British humor - sometimes quite black.

As a rule, people who think they are lost are checked against the map. I have another method, I called it Zen navigation. I find a person who clearly knows where he is going, and follow him. With this method, you rarely get to where you originally planned, but you always find yourself where you need to be.

The Thick of It

  • Genre: political satire.
  • Years of release: 2005–2012.
  • Duration: 4 seasons (24 episodes of 30 minutes).
  • IMDb rating: 8.8.

If you have always been interested in political backstage, then you will like this series, which tells about the difficult and very nervous everyday life of British government officials. Filmed in the style of pseudo documentary. Heroes weave intrigues, try to cope with the next crisis, in breaks they absorb lunch from plastic boxes and are not shy about expressions, so you can take note of many sophisticated English expletives.

"A little light in Candleford" (Lark Rise to Candleford)

  • Genre: drama.
  • Years of release: 2008–2011.
  • Duration: 4 seasons (40 episodes of 50 minutes).
  • IMDb rating: 8.1.

A historical drama about a village girl who gained a place in the post office of the town of Candleford. Family tragedies and secrets of the past, relationships with friends and rivals, social prejudices and romance of Victorian England - if you are interested in the lives of people of that era, it is worth seeing. The series is very kind and bright.

“Being Human” (Being Human)

  • Genre: drama, fantasy, horrors.
  • Years of release: 2008–2013.
  • Duration: 5 seasons (36 episodes of 60 minutes).
  • IMDb rating: 7.8.

Vampire Mitchell, werewolf George and the ghost of a girl named Annie live in the same house in Bristol and try to lead a normal life. But besides the problems of normal people, such as job searches and unfriendly neighbors, they have many others. How to cope with the blood, if you were 80 years old was a ruthless killer? How to make monthly transformations in a wolf as safe as possible for yourself and those around you? How to revenge the former guy who, actually, also killed you? But first of all, this is a friendship series - friendship, which helps to cope with monsters inside and which even death is not terrible.

- So you are a ghost ?! So you can move things ... and move from one room to another?

Missing / The Missing, 2014

The series covers one of the most painful topics for parents - kidnapping and child abuse. During the football championship in France, a young British family loses his little son Oliver. There are no leads, but a loving father is not ready to surrender, and even eight years later he begins his own investigation when a trace appears ... A cleverly constructed intrigue, the constant throwing of firewood into the fire in the form of new suspects and the discovery of new facts - from a detective point of view, a very tasty series but also emotionally heavy.

Gracheschester, 2014 - ...

Granchester is a typical picturesque British village where the plot of this typical British detective series unfolds. His main character, the priest Sydney Chambers in the present, and in the past - a soldier, once finds himself in the parishioner with a shot through his head and a gun in his hand. The police closes the case under the guise of suicide, but Sydney is very doubtful of the correctness of this decision and begins his investigation.

Indian Summers / Indian Summers, 2015 - ...

The action of this series takes place in 1932 in the foothills of the Himalayas, during the birth of modern India. The main character of the series Cynthia, an educated woman with strict British manners, owns a closed club in the city of Simla (or Shimla). All the elite of the British government of India, which rules the colony and its enterprises right from here, draws its intrigues. The undoubted advantages of “Indian summer” include stunning landscapes, impeccable play of the main characters, as well as the lack of clarity of the plot - two seasons of 10 episodes.

And nobody became / And Then There Were None, 2015

For reasons of political correctness, the famous detective Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians was published under this name in the United States. And that is exactly the name of the British mini-series on BBC One. If you read the book of Christie, then you know what it will be about: eight people who did not know each other before, gather in one castle at the invitation of some Mr. and Mrs. Onim. Besides them, there are only a couple of servants and a gramophone in the castle. There is no way out from the island, the invitees are trapped, because everyone will be rewarded for a crime committed earlier. Interestingly, this is the first English-language film adaptation, using the original ending of the novel, but instead of the Little Indians here are used by the soldiers.

