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What you can see in Gelendzhik and the surrounding area yourself


Gelendzhik is a resort city located in the Krasnodar Territory of Russia, namely on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Since 2001, it has been recognized as a resort of federal significance, and this is not surprising, since thousands of tourists come here every summer.

It is located at the foot of the western part of the Markoth Ridge and occupies almost the entire coast of the Gelendzhik Bay of the Black Sea. The entrance to this bay is about 1 nautical mile and lies between two prominent promontories: Tolstoy and Thin. The population is small and is only about 70 thousand people.

The climate of Gelendzhik is very unusual, as it is a mixture of mountain and sea. It's pretty dry here, which is amazing for a seaside resort. At the same time there are a lot of sunny days, and their greatest number falls on the period from the beginning of spring to the middle of autumn.

The winter is rather mild, the frosts are mild and quite rare, and it rains much more often at this time of year. The temperature usually ranges from 3-10 degrees above 0. And the summer is not hot and not very wet, so it is very, very comfortable here. During this period, the temperature often rises to 24-26 degrees. But sometimes the weather is badly spoiled by the cold and strong northeast winds.

By the way, a special influence on the climate has a location by the sea. In the summer, it gives coolness, but in the cold season, on the contrary, it protects against lower temperatures.

Nature and Relief

The nature of Gelendzhik is unique, but due to the climate, it is somewhat different from the nature of other southern cities. For example, there are no palm trees. Forests occupy about 80% of the entire resort area of ​​the city, and the composition of the flora is diverse and unique, it includes more than 1000 herbaceous plants and over 160 species of trees.

Among them are found such as Pitsunda, Eldar and Crimean pines, Colchian iglitsa, wild rose, hawthorn, sloe. The fauna is also quite rich. In the forests you can find roes, raccoons, bears, deer, lynx, wolves. Also there are a lot of birds: golds, jays, turtle doves, hoopoes. There are gulls, loons, pelicans and swans. In the wild, you can see reptiles and amphibians. In coastal waters there are a lot of invertebrates, fish, dolphins.

As for the relief, almost the entire territory of the city is occupied by mountainous areas, and this can be clearly seen even in the photo. Markoth Ridge belongs to the Caucasus Mountains. And the slopes are sometimes located in the coastal zone, so in some places the coast is steep and rocky. These areas consist of layers of limestone, marl, sandstone and clay.

On the territory of many rivers. They originate in the mountain tops, from small streams turn into rivers and carry their waters into the Black Sea. And they feed on rain and groundwater.

How to get there?

The most convenient way to get to Gelendzhik is through the sky, that is, by plane. Not so long ago, an airport appeared on the territory of the city, and flights are carried out from many large cities. From here to the city center or any of its area can be reached by bus or taxi.

The second and more difficult option - a trip by train. But it is worth remembering that there is no station in the city, so you have to get first to Novorossiysk, and from it by taxi or bus directly to Gelendzhik (travel time will be about an hour).

Where to stay?

In Gelendzhik there are hotels, and very comfortable. There are also many guest houses, guest houses, sanatoriums, and hotels. For budget travelers open their doors hostels. And many residents rent private houses, apartments and rooms.

What's so interesting?

What can be seen on vacation in Gelendzhik?

  1. Dolmens. There are a lot of them here, and each of them is mysterious and deserves attention. It is still unknown when these mini-houses made of monolithic stone slabs with small round holes appeared. No one knows who built them and why.
  2. Gallery "White Horse". What's so interesting? At least the fact that all the exhibits of this gallery are mere pennies, because they are made from waste, for example, from plastic bottles, bags.
  3. Gelendzhik local history museum recently celebrated its centenary. And in the history of its existence, he has seen a lot.
  4. Listing the sights can be attributed to them the city embankment. It's very beautiful here.
  5. "Safari Park". It does not look like an ordinary zoo, because animals are kept in comfortable conditions. And some can touch, pet and feed.
  6. Not so far from Gelendzhik you can see the rock "Sail", which really looks like a sail.
  7. Old park. It is located in Kabardinka and is the first architectural park on the entire Black Sea coast.
  8. Amusement park "Olympus". This is indeed almost Olympus, as the park is located on the top of the mountain. And here is the Ferris wheel. Just imagine what the view opens from it!
  9. Waterfalls There are a lot of them in Gelendzhik, and some are located in pristine places untouched by man. For example, a stunning cascade can be seen on the river Pshada. But to get to this corner is not easy.
  10. Spring "Natasha" - an ideal place for lovers and newlyweds.

