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How to understand that cosmetics should be thrown out

Enjoying yourself with cosmetic upgrades is very nice, but spending on them can be a serious cause for concern. When you do not want to switch to the austerity mode, other methods come to the rescue.

We are in AdMe.ru collected the coolest cosmetic lifehacks that allow you to stay on top without financial loss.

1. Coffee filters instead of matting napkins

Coffee filters are sold in huge packs and cost a penny compared to small packages of matting napkins. They are made of thin delicate paper without chemical impregnation and fragrances, therefore, they are perfect for soaking the face in order to remove skin sebum.

2. Perfect Tint Sunscreen

We are ready to bet that a couple of too dark proofreaders or tonal bases are exactly stored on your shelf. Makeup artist Kevin James Bennett, an Emmy Award winner, suggests turning your favorite day cream with SPF filters into a sun tint by adding too yellow or dark foundation.

For ease of mixing and determining the ideal proportion, use small travel bottles rather than a large bottle. It is worth repelling from the 3: 1 ratio in favor of the day cream.

Skin care ─ read label

It should be remembered: all the reactions that take place on your skin continue afterwards in your body (and this is what happens with everything). Plus, if all the active ingredients have gone bad, then the two hours you spent on ten-step care can be a waste of time. Instead of guessing, try reading the secret signs. Alexandra Jansons, founder of the British skin care brand Oilixia, explains.

“Expiration date after opening ─ these are small symbols on the package, depicting a jar with a lid and the inscription 6M or 12M). They mean that the product is safe to use exactly this number of months after opening. Expiration date (hourglass symbol) ─ the date until which the product should be used »

A few effective life hacking: mark the opening date of your product - time goes faster than you think, if the product is in a jar, use a spatula or cotton pad to get to it, not fingers, if the skin burns or tingles (rather than should) ─ rinse and throw away when something has changed in the color and / or smell of the product, it is also better to get rid of it.

Tonal foundations and concealers ─ 1 year

Liquid concealers and concealers should leave you a year after the start of cooperation. Look at the bottle on the light, and if the oil has risen to the surface, and the consistency has become less dense, then it is time to make a replacement. Foundation creams are not designed for eternity. With powder, the story is slightly different: it can easily last up to two years, because bacteria do not reproduce as quickly in a dry environment as they do in a liquid medium. But over time, even such products change the texture anyway: they harden, start to crumble, and worse “get caught” with a sponge or brush. (Read: How to hide bruises and redness on the face, or Everything you need to know about color concealers)

Blush and bronzing powders ─ 2 years

The reasons for this longevity are the same - the lack of an aquatic environment, and therefore poor conditions for the reproduction of bacteria. If possible, it is better to choose products with herbal extracts - such as extracts of aloe, green tea, chamomile. It is useful and pleasant. However, be careful with make-up: when you apply a liquid foundation, and then immediately blush or bronzer, the oils cling to the pile of brushes and move in this way to the surface of powdery products, making them dimmer and faded. Do not rush to make a puff pie, but take a two-minute groove after applying the tone (or blot the excess with a matting napkin), and then calmly work on decorating.

Mascara ─ 3-6 months

Here everything is very clear - three months with daily use and six months in the "from time to time" mode. You do not need to be an academic to understand that a dark wet tube is a great home for bacteria. Studies by a Brazilian university have shown that 79% of samples taken from women to analyze the situation are more likely to resemble bacterial settlements than beauty products. So after the above term, your favorite mascara will have to be thrown away.

