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Recreation and entertainment in the Seychelles


We offer to make a fascinating virtual journey to the most unusual and exclusive vacation spots in the world. Here, royal families and representatives of privileged classes spend their holidays, so there is no doubt about the elite and exclusive status of these places.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

For many years, the British royal family has called this private island in the Caribbean its second home. For Princess Margaret, a villa was built here, and Prince William and Kate Middleton regularly rent one of the hundreds of available houses here. A week of rest in this place will cost at least $ 20,000.

Lake como

For George Clooney and many other celebrities, stunning waterfront villas and landscapes are breathtaking, an essential attribute of the rest.

On these luxurious islands to the south of India, surrounded by the blue ocean and famous for their incredible romance, a huge number of Hollywood couples enjoy exclusive spa services, visiting underwater restaurants and relaxing in luxury apartments of the highest class.

St. Barthelemy

In the cold season, world stars and Wall Street VIPs love to splash around in the crystal blue waters that surround this Caribbean island, where 24 incredible hotels are located. Booking rooms there is extremely difficult. Even marinas are reserved much in advance! Resting here, you will certainly meet Beyonce with Jay Z, Gwen Stefani or Derek Jeter.

Here, in the south of France, you will most likely come across Catherine Zeta-Jones, Victoria Beckham or Tom Cruise, having a rest on one of their super-yachts in close proximity to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Private resort island of Necker

British Virgin Islands.

To get to this Caribbean island, you will need an invitation from the British billionaire Richard Branson, who bought the territory in the late 90s and is now successfully leasing it. A few weeks a year, Sir Richard opens the island to the public, while the rest of the time it is rented exclusively by world celebrities. A mere mortal pair of lovers a week stay here will cost at least 28,805 dollars. For this money, the lucky ones will receive excellent food and drinks, the services of friendly and caring staff, access to two luxurious pools and tennis courts, as well as the opportunity to practice almost any kind of water sports.

Of course, anyone can relax on the Bach Peninsula, but a holiday in the same room with six friends can hardly be considered a luxury. Therefore, celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston enjoy cocktails and pools in private villas here, paying out $ 9,000 per night and using the services of a private butler who is ready to answer any request 24/7.

For some rich people, a poolside massage doesn’t mean perfect relaxation. They want something really exclusive and extraordinary: watch the lions in close proximity, spend the night in luxurious tents and wander the plains on a safari. One of these people are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Arriving in Kenya, they leave $ 4,000 per night at Alfajiri Villas.


Like the Maldives, the Seychelles is a complete retreat, incredible scenery and first-class comfortable conditions. On an ultra-exclusive North Island, royal families lay out nearly $ 10,000 a night. And you can only get here by private helicopter.

Features of tourism and recreation in the Seychelles

Tourism in the Seychelles - the pleasure is not cheap. But clean beaches, beautiful nature, good and open locals, and most importantly - a safe holiday, are worth it.

  1. Infrastructure. Tourist infrastructure and level of service in the Seychelles are at the highest level. And this is not surprising - after all, more than 70% of the country's income comes from tourism. Most hotels in this island state do not have a generally accepted five-star classification, but even the smallest ones provide excellent service.
  2. Transport. Transportation between the islands of the Seychelles archipelago accounts mainly for air travel. In addition, there are well developed water transport and even bus routes. For travel by land, tourists can rent car or bike, and on the island of Mahe - cause Taxi.
  3. Security. Seychelles is an absolutely safe place. Tourists can safely walk here at night, there is practically no theft, tap water is suitable for consumption, and vaccinations against viruses are not required. The only danger among the flora and fauna of this paradise is represented only by sea urchins and some species of poisonous fish.

When is it better to go on holiday to the Seychelles

Where and when is it better to relax in the Seychelles? It is customary to call two main periods in the seasons: hot (December to May) and warm (from June to November), but the best time to relax in the Seychelles is difficult to allocate, because the beach season here lasts incessantly.