One of Us / One of Us, 2016

Detective stories with a twisted plot, the action of which unfolds in some wilderness - this, of course, a trick of British films and TV shows. Here is the four-part television film "One of Us" just one of those. In a small village in Scotland, a terrible double murder occurs, but no one can even imagine whose hands it is. Now, in the village, instead of fun and laughter, fear has settled, because it is not so easy to live when you know that the killer lives next to you. And, besides, the investigation gives a lot of trouble to local families, because in trying to unravel the tangle of secrets and mysteries you never know what skeletons in the closet you can run into.

With love, Nina / Love, Nina, 2016

Good, easy, simple and such an English series. All events take place in 1982 in London. 20-year-old girl Nina is arranged as a nanny in the family of a successful editor Georgie to keep track of her sons. In her letters home, Nina describes her adventures and everything that is going on in this house - for this reason the series received such a name. Главные роли исполняют актриса сериала «Игра престолов» Фэй Марсей, а также прекрасная Хелена Бонем Картер.

Живые и мертвые/The Living and the Dead, 2016

Сюжет этого сериала отдаленно напоминает новый сезон «Американской истории ужасов». Собственно, к жанру мистического триллера и можно его отнести. Конец девятнадцатого века, молодая пара решает заполучить старинный особняк и близлежащие земли, вот только здесь творится что-то нечистое. Густые чащи, темные пейзажи, туманы, озера и болота в сочетании с музыкальным сопровождением заставляют поверить в то, что в этих местах проходит грань между двумя мирами. But the main characters, Nathan and Charlotte, do not believe in the supernatural or in the tales of the locals. In general, fans of the genre is recommended.

Victoria / Victoria, 2016 - ...

Whatever you may say, but the British love their history and their monarchs very much, and the series about royals are increasingly being filmed. Only recently we wrote about one of the most awaited series of the fall, “The Crown” (about the young years of Elizabeth II), as it turned out that the premiere of the series about another queen, Victoria, took place quite recently. Eight episodes are about the early years of Victoria's reign since her accession to the throne in 1837, and, of course, touch on the history of her relationship with Prince Albert. The directors say they have decided to create a series based on the diaries of Queen Victoria herself, which she has led for many years, and plan to shoot a second season, which can be watched next year.

National Treasure 2016

The translation of the name of this series is not yet found, because the premiere in Britain was held only at the end of September. In four series, the story unfolds the famous comedian Paul Finchley, who, in fact, is called the "national treasure". But at one point, his family’s life is crumbling, - Finchley is accused of sexual violence. Interestingly, the plot is based on real events - the operation "Hydrante" and the exposure of Jimmy Seville, a famous DJ and TV host. And yes, you just look at the cast: Julie Walters ("Harry Potter", "Mamma Mia!" And the already remembered "Indian Summer") and Robbie Coltrane ("Nuns on the run" and the same "Harry Potter") - still a couple!

Life story

Life Story, 2014

David Attenborough's visually flawless documentary series immerses us on a journey around the planet. Any animal on Earth seeks to not only survive, but also to leave behind posterity. There are many difficulties on this way, but, overcoming them, all living beings inherit the strength of character.

Beach kill

An 11-year-old boy was found dead on the beach. Two detectives got down to business. Before us is a series of suspects, for whom we can observe. And we can try to guess the killer before the detectives. A good modern English detective for those who love criminal riddles and psychologism.

Downton Abbey

Winner of three Golden Globe awards, three Emmy statuettes and three Actors Guild Awards - Downton Abbey perfectly recreates the picture of England at the beginning of the twentieth century. The series is about the ups and downs of the family of Count Grantham, who lives on the Downton family estate in Yorkshire. Here we are talking about love, and about war, and about honor, and about betrayal. The main advantage of Downton Abbey is amazing shooting, beautiful costumes and scenery: in every detail there is the spirit of English aristocracy. Not surprisingly, the creators managed to so accurately convey the atmosphere of that time, because the budget of one series is 1 million pounds! The efforts of the producers were not in vain: in addition to the awards and nominations received in 2011, Downton Abbey was named the most critically-discussed series.

Photo: fanpop.com 3

It is hard to believe that this tragicomeric series with elements of fiction was filmed by the British. Well, the brutal scenario with an abundance of obscene language and English aristocracy does not fit in our imagination. The premiere of the youth series took place in 2009, and the final series of the last season was released in 2013. The action takes place in the Correctional Work Center, where young people are sent to re-education. However, they are not here to clean the territory. Once a lightning strikes the Center, and adolescents acquire superpowers: immortality, telepathy, the ability to rewind time, etc., which are not used for the most good purposes. For five seasons, the characters and their capabilities change, but they still continue to do crazy things: their favorite activity is to kill their warden.