Eyeliner for 3-4 months

This is the maximum allowable period for active users, because in principle - the situation is no different from what happens with mascara. The term of active and safe activities of the contour pencil is also four months. As soon as a white bloom appears on the stylus, it is time to replace it. In the end, what is not a reason for shopping? (Read: 6 unusual ways of applying liner)

Lipstick and lip gloss ─ 2 years

Finally, even here we are not threatened by bacteria! So 24 months you can not worry about anything. The signal for parting should be uneven distribution of pigment on the lips and / or texture too dry (in the case of lip gloss, the alarm will be excessive stickiness and elasticity). By the way, sharing glitter or lipstick with friends is not the best habit contributing to the safety of the product. If this is about you, then always keep a brush at hand for applying such products. (Read: Red lipstick: the past and present of the most famous make-up tools in history)

Makeup brushes - about 5-7 years

Makeup tools - real longevity. With proper care, they can last a very long time. They will have to be dismissed only when they start to lose a nap. And to make it happen as late as possible, every two weeks you need to arrange a bath day for the tassels. Brushes that are used for eye makeup, it is desirable to wash after each use, and only the popular beauty blenders ─ absolutely necessary. All that is needed for this is warm water and mild soap (well, or a special tool, if we are talking about perfectionism).

Make yourself beautiful

We all know how it happens: when a fresh purchase is unnecessary, the color of the shadows is inappropriate, and lipstick all the more. And it also happens that it missed the color of the tonal tool. And now cosmetic failures gradually fill cabinets and drawers. And it’s a pity to throw it away. It seems to me that each of us has such a reserve - means that have not come up and their own ways of dealing with this stock. I decided to collect in one post the most popular of them.

- Give unnecessary girlfriends sisters mothers,
- sell for less money (but sometimes girls sell half-used shadows, for example, and this is a bit strange as for me),
- familiar girls-bloggers have organized their own box of beauty, in which they put all unnecessary means new or in good condition and send each to a friend, there is order there,
- use means for other purposes: wash makeup brushes with shampoo, heel smearing cream, for example, etc.,
- throw it away (I’m doing this with products that are more than a year old and can’t get them anywhere, like mascara).

And where are you putting unnecessary cosmetics? Maybe there are more good ideas?

2. Conditioner or hair mask

Still spending money on shaving foam? Try using a hair conditioner instead and feel the difference. Silicones and emollients in the composition will ensure the blade is perfectly smooth (as in advertising) slip. So about cuts or irritation can be safely forgotten.

3. Face cream

If the face cream has not taken root in your cosmetic bag, he still has a lot of prospects. The most obvious is to use it for hands or, if we are talking about an intensively nourishing agent, for coarse skin on the elbows and heels. Well, if the tool is not good enough for your skin, use it to care for leather bags and shoes. They also do not interfere with a light softening.

5. Micellar water or makeup remover

With their help, you can not only remove skin from cosmetics, but also clothes. For example, to remove stains from the foundation with the collar of a blouse or pillowcase, if again it was too lazy to wash before bedtime. A fat milk makeup remover is convenient to erase traces of hair dye from the skin.

7. Toilet water

Blasphemy, of course, but if eau de toilette or an inexpensive perfume doesn’t "go" in any way, you can use a tool to flavor items in the closet, bedding, and even the bathroom itself. But it is better to sell an objectionable bottle over the Internet: for sure, this smell is sweet and expensive to someone.

8. Body oil

Oily film on the skin is not everyone's liking. But the tips of the hair can say “thank you” for it. Not literally, of course, but more well-groomed appearance. And also body oil can be used to clean the "stainless steel" in the bathroom or in the kitchen. The tool will create on the surface of the thinnest film that will prevent stains from soap and other plaque. Not without reason, this trick is often used on exhibition samples.

Yes, this is not cosmetics, but candles are also often found in the women's bathroom. If the candle has long been collecting dust, think about it when you decide to do a permutation in the apartment. If you put a little paraffin on the legs of the furniture, you can move it without scratching the floor.

10. Antiperspirant Deodorant

Didn't you smell or protect against sweat? Give him one more chance. After all, deodorant has at least 10 unexpected and very useful applications.. But about them - in the article by reference.

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In the days of sales I think soberly, because I know the prices and I do not see any benefits. I buy luxury cosmetics extremely rarely, especially as limit ones. But on the cheap cosmetics takes me away often. Periodically I clean the stocks and buy again. At the expense of care more calm. If I see that accumulate so-called. stocks, stop. And dekorativka is my disease. Especially lipstick and lip gloss. (

Say goodbye on time

Trying jars and tubes with care products, as well as a cosmetic bag with decorative cosmetics, do not even think about leaving something in case of “what if it comes in handy.” Anything that has not been used in the last 3-6 months should be thrown out without a twinge of conscience. You do not want to get at least an allergy?