Beach holiday

Like any other resort city, Gelendzhik attracts, first of all, with its beaches. And there are a lot of them. The coastline is about 100 kilometers. It is noteworthy that in Gelendzhik there are both sanitized and well-groomed beaches with sand or small pebbles, as well as more “wild” ones, covered with rather large and sharp stones.

In the central part of the city is the central beach, it is created by human hands and covered with sand, so that it is happy to go to families with children. Directly in Gelendzhik Bay pebbly beaches with a moderate bias prevail.

In the Blue Bay and Kabardinka there are both small pebble and sandy beaches, and the bottom is quite flat, so these places are ideal for rest of the youngest tourists. Until Dzhanhota coast mostly rocky, but in Divnomorskoe you can find quite suitable for swimming places. By the way, among the advantages one can note the relative calm of the sea and the absence of large waves and serious disturbances. And this is due to the fact that the bay has the shape of a horseshoe.

Other leisure options

What to do in Gelendzhik, in addition to a relaxing holiday on the beach and swimming in the sea water? Weight options:

  • Fascinating excursions to beautiful and even mysterious places.
  • Almost all types of water sports are available: diving, surfing, water skiing, kite surfing, parasailing, and so on.
  • Numerous water and beach rides such as Banana, Cheesecake (“Tablet”),
  • You can just walk along the promenade. By the way, it is considered one of the longest and most beautiful in Russia, so it is perfectly suitable for hiking.
  • Be sure to take a ride on the cable car, it is quite extreme (the booths are open) and fascinating, because from here you can enjoy stunning views.
  • Be sure to visit one of the three water parks. "Golden Bay" is the largest in the area and throughout the Krasnodar Territory.
  • Go to the dolphinarium, not only children will like it, but also adults.
  • For lovers of speed and extreme a lot of new impressions will give “jeeping” - a walk on the jeep through the highlands.
  • You can make a climb to the mountain. From this height, Gelendzhik will open in front of you from the new side.
  • Be sure to go for a trip on a boat or yacht. Exit to the open sea will give you the most pleasant emotions!
  • Visit one of the local cafes, go to a bar or a nightclub.
  • You can enjoy fishing.

Now you can definitely enjoy your holiday in Gelendzhik and make it safe and memorable.


Even if you have already been in dozens of cities and have seen dozens of beautiful embankments, this landmark will conquer you and will remain in your memory for a long time. From there there is a magnificent view of the sea, nothing prevents a leisurely walk and acquaintance with interesting sights. And there are really a lot of them here:

  • sculpture "White Bride",
  • Monument "Cat Scientist"
  • bronze figure "Maestro",
  • monument fountain "Hearts in Love",
  • monument "Assol and Scarlet Sails",
  • sculpture "Lighthouse Keeper".

Having enough time to walk along the embankment, you can proceed to get acquainted with the cultural part of the city.

Gelendzhik Municipal Drama Theater "Torikos"

If you do not know where to go in Gelendzhik in the winter or are tired of the scorching sun, you should definitely visit this place! This is a really good alternative to the usual resort entertainment, especially since the performances here are famous for their originality.

Like almost every resort town, Gelendzhik has its own water park, and not one, but as many as 3! The largest of them is the Golden Bay water park. The water park has a huge territory full of all kinds of water activities, slides, pools and attractions. Here you can eat - there are enough bars and restaurants too.

The second largest water park - "Behemoth." There you can also find space for outdoor activities with the whole family and get a lot of pleasant impressions. A pleasant bonus is a smaller number of visitors than in Golden Bay, and a lower ticket price.

The third water park - "Dolphin". It was built by the very first in the territory of Gelendzhik, in addition to entertainment, it includes a wellness program and has access to the beach.

"Safari Park"

"Safari Park" is a vast green area, rich in entertainment as an educational nature, and allowing you to relax and enjoy nature:

  • there is a zoo where animals are in conditions close to natural,
  • The country's first museum - an artificial cave "Bear",
  • "Maritime Museum"
  • butterfly exhibition
  • "Medieval tower",
  • terrarium,
  • observation deck and cable car,
  • Jurassic Park for dinosaur lovers.