Photo: wallpaper.ge 4

"The end of the parade"

The mini-series "The End of the Parade", consisting of only five episodes, was shot based on the novel by the same name Ford Madox Ford. The screen version of the story of a love triangle between an English gentleman, his unfaithful wife and a young suffragette was highly appreciated by critics. The authors perfectly recreated the picture of England at the beginning of the twentieth century with the problems of that time. Events in the series proceed quickly (in a few minutes of the film it may take a couple of years), but not expressive. There is no spectacular shooting or forcing the situation of the music - each scene in English is restrained. Action fans will hardly like this picture. However, “The End of the Parade” is worth seeing, if only to see it as a devoted husband and in love with a young girl, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Photo: anglotopia.net 5


The British drama series, telling about the life of young people from Bristol, was released in 2007, and ended in 2013. Despite the fact that the habits and morals of the younger generation are predominantly in the center of events - drug use, smoking and crime - he got a good reputation the whole world. At first glance, the life of British youth is one big party. But behind endless get-togethers, teens hide their problems: in relationships with parents, friends and the opposite sex. The shooting style deserves special attention: dull colors and minor music - in short, solid British melancholy. However, there is a place for subtle English humor. The series has 7 seasons, each of which tells about the life of different characters.

Photo: cine-fille.com

The series, which received four nominations for the Golden Globe, talks about the difficulties of working in the media sphere in the middle of the last century. In the center of the plot - journalists working on the creation of the news program "Hour" on the Air Force. In particular, the young and ambitious Frederick Lyon, who is facing not only the restriction of journalistic freedom of speech and the involvement of the TV channel, but also a number of strange events. Here there is a place for the mysterious deaths, and the secret service MI6 that has attached to them, and the personal experiences of the main characters. Unlike many British TV shows, “Hour” was shot quite dynamically, and like them - effectively. It is worth saying that the creators of the series clearly did not lose with the actor chosen for the role of the main character: it is impossible to take a look away from Ben Whishou in this role!

Photo: wineandcrisps.wordpress.com 7

"Sharp peaks"

The basis of the British criminal drama are real events that took place in England in the first half of the twentieth century. The sharp peaks were then called the youth gang, which, according to one of the versions, sewed blades into tweed caps. According to the stories, members of this clan have always defended the interests of their families, were rich, stylish, and complied with their own code of honor and conduct. The plot of the series tells about the members of the gang "Sharp Visors" - Shelby brothers, who returned after the war and established their own rules in the city. They are engaged in looting and gambling. The premiere of the series took place two years ago, and the filming of new series continues today.

Photo: fastcocreate.com 8

Psychological detective series tells the story of investigations by police inspector John Luther. The idea of ​​the series creator Neil Cross, he said, was inspired by legendary detectives Sherlock Holmes and Colombo. From Holmes, Luther has non-standard investigation methods, and the presentation of the plot, when the perpetrator knows the culprit beforehand, was borrowed from Colombo. The action of the series unfolds in London, in their center - John Luther, an inspector who investigates, but keeps his skeletons in the closet and often performs more insane acts than those he hunts. The series received two Emmy nominations as the best mini-series, and Idris Elba, who played Luther, received the Golden Globe as the best actor of the television series.

Photo: deadline.com 9

"Doctor Who"

The cult British sci-fi series of the Air Force company was recognized as "the greatest science fiction genre series of all time." The first episode of the story of the alien time traveler Doctor Who appeared on the screens in 1963. Until 1989, 26 seasons of “Doctor Who” were released, and in 2005 they resumed filming of the series, which is still ongoing. For more than 50 years, the series changed 12 Doctors and showed more than 800 episodes. Despite the half a century presence in the British air, the series continues to remain popular and receive awards - he won more than 100 nominations for various awards and won more than 80 of them. And in honor of the 50th anniversary of the series, the Royal Mail of Great Britain even released stamps dedicated to Doctor Who.

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