Now let's lay everything out on the shelves with the most popular female beauty products.

Care cosmetics

Creams, lotions, tonics, washing gels and other products that you use daily, naturally, have a shelf life. And it is listed on the packaging.

But here it is important to pay attention to two things: the first - the date, written in the form of date / month / year - this is the period during which the tool can be kept closed, and small numbers with a letter - 6M or 12M - that period, during which you can safely use the tool after opening.

To be as sure as possible that microbes did not multiply in the coveted jar, it is better to use a small spatula to pick up, and not to do it with your fingers. Another useful tip is not to miss the time of product change, write the opening date on the package.

If during the permitted period of use, you suddenly have discomfort on the skin, or the tool has changed its color, you should immediately abandon it.

Foundation, powder and masks

Depending on the composition, the tonal framework may serve its hostess for 6 to 18 months, provided that you keep it in a dry place (the bathroom does not fit) and away from direct sunlight.

If you notice that the consistency of the cream has changed, it has become thicker or has become clearly divided into water / oil and a thicker mass - it is time to throw it away. It will not be possible to save such a product, from now on it will be worse to lie down and, instead of masking defects, it can begin to act in exactly the opposite way.

The same applies to liquid masking tools, such as concealers and proofreaders.

Powder and blush

Hard and dry texture allows you to use them a little longer - up to 2 years. But it is worth remembering that such products do not tolerate a moist environment, because they need to be stored properly.

To extend the service life will help and regular cleaning brushes for application. If you do not, the bacteria multiply rapidly, and fall into all the jars and boxes with your favorite foods. This is fraught with the appearance of lesions and changes in the texture of the media.

Here everything is more strictly - 3-6 months, and not a day more. The first signs that the mascara has fallen into disrepair - it began to crumble and dried. Do not dilute it with makeup remover, because eye health is more expensive than a new tube.

Lipstick and gloss

2 years is the period during which you can not worry about the safety of using your favorite product. Bacteria in it are much smaller than in liquid media, and this is a definite plus.

How to understand that lipstick or gloss have outlived theirs? Excessive stickiness, buoyancy, white bloom are sure signs that they should go into the trash. And one more important tip - do not share lip care with friends, this is one of the ways to transmit herpes. And if without this in any way, then stock up on a brush for a friend.

Actually, now about them. Even the best quality needs to be changed. True, in 5-7 years, if they are lucky to keep their original appearance.

But during this long period of time they need systematic cleaning. There are special liquids for cleaning brushes, and if you don’t have one, then regular soap and running water will do.

Eau de Toilette and Perfume

Longevity of the female arsenal of cosmetics. They can be stored for up to 5 years. That's because there is alcohol in the composition. But in the case of improper storage or the choice of a not-too-high-quality product, the toilet water may require replacement earlier.

Sediment or turbidity, as well as spots that began to leave a spray on clothes indicate that you need to go shopping for a new scent.

Buying another beauty product, you should not get carried away and give preference to large packages. Of course, they are more economical, but at the same time they may not be suitable, spoil, or you simply will not have time to use them.

Cosmetics helps a woman to emphasize individuality. Therefore, do not allow it to cause health problems. If the expiration date of funds in your cosmetic bag has come to an end - this is not a reason for sadness, this is a reason to go shopping and please yourself with new clothes. Be beautiful!

Clothing, shoes and accessories

1. Hopelessly spoiled things. Shirts with stained spots, stretched T-shirts and sweaters beaten with moths do not belong in your closet. Why keep something that you hardly ever wear?

2. Clothing that does not fit you in size. The reason, I believe, is clear.

3. Old shoes. If you can bring it into a divine form, do it. Couples that are not recoverable are sent to the trash.

4. Well-worn underwear. When the bra is no longer able to support the breast properly, it is time to replace it with a new one. About torn pants and talking awkwardly - in their trash, that's all.