In "Safari Park" you can spend the whole day and not have time to get around everything!

Amusement park "Olympus"

Park "Olympus" is famous for its cable car, which offers magnificent views of the mountains and the sea, as well as all possible types of entertainment for every taste. There is a bowling alley, a cinema, a concert hall, a zoo with exotic animals, a wine shop, a hotel complex and a souvenir market. Everyone will find something to please both in winter and in summer!

Rock sail

Rock Sail is the hallmark of Gelendzhik and one of the most beautiful sights. The unusual creation of nature attracts many tourists every year. Here you can make beautiful photos as well visit the spring "Natasha"that fascinates everyone with an interesting legend of its origin. There is a rock in the village Praskoveevka, you can get there yourself by bus.

old park

The old park is located in the village of Kabardinka. Here you can see monuments belonging to different eras and cultures, plunge into the world of antiquities and enjoy walking. There is a free tour that tells tourists about the secrets and hidden symbolism of all the park architectural structures. In addition, the park has an art gallery with an interesting exposure.

Dolmens are a unique phenomenon, the mystery of which has not yet been fully disclosed. They are stone slabsbuilt by the ancient inhabitants of Gelendzhik, who used them for their graves. The dolmens are along the Pshad River and along the Zhane River. You can reach them both independently and by ordering an excursion in the city.

Pshad waterfalls

If you like sightseeing tours in nature, you need to visit Pshadskie waterfalls. They are located near Gelendzhik along the Pshad River. There are about 13 waterfalls, large and small, located in groups and separately. The path to the waterfalls is quite extreme, you have to take a jeep ride along the winding mountain roads and enjoy the views of wildlife.


For lovers of active holidays in Gelendzhik also All kinds of entertainment are presented:

  • diving,
  • jeeping,
  • windsurfing,
  • horse rides,
  • boat trips,
  • walks on quad bikes,
  • paintball.

1. Gelendzhik Bay

The bay in the north-east of the Black Sea, from ancient times used for trading and strategic purposes. Due to the shape of the bay and the natural conditions, inside it there is a rare type of climate for Russia - dry subtropical. In 1900 the first sanatorium opened here and since then the development of tourism has been increasing. Natural and artificial beaches occupy two thirds of the bay area.

3. Beaches of Gelendzhik

City beaches are located along the whole Gelendzhik Bay. By category, they are divided into wild, at boarding houses and recreation centers, urban - only a few dozen places where you can swim and sunbathe. In terms of composition, they are pebbly, rocky (with almost no convenient entry into the water) and sandy-pebbly. The city is often called one large beach, as their total number approaches 150.

4. Safari Park

An amusement park and an open-air zoo. It contains animals that once suffered from human cruelty and got into this place for rehabilitation. Animals that were taken from street photographers were the very first inhabitants. Today, lions, bears, monkeys, wild boars, tigers, leopards, pumas, and wild birds live in the park. Visitors can go to the local maritime museum, arboretum and terrarium.

5. Park "Olympus"

A year-round tourist complex at the foot of the Markotkh Ridge with attractions, hiking trails, restaurants, exhibitions, entertainment venues and its own mini-zoo. In the season in the evenings in the "Olympus" concerts are held, entertain guests entertained. The park has several viewing zones, from where you can admire the picturesque panorama of the surroundings of Gelendzhik Bay.

6. Cableways to Safari Park and Olimp Park

In the safari park and the park "Olympus" tourists are taken to the cable cars. They themselves are separate attractions. Tickets for the trip, as a rule, are sold together with tickets to the entertainment zone. During the trip, tourists admire the fascinating mountain views (views from the cable car to the Safari Park are more picturesque). In season, the transport systems operate until late at night.

8. Lermontovsky Boulevard

The alley is one of the most beautiful parts of the waterfront. It stretched from Sadovaya Street to the White House Hotel. The boulevard is lavishly decorated with flower beds, decorated with fountains and sculptures. There is a large number of verandas and restaurants. At the beginning of the street there is a monument to M. Yu. Lermontov in 1956. The poet is depicted in full growth in a military uniform. In 1998, the monument was restored.