There is a lot of rain during the hot season.and the temperature at this time rises to + 35 degrees. But in these months the sea is the most calm and ideal for diving and snorkeling.
In the summer - the temperature on the islands drops to + 24 degrees and cool monsoons blow. This time of year is perfect for surfing fans. The high season in the Seychelles begins from April to May and from October to Decemberwhen there is a break between the summer cool and winter rains.

Seychelles best beaches

Seychelles is just full of beautiful places for every taste and budget. The most popular beaches for tourists are on Mahe Islands, La digue and Praslin.

Mahe Island Beaches. Mahe - the largest island of the archipelago, which is the capital of the state - Victoria. This piece of sushi is rich in stunning views, sights and great places for outdoor activities.

Best beaches on the island of Mahe:

  • Beau valallon
  • Anse intendance
  • Baie Lazare,
  • Pointe au sel,
  • Glacis
  • Anse Royale.

Beaches Praslin. Praslin is the second largest island of the Seychelles archipelago. First of all, it is interesting to tourists for its snow-white beaches, the most popular of which are:

  • Anse Lazio
  • Anse georgette
  • Grand anse
  • Anse Cimitiere,
  • Anse Petite Cour.

Beaches La Diga. La Digue - the most picturesque of all the Seychelles. It is covered with pink sand beaches and cliffs, which in the morning light also acquire a pinkish hue. Granite rocks and coral reefs of this paradise are extremely popular among divers and snorkellers.

Main beaches of La Dinga:

  • Grande Anse,
  • Anse cocos
  • Anse Patates,
  • Anse Source D’argent,
  • Anse Petite.

From April to May, when the most active season for a beach holiday begins in the Seychelles, and on the listed islands it becomes too noisy, tourists wishing to spend some solitary time should visit one of the more than 80 uninhabited land pieces of this archipelago.

The main attractions of the Seychelles

The main thing that a tourist planning a holiday on the islands of Seychelles needs to know is that there are very few architectural and cultural attractions that are familiar to travelers. But the nature monuments of this paradise will not leave anyone indifferent.
The main attractions of the archipelago are located in the smallest capital in the world - Victoria on the island of Mahe. Tourists in this village should definitely visit Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Clock tower and Botsad Mont Fleury, and in its vicinity to walk the garden of Le Jardin du Roi, in which spices grow, and make the ascent to Mount Three Brothers.

Sights of other islands of the archipelago:

  • National Park May Valley - UNESCO World Heritage Site on Praslin Island.
  • Cape Tursey on the island of La Digue.
  • Coral Lagoon and Land Turtle Colony on the island of Aldabra.

National Park May Valley

The main entertainment in the Seychelles

On the Seychelles Islands is available a large number of outdoor activities for travelers. This place is a paradise for lovers of fishing, diving, racing on sailing ships. But the main entertainment in the Seychelles is, of course, surfing and snorkeling, followed by thousands of tourists every year.

Surfing the Seychelles. Seychelles is an ideal place to surf. The best time of year for this active entertainment is the period from May to September, when the winds blow from the southeast, and the waves are especially strong.

The most popular beaches among professional surfers are on the west coast of the islands of Mahe and Praslin. If you want more secluded relaxation on the waves - visit Anse Bougainville beach in the southeastern part of Mahe.
Kitesurfing and windsurfing are equally popular in the Seychelles, but you should bring equipment for these kinds of outdoor activities.

Snorkeling in the Seychelles. Snorkeling is quite developed in the Seychelles, although it is difficult to compare its quality with the Maldives or Egypt. Explore the underwater world of Seychelles best on the beaches:

  • Fairland Beach - Mahe Island,
  • Anse Lazio and Anse Volbert - Praslin Island,
  • Anse patat - La Digue Island.

What to see with children in the Seychelles

Holidays in the Seychelles with kids is a rather difficult test. Besides the fact that there are no direct flights to the destination, the tourist infrastructure for children is not developed at all. But the tropical forests of the Seychelles archipelago and its waters are absolutely safe for children. There are no venomous snakes and spiders, wild animals, and there are no sharks in the sea.