5. Stockings and tights with puffs or holes. Yes, yes, they can also be sewn and worn under jeans or pants. Or sew it up at last, or get rid of obviously useless things.

6. Leaky socks. Here is the same thing as in the previous paragraph: sew or throw out - you decide, if only socks do not continue to lie idle.

7. Decorations that have lost their former appearance. With jewelry, everything is clear: a broken lock, a torn chain or a dropped strazik are good reasons for throwing a bracelet or a necklace. Jewelry should not be scattered, it is better to have them repaired.

8. Old holiday dresses. What do you think are the chances that you will ever wear a dress that shone on a high school graduation? If the dress is in good condition, try to sell it. If not - well, even with such things one must be able to say goodbye.

9. Worn bags. And wallets there too. Agree, the chance that you once decide to go out with a worn bag is zero.

10. Old swimsuits and swimming trunks. Say goodbye to all sprawled and faded specimens.

11. Spare buttons from clothes that you no longer wear. In the end, what will you do with a set of completely different buttons?

Cosmetics and personal care

12. Old cosmetics. First, since you have not used it yet, it is unlikely that these shadows, lip gloss or foundation will ever be useful to you. Secondly, cosmetics have an expiration date. When he came to the end, it's time to say goodbye to the product.

13. Dry nail polish. Даже если разбавить его специальной жидкостью, всё равно со свежим он не сравнится. Выбрасывайте без терзаний.

14. Пробники туалетной воды. К чему копить их, если аромат вам не нравится?

15. Пробники косметических средств. Или используйте, или выкиньте, третьего не дано.

16. Старые туалетные принадлежности. Облысевшая зубная щётка и треснувшая мыльница — не то, что следует бережно хранить долгие годы.

17Stretched hair bands. Here is the good news for connoisseurs of gum-telephone wires: bathe gum in boiling water, they will be as good as new.

18. Invisible hairpins. Shake up the box with cosmetics or a box where you store jewelry, you will surely find there some hair clips. If you do not use them, then there is no point in storing it.

19. Almost ended cosmetics and household chemicals. On the bottom there is a little bit of money left, it seems it's time to throw it out, but the toad is strangling. Give the toad a fitting rebuff and send almost empty bottles and jars in the trash.

Food and kitchenware

20. Damaged products. Will you eat them? So no one will, so feel free to send the old-timers of your refrigerator in the trash.

21. Old spices and seasonings. Like other products, they have a shelf life. When it comes to an end, it's time for spices to leave your kitchen cabinet.

22. Waste mugs. Those that are cracked and chipped, throw it away, and the whole, which you for some reason do not use, take it to work. There they will definitely come in handy.

23. Old scouring sponges. They, by the way, are regularly changed, and it should be done before the sponge starts to smell.

24. Pots and pans with scratched non-stick coating. Sense of this coverage when one name is left of it?

25. Empty cans and jars. Why bother to store them at all is unclear. Apparently, in the hope that someday all this will come in handy. Let's be honest, was it useful at least once? If not - goodbye, jars!

26. Kitchenware that you do not use. Give a brand new one to a friend, throw it away.

27. Food containers that you do not use. And at the same time those that have lost their former appearance - the lid cracked, for example.

28. A variety of dishes. Once there was a tea pair, then the cup broke, and the saucer survived — or vice versa. It seems to be okay, but using such dishes is not very pleasant. So it's time to send her to rest.

29. Broken kitchen utensils. And again: you can use them, but not very nice. So why keep it?


30. Old towels with stains or holes. Wipe such frankly unpleasant, so throw them without hesitation.

31. Been types of bed linen. If it just shed, it's still all right, but torn sheets and duvet covers are the direct route to the dump.