9. Waterparks of Gelendzhik

There are four water parks in the city and the surrounding area: “Dolphin”, “Begemot” and “Golden Bay” - the largest water entertainment complex in Russia plus a small “Coconut Paradise” in Arkhipo-Osipovka. If there are always a lot of people in “Golden Bay”, then in the more modest “Hippopotamus” in size there is a chance not to stand in a long line for a slide, thus spending more time on entertainment.

Hippo Water Park

There are three water parks in Gelendzhik. Hippo often vacationers are compared to Golden Bay. Unlike the latter, Behemoth has fewer slides and they are less spectacular. The territory is also small, everything is simpler. But there are no large queues and generally not so many people, the price for entry is lower. That is, this water park as a whole is for the less sophisticated visitors, but at the same time democratic. There are only three pools and 16 slides in Behemoth, not all are suitable for smaller children. For a couple of hours to look here is well worth it. Of the minuses of the park, visitors note a strong smell of chlorine and a poor assortment in a cafe on the territory. Waterpark Begemot is located in the central part of the resort area of ​​Gelendzhik. Visitors with children of about 10 years old need to know that children under 140 cm have no access to adult slides, and children at that age will no longer be interested. That is, to deal with such children in the park is not particularly what.

Ticket price: from 550 rubles

Waterpark Dolphin

Dolphin is the smallest water park of the three located in Gelendzhik. It is located on the waterfront, right next to the beach, not far from the city center. The water park has a children's pool with children's slides and several large attractions (up to 11 meters) for adults. In general, the water park is pleasant and cozy, some like it even more than Behemoth (Gelendzhik's second largest water park). On the territory there are several cafes, souvenirs, sun beds, you can go to the beach.

Ticket price: 500 rubles

Waterpark Golden Bay

Golden Bay is the largest water park not only in Gelendzhik, but also in all of Russia. The territory of the park is really quite large, there are many slides, including quite extreme ones. Golden Bay has entertainment for children of all ages, and water and regular playgrounds. Smaller and simpler for young children and more complex for teenagers. For adults in the park there are several attractions, one kind of inspiring, if not fear, then a kind of inner thrill. For example, a hill height of 25 meters. True, it must be admitted that in other countries there are, of course, more intricate water attractions. Кроме всевозможных горок в парке есть много лежаков, бассейны с гидромассажем и искусственными волнами, кафе, лотки с перекусами.Of the minuses of the park, you can call the high price of admission tickets, queues for rides (especially in summer) and in general an excessive crowd.

Ticket price: from 1000 rubles per adult


Dolphinarium in Gelendzhik is small, without complaints. But the program of the performance is good, it will be interesting to see both children and adults. From the first rows, especially from the seats in the corners of the pool, it will be seen better, but in the process the splashes will surely arrive, so be prepared for this, at least morally. You can also take places on the balcony, from there you can see everything quite well, as the hall itself is small. There are no seat numbers on the tickets, so it is better to come a little in advance so that you can choose where to sit. After the show, which involves dolphins and dolphins, walrus and fur seal, you can swim and take pictures with dolphins - for a fee. It is quite high, as in the other dolphinariums offering this service. Swimming with dolphins is a great pleasure, but not very budget.

Ticket price: 900 rubles

Gallery White horse

The White Horse Gallery in Gelendzhik is a curious and original place on the theme of respect for nature, art and creativity. This is a museum of modern art, all the exhibits and installations of which are made, in fact, from garbage: packaging materials and old things and pieces of various objects. The task of these works of art is not only to encourage the viewer to think and create, but also to draw attention to environmental issues. The gallery is private, its creator has been engaged in social activities for several years, its goal is to make the surrounding nature at least a little cleaner, and the culture level of people is higher. The gallery has a permanent exhibition, regularly hosts various exhibitions, seminars, festivals, an international school of environmental art. The gallery is located at the house of the hostess, at the museum there is a shop where you can buy paintings and master classes of the artist.

Ticket price: 250 rubles

Local History Museum

The museum is located on the embankment of Gelendzhik and tells about the history of the region, in its broad sense. The exposition is small and completely standard for such museums: the flora and fauna of the region, a bit of archeology, ancient life, pre-revolutionary history, the Great Patriotic War, etc. In addition to the permanent exhibition there are also various temporary exhibitions. Since the history, culture and nature of the region is rich, it is quite possible to go to Gelendzhik Museum of Regional History and Local History. With an excursion, visiting the exposition will, of course, be more interesting.