What to see, and what to do in Seychelles with children? Of course, enjoy the magnificent nature and wildlife of this paradise! After all, only here you will find:

  • giant tortoises
  • endangered black parrots,
  • beautiful bays and coves
  • The bird island, which is home to more than one and a half million black terns,
  • blooming lemon trees in natural habitat.

Bird island

The best resorts and beaches for tourists with a child:

  • Beau valallon on the island of Mahe,
  • Cot D’Or - Praslin Island,
  • Anse volbert - Praslin.

Beau valallon

What money in the Seychelles

What currency in the Seychelles. The local currency is called the Seychelles Rupee (SCR), and it equals 100 cents. In the free circulation, you can meet the banknotes of 10, 25, 50, 100, 500 SCR, and coins of 1, 5 SCR and 1, 5, 10, 25 cents.

What currency is better to take to the Seychelles?. Exchange currency in the Seychelles is not a problem. Exchange points are located in all major hotels, airports, banks and tourist areas. In addition, in most large institutions accept credit cards.

How much is food in the Seychelles

The cost of food in the Seychelles is quite high, so seasoned tourists advise taking food with them. Food prices in restaurants and cafes are approximately as follows:

  • in an expensive restaurant - 1000 rupees,
  • in a restaurant with average prices - 500 rupees,
  • in an inexpensive cafe - 250-300 rupees,
  • street food - 50 rupees.

Traditional cuisine in the Seychelles replete with spicy dishes and not suitable for all tourists. You can stock up on food at local supermarkets or markets, but prices are also quite high, and only cereal rice is present.

Photo Seychelles from tourists on the "Subtleties of tourism"

Photo Seychelles. Vivid photos of tourists, photo galleries of cities and resorts. Unique photos of people, events, places, streets and attractions of Seychelles.

Aerial view of seychelles

Hotel pool overlooking the beauty of Seychelles

Immaculate view of Silhouette Island, Seychelles

White sand, Silhouette, Seychelles

White sand, Frigate, Seychelles

Endless blue waters, Silhouette, Seychelles

Big Ben in the Seychelles

Big turtle, Silhouette, Seychelles

Evening view of the silhouette of Sotr, Seychelles

View from Silhouette island, Seychelles.

Top View, Frigate, Seychelles

Views of Victoria, the capital of Seychelles

Types of Mahe, Seychelles

Types of Praslin, Seychelles

Views of the island of La Liga, Seychelles

Views of the island of Mahe, Seychelles

Villa with spectacular views, Seychelles

Overwater Villas, Frigate, Seychelles

Villas overlooking the ocean, Frigate, Seychelles

Water Activities, Frigate, Seychelles

Blue sky, Silhouette, Seychelles

City on the water, Victoria, Seychelles

Terrible sky in Victoria, Seychelles

Wildlife Silhouette, Seychelles

Wildlife Frigate, Seychelles

Wild beach, Silhouette, Seychelles

Sights of La Diga, Seychelles

Scenic Sunset in Seychelles

Sunset in Seychelles

Sunset on the island of Mahe, Seychelles

Sunset on the island of Praslin, Seychelles

Sunset on a tropical beach, Seychelles

Spectacular view of the Frigate, Seychelles

Stone blocks, Silhouette, Seychelles

Stone blocks in the Seychelles

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Holidays in the Seychelles

Mahe Island - when planning a vacation in the Seychelles, tourists should be aware that whatever island they choose, they will still be on the central island - Mahe. It is the largest island of the archipelago. It is here that is the only city and capital of the state - Victoria. Mae itself is interesting mountainous granite relief, abundant greenery and 70 beaches. It will be the starting point for visiting any other tourist site of the country.