32. Shabby mats from the bathroom and hallway. Their life was not so easy, why prolong the suffering?

33. Old pillows. All the same, they are not as plump and soft as before.

34. Extra hangers. Leave as much as you need to hang the clothes and the rest in the trash.

35. Waste flower vases. Redo, sell or dispose of them in any other way.

36. Trinkets. The pig figurine, presented to you on the occasion of the onset of the year of this animal, is appropriate every 12 years. Let the pig loose, do not torment. Excellent company will make her travel souvenirs and fridge magnets.

37. Christmas decorations that are not encouraging. A garland where a few light bulbs do not burn, a glass ball that instead of a factory fixation rests on a slyly bent wire - do not turn the Christmas tree into a junk exhibition.

38. Broken electronics and household appliances. If you still have not repaired it, then it is not so you need it.

39. Spare parts for furniture. Collect all these parts and screws, which seem to multiply by division, and send straight to the trash.

Waste paper

40. Old checks and bills. Once the warranty period has expired, it means there is no sense to save a check. But the receipt of payment of utilities should be stored for at least three years.

41. School and university textbooks. It is unlikely that you will need them. Give them to the library, so from the books will be at least some benefit. And you can throw out abstracts with a clear conscience.

42. Postcards and wedding invitations. If they are dear to you as a memory, leave it, but there is no point in storing a stack of cards with the duty wishes of happiness and health.

43. Newspapers and magazines. Including those that you wrote out at school for foreign language lessons. You never know, suddenly you still keep them.

44. Discount cards of stores that you do not go. It is logical the same: if you don’t go, you don’t use cards either.

45. Discount coupons that have expired. Discount you on them anyway will not give.

46. ​​Trash from the mailbox. Catalogs of amazing goods, leaflets with discounts from the nearest store and the like printed products should be stored where it belongs: in a trash can.

47. Instructions for assembling furniture. It is unlikely that you regularly disassemble and re-assemble a wardrobe or chest of drawers.

48. Guidebooks. Why save paper brochures if you can use electronic versions of guides?

49. Children's drawings. Be it your creations or drawings of your children, it’s difficult to part with it. Pull yourself together and leave only those that you like the most.

50. Duplicate photos. In case you do not trust the cloud storages and prefer to store the printed pictures in photo albums. And with the clouds you are so vain, they are much more convenient.

51. Old diaries. Since they are your dead weight, throw them already - and that's that.

Different things

52. Box of household appliances. The ones that are stored in the hoard of citizens on the cabinets. When the warranty period ends, the boxes should be sent to the trash.

53. Overdue drugs. I hardly need any comments here.

54. Old cell phones. Is your nostalgia so strong at times gone by that you can still keep devices that will hardly ever turn on?

55. Unnecessary smartphone accessories. Sooner or later you still have to get rid of them, so why put it off for later?

56. Dried flowers. Give up sentimentality and throw out these dust collectors.

57. Old stationery. Stickers, dried markers and pens, folders for papers, and so on.

58. Wires unknown from what. It's simple: if you know exactly why you need this cable, and at least sometimes use it for its intended purpose, let it live. The rest should disappear from your home.

59. Older CDs and DVDs. Music that you no longer listen to, computer programs that you hardly ever use, films that you have watched more than once ... Why do you need all this?

60. Souvenirs with promotions. Suppose you were handed a T-shirt, where the logo of a milk producer stands in the chest. Will you wear it? No, really?

61. Gifts that you do not use. Or those that you just do not like. Give it to people who appreciate gifts.

62. Used batteries. Hand over them for recycling, for sure there is a collection point for batteries and accumulators in your city.

63. Toys for animals. Of course, those to whom your pet is indifferent. It is unlikely that he will ever change his mind and decide that a wheeled mouse or a squeaking rubber chicken is the dream of his whole life.

64. Board games, where there are not enough details. In them and play really will not work.

65. Rumpled bows and ribbons for gift wrapping. Once they have lost their former appearance, then they should not be decorated with a gift.

66. Small coins. However, you can not throw them away, and put in a piggy bank. Got a decent amount - exchange in the bank.

The order in the house - the order in the head, so take it as a rule from time to time to arrange such cleaning. By the way, what would you add to this list?