Ticket price: 150 rubles

Gelendzhik Range Lighthouse

The folding lighthouse is one of the few historical sights of Gelendzhik and the oldest building in the city. The lighthouse was built at the end of the XIX century, in the Art Nouveau style. In the tower of the building installed sash. The lighthouse is located in the heart of the embankment, behind the fence. Inside you can not go, so it remains to admire the sight from a distance. Near the lighthouse, a sculptural monument to a lighthouse is set up. In the evenings, you can see the red and green light that flashes a lighthouse. Ships passing by Thin Cape first see green fire, and when passing the leading gate - red. You can see the light of the lighthouse 9 miles from the coast.

Amusement park

The city amusement park in Gelendzhik is very conveniently located right on the waterfront. Because of this, he enjoys stable popularity among holidaymakers. There are not many attractions in the park - mainly for children from 6 to 12 years old, but there are a couple of extreme ones. In addition to the classics in the form of a Ferris wheel, gaming machines and a race track, there is also more innovative entertainment from other countries. Children will be interested in trampolines, water rides, animation performances with competitions. In the evenings there are discos and entertainment shows. In general, this is a classic amusement park on the waterfront of the resort town.

Entertainment complex Olympus

The Olympus entertainment complex is an open-air park, on the territory of which there are: a petting zoo, aquariums, a terrarium, a children's town, a bowling club, a concert hall, a ferris wheel, paid fishing, horseback riding, jeeps, quad bikes, a cafe and a restaurant on the mountain . The complex has been open for quite some time, in 2005. The main attraction of the park is a cableway with a length of more than a kilometer, which takes passengers to the upper part of the park in about half an hour. Since the seats are open, there are usually plenty of impressions, especially for those who go upstairs in the evening. In the park, at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level, there is a few observation deck, from which a panorama of Gelendzhik Bay and the city opens, and a ferris wheel from which you can see spectacular views of the surroundings. At the top of the park, visitors can enjoy various entertainment, from horse riding to a beer party in a nightclub. Periodically, in the concert hall of the park, guest stars perform with show programs. The upper part of the park, on the mountain, is more a place for walks, with attractions and cafes, and in the lower part there is a contact zoo "Call of the Jungle", where animals can be fed and touched. Different birds, raccoons, turtles, donkeys, chinchillas and other animals live there.

Ticket price: 700 rubles


The aquarium is located right on the central promenade. The aquarium consists of two small semi-dark halls with aquariums. You can quickly get around and see everything in the aquarium, although the fish are beautiful, but there are not many of them. In addition to piranhas and sharks in the aquariums in the hall there is a pond with Chinese carp, which can be fed. Children and those who have never been in such places to visit the aquarium in Gelendzhik, probably worth it. The rest may be boring.

Ticket price: 400 rubles

Mount Nexis

A great place, not far from Gelendzhik, where there are two dolmens (Lunar and Sunny), and from where a beautiful view of Gelendzhik opens, especially at sunset. The ascent to the mountain is carried out from the village of Svetly, in about an hour, leisurely, you can climb. It takes 2 times less time to descend. For those who are lazy or not prone to physical exertion, there is a jeeping, when taking a car right to the point. More about Mount Nexis.

View from the mountain Nexis to Gelendzhik

Pshad dolmen, farm "Dolmen"

Who built the dolmens and why, is still unknown. There are many theories on this subject, but we may never know the final clue. In addition, the dolmens themselves are quite different from each other and may have been built at very different times. There are versions that dolmens were built for burial or for meditation, and maybe even for dwelling - by small creatures. One way or another, and the work for the construction actually had to make considerable. Therefore, at least some goal from the builders was clearly. It should be noted that these stone buildings date back to more than two thousand years BC. and along the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory there is an impressive number of them, also more than two thousand. True, many are in remote places, partially or completely destroyed by people. Most of the dolmens available for inspection are right next to Gelendzhik. Dolmen map.

Several dozen dolmens are located in the Pshada river basin, most of which, however, have been destroyed. Tourists mainly visit the dolmens of the Bambakov farm, the Patriarch dolmen and the Dolmen Village. You can get to the latter from the village of Pshada along the path along the river. If you wish, you can hire a UAZ in the village, which will take you to the dolmens and to the Pshad waterfalls, which are located further up the river. The Patriarch dolmen is the most famous, because it is the closest, if you go further, you can see a group of 8 more, this is the so-called Dolmen Village. True, not all of them have survived to our days in a fully preserved condition. Since there are a lot of dolmens scattered over a large and difficult-to-passable territory, even though the places are beautiful, many still prefer to visit the Dolmen private farm owned by the Bambakov family for such a trip. If you go from Gelendzhik, turning on him will be not reaching Pshada. The farm has four dolmens at once and there is the entire tourist infrastructure: paths, cafes, shops, a pond, an apiary with honey sales. Dolmens on the farm are given the names: Maya, Thor, Khan and Tenderness. It is believed that Maya helps in love, Khan gives health, Thor helps to gain success, and Tenderness is associated with the health of children. Of course, no one knows how things really are, who built these dolmens and when, but no gorge can do without a beautiful legend in these parts, what can we say about such mysterious buildings like dolmens. Read more about the farm Bambakov.

Ticket price: 150 rubles

Dolmen in the farm Bambakov

Dolmens of the river Zhane and the village Renaissance

The valley of the river Jean with its dolmens is considered a place of power. Therefore, all Anastasians, Hare Krishnas, hippies and other seekers and lovers of spiritual practices live almost constantly here in a tent camp. The Renaissance settlement, next to which the dolmens are located, is located 20 km from Gelendzhik, on the river Zhane, which flows down from the mountains to the sea. In the river valley are located among other four known dolmen, which have their own names and properties attributed to them. This is a famous and popular place among tourists. The path along the river has a length of about three kilometers; on the way you can meet tents with souvenirs and other goods needed by the tourist. Read more about Jean.

Dolmen (Ecumenical) in the Renaissance on the river Zhane

Waterfalls on the river Jean

If you continue your journey and go from the dolmens further along the bed of Jean, you will see that it forms several beautiful cascading waterfalls and natural swimming pools filled with water, where you can swim. The height of the waterfalls is not very large, about 10 meters, but quite scenic. The river with its tributaries and its valley is a popular tourist destination. During the season there are many groups of tourists, trade in souvenirs and all kinds of edible goods is in full swing, which, however, is not particularly recommended to buy - many cases of poisoning. The first, near waterfall, located almost immediately behind the parking lot. He is not very impressive. The next, cascading waterfall is located three kilometers upstream; it can be reached on a civilized path. But then you have to go directly along the channel. The names of the waterfalls are very romantic: Emerald, Bowl of Love, Bowl of Aphrodite ... In general, thanks to not only waterfalls, but also nearby dolmens, the general spirit of the place, with its barrows and finds of marine sediments, parties of yogis and other non-formals and spiritual seekers, the atmosphere is here very interesting, comfortable and peaceful, well worth a few kilometers of walking. By the way, the trail is quite simple for passing, it does not require special preparation or equipment, you can go here with the children.

One of the distant waterfalls in Jean

Waterfalls of Mount Shahan

The waterfalls of Mount Shahan are located approximately 30 kilometers south-east of Gelendzhik. This is the area where the upper reaches of the Abin and Jeanne rivers are located. You can reach them both independently and with a traditional sightseeing tour, which usually includes visits to the dolmen, the location of the shooting of episodes of the movie Thunder Gate and wine tasting. There are a lot of waterfalls along the river, in the valley, it is better not to go to them in dry weather, so that the water flow is more intensive, but not after the rain, as the road blurs heavily, it becomes either impossible or very difficult to reach the waterfalls . The waterfalls themselves are beautiful (like all natural attractions), but small in height, and in the heat can almost completely dry up. In the summer season, there are a lot of tourists at the waterfalls, who are brought in groups by jeep. Since you need to go to the waterfalls and cross-country terrain, so you should wear sports shoes, not shale. More about the Thunder Gates.

On the way to the fortress of Thunder Gate

Gebius Falls

The three large waterfalls of the Teshebs River (they are called both Teshebskys and Gebiusis - by the name of the mountain in the region of which they are located) have their own names: Lace, Grotto and Devil's Mouth. They are located near the village of Arkhipo-Osipovka, where the river, descending from Mount Gebius, flows into the sea. From the village of Arhipo-Osipovka you need to drive about 10 minutes by car (6 km) to the entrance with parking. Walking path to the waterfalls is quite long, about five kilometers, to climb the stairs to the second and third waterfalls is rather difficult. Therefore, it is better to take a small snack with you on the road and wear comfortable, closed shoes. There are 7 waterfalls in total, but only three of them are large. Tesheb waterfalls - the most visited tourist spot in the area. Many travel agencies carry excursions to them, it’s also not difficult to get on your own transport, therefore there are a lot of people in the waterfall season. In the area of ​​the waterfalls there is also a dolmen and an ostrich farm. From the parking lot at the beginning of the hiking route and the ecological post, where money is collected for entering the nature park, a footpath begins, on both sides of which there are barbeques, cafes and various trays. Further along the gorge the path is equipped with benches, gazebos and bridges. Where it is necessary to climb the mountain, after the first large waterfall, a rather steep staircase with railings rises. Gebius waterfalls - one of the highest in the area of ​​Big Gelendzhik and Tuapse. The largest of the three waterfalls - 16 meters in height. The best time to visit the waterfalls is from April to mid-June, when they are the most full-flowing and beautiful, and there are not so many tourists. Read more about Gebius Falls.

Ticket price: 200 rubles

Gebius Falls in the Fall

Marine Boat Tours

Since Gelendzhik is a seaside resort, tourists are offered not only land excursions, but also boat tours. During a walk on the ship, passengers are entertained with animation programs with competitions, swimming in the sea and foam discos. From the cultural program - viewing the famous rock Sail away.

Korolenko House Museum

Russian and Soviet writer V.I. Korolenko, who wrote “Children of the Underground” and “The Blind Musician” in his youth, studied at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology. Cottage writer in Dzhankhot built according to his drawings. The building is very beautiful and interesting in itself, with white lace stairs, a veranda and a balcony, everything is carved and airy, it fits harmoniously into the landscape. Now this is a classic provincial literary museum about 20 km from Gelendzhik. The manor interiors and furnishings have been preserved from the time of the life of the writer and his brother. During the tour, the museum staff can tell a lot of interesting stories related to this place. The exposition on the first floor tells about the life of the writer Korolenko, the second floor gives an idea of ​​the typical suburban interiors of that time. Around the house you can walk along the shady paths, sit on the benches and admire the scenery.

Ticket price: 100 rubles

Cruiser Kutuzov

The cruiser “Mikhail Kutuzov”, moored alongside the building of the Seaport, at the central embankment of Novorossiysk, is now a naval ship museum. This huge warship is one of the main attractions of the city. To learn more interesting facts about the device of the ship and the harsh sea life, it is better, of course, to take a tour. But you can also just walk around the deck, see the interior with exhibits. Which, however, is not so much. This includes models of warships, sailors' cabins and other facilities. Inside the ship retained the brutal flavor of the Soviet warship and specific marine life. Read more about the Cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov.

Ticket price: 200 rubles for adults and 100 rubles for children.

Cruiser Kutuzov in Novorossiysk

Bringing Down the House

Tourist hit of recent years in the Krasnodar Territory is the "Inverted" houses, which already exist in Moscow and in the Crimea and in Anapa. Kabardian house is located near the intersection of Revolutionary and Peace Streets and the Eternal Flame. It is near the bus station, behind the market. In the summer season and the weekend, there are quite a lot of people who want to visit the house; This is certainly not some kind of entertainment, but still it is worth going to this attraction at least once. For a change and new sensations: where else can you run along the ceiling, for example? And in the house get interesting and funny photos. Having connected the imagination, it is possible to make the original and memorable pictures for memory. True, one must be careful, many visitors have a strange feeling and a slight disorientation because of the unusual situation, some even feel dizzy. But nevertheless upside-down interiors are not at all scary, rather fun. To go on this tourist attraction will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. More about the inverted house.

Ticket price: 250 rubles.

House upside down in Kabardinka

10. Gelendzhik Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium is a mandatory program item for tourists coming to Gelendzhik. Разнообразные шоу с участием дельфинов-афалинов, морских котиков, белух и моржей привлекают сотни посетителей. Бывает, что в спектаклях задействуют и дельфинят, что приводит детей в неописуемый восторг. В сезон здесь устраивают по нескольку представлений в день, всегда собирающих полный зал.

12. Галерея «Белая лошадь»

Художественная галерея, посвященная современному искусству. Особенность ее коллекции состоит в том, что все картины выполнены из мусора. These works were made by children from dozens of cities in Russia and Ukraine as part of the 2014 environmental festival. On the basis of the museum master classes are held for participants of all ages on the production of art objects from materials intended for recycling.

14. House-Museum of V. G. Korolenko

The museum is located about 20 km from Gelendzhik on the farm Dzhanhot. The manor is an architectural monument of the early XX century. Inside is a collection dedicated to the life and work of the writer and publicist V. G. Korolenko. In this house, Vladimir Galaktionovich lived during his visits to the Black Sea coast. Here he created many of his works. The museum opened in 1964.

15. Holy Ascension Cathedral

The first temple appeared in Gelendzhik in the 1840s, it was built of wood and burned down after a few years. It was restored in 1864, but the stone building appeared only in 1909. The cathedral managed to avoid destruction, although it was repeatedly closed and used for other purposes. In the 1990s, the building was returned to believers, after which its restoration began. Today, the Holy Ascension Cathedral is the cathedral church of Gelendzhik.

16. Sculpture "White Bride"

An elegant monument stands on the Gelendzhik embankment and is a true decoration of the urban space. It was installed in 2010 in honor of the opening of the next swimming season. It is believed that "Gelendzhik" is translated from the Turkic language as "White Bride", therefore this image was chosen for the future symbol of the city. Today, the monument is one of the most recognizable attractions of the resort.

17. "Assol and Scarlet Sails"

Composition on the theme of the well-known story from the work of Alexander Green appeared on the embankment in 2010 - 2011. It is a small boat with red sails in the middle of a flower bed and a bronze figure of Assoli. The landmark immediately became popular with residents and guests who take pictures here with pleasure.

18. Fountain "Lovers of Love"

The sculptural composition of 2007, depicting the plot of the ancient legend of lovers, something resembling the theme of the "Scarlet Sails". The fountain consists of figures of embracing girls and boys, standing on a round stone pedestal in the middle of a small reservoir of water. It is believed that if you throw a coin into the water, you can successfully get married, so the attraction is very popular with young female persons.

19. Spring "Natasha"

The source is located in the vicinity of Gelendzhik on the Mikhailovsky Pass. A stream of water pours out of the jug that the girl supports, and then flows into the stone reservoir. The whole composition is framed by a wide arch, harmoniously complementing the appearance of the sculptural group. Many legends are associated with the spring, some of them were invented by tourists themselves after visiting this place.

20. Gate lighthouse of Gelendzhik

One of the oldest lighthouses on the Black Sea coast. It was built at the end of the XIX century and survived during the Great Patriotic War. Today the building is considered an architectural monument. It is noteworthy that the design still works properly, although it is already more than 100 years old. For all the time of existence, no part has been replaced, except for a kerosene lamp. The height of the structure is 13 meters.

21. Dolmens of Gelendzhik

Dolmens - ancient ritual structures, the purpose of which is not fully disclosed. Perhaps it was the burial or religious buildings. The Gelendzhik dolmens are about 5 thousand years old, which makes them older than some Egyptian pyramids. Many tourists come to Gelendzhik precisely for the sake of these formations to touch the ancient secrets and visit the "places of power". In total, there are about 150 dolmens in the Caucasus.

23. “Blue Abyss”

The camping is located in a pine grove, a 15-minute walk from the beach between Divnomorsky and Dzhanhot. This is a quiet and peaceful place on the high bank for a wild nature break. During the season “Blue Abyss” is visited by a huge number of holidaymakers, therefore, staying here can hardly be called secluded. Camping is paid, there are showers, toilets, sinks. The nearest settlement is a few tens of kilometers.

24. Dzhankhotsky pine forest Pitsundskoy pine

Pitsunda pine - relic tree listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation. This plant is a typical representative of the Mediterranean flora, but, unfortunately, it gradually disappears. On the Black Sea coast near Dzhankhot there is a rather large grove with an area of ​​950 hectares, where this species grows. The forest has not only aesthetic, but also soil-protective and scientific value.