Amazing Beauty Mahe

Constance Ephelia Hotel

Constance Ephelia Hotel

The island of Praslin - demanding tourists who are accustomed to relax on the sea, can’t be surprised by the crystal clear water and gorgeous beaches. Therefore, it will be informative to go to the National Park Valley de May of Praslin Island, where more than 7 thousand palm trees grow and a very rare black parrot lives. The island is famous for its wonderful landscapes, famous beaches and huge vanilla plantations. You can get acquainted with seabirds on the island-reserve Arid.

National Park Valli de May

one of the best hotels about. Silhouette - LaBrize Resort

The island of La Digue - here you will find untouched nature, which has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. From transport only cowsledges. The most beautiful bays and capes will give you the joy of solitude amid rocky landscapes. Cognitive will be to visit the National Museum in the open air and see the traditional methods of mining copra. Silhouette Island - this lost corner has a large array of equatorial forest filled with the scent of sandalwood. Tourists can use the infrastructure for a luxury holiday.

One of the best hotels about. Silhouette - LaBrize Resort

Aldabra - an island - scientific station - Aldabra is known for its coral atoll with a huge inner lagoon. The bottom of the lagoon is fully open at low tide and tourists can see marine life and corals.

Aldabara Giant turtles

The Seychelles archipelago includes many other, smaller, islands, each with its own peculiarity.

Cities: Beau-Vallon La Dig-Bay-Saint-Ann

So, take note of the fact that relaxing in the Seychelles is a must see:

  • a variety of corals in the National Park of St. Anne,
  • 150-year-old turtle and 1.5 million black terns on Bird Island,
  • the rare animals of Kuzin Island,
  • like a lemon tree in bloom on the island of Curiez,
  • vibrant festivals and sports.

Seychelles are in great demand among newlyweds, although some couples still prefer to relax in the Maldives.

The delightful Seychelles in the photo amaze with the tumult of untouched nature, and live this island state will forever conquer your heart, leaving memories of heavenly bliss. So do not hesitate and wonder for a long time, the reality is much better than even the most beautiful photos. As soon as you get the chance, go to the paradise islands for new impressions.

vacation on amazing islands (9 photos)

If you are constantly trying to find a real paradise on earth, then go to the Seychelles - this small island nation with great pleasure to share with you a piece of your perfect secluded life.

Tourists flock here all year long to soak in the heavenly bushes, enjoy the languid blast of local beaches, and also dissolve into a measured and unhurried pace of life, if there is one at all. It is here that you will encounter an exceptional thing in the modern bustling world - absolute peace and quiet, seasoned with unique natural landscapes and sea fun.

Seychelles is always summer and always the sun, it is never cold here, and a good mood is set by default. Это небольшое государство расположилось на 115 островах, из которых всего 30 обитаемы, часть из них имеет коралловое происхождение, а другая – вулканическое.

All the islands are conventionally divided into 4 main groups, the largest island is Mahe, on which is located one of the smallest capitals in the whole world, the city of Victoria. There is an international airport just 9 km from the capital, where you can also get there with the help of the main air travelers: connecting via Dubai, Doha or via Paris, but the most convenient flights are, of course, direct.

The total flight time is about 9 hours, but it can increase depending on the chosen flight.

Seychelles yesterday and today

It is a small state with only one large city and two traffic lights in it, today a prosperous and developing democratic republic. Naturally, the main source of income (about 70%) is accounted for by tourism, the next in position is fish catch.

Today, rest on the islands is a complete solitude on the snow-white beaches of the Seychelles archipelago, lying down on a sun lounger and sipping local coconut juice “Kala”, it is difficult to imagine that this place once had a very turbulent and rich history.

Officially, the Seychelles were discovered at the beginning of the 16th century by the Vasco da Gama expedition, however, they are said to have been visited by the Arabs before, and they also served as a large base of pirates who repaired their robberies in Indian waters. Then the French settled them, transported their slaves there and founded rich plantations of various spices, some of which are still actively cultivated around Victoria.

Later, the islands were conquered by Britain, and in time they separated them into a separate colony, and in the middle of the last century, the Seychelles gained independence. It is probably due to these two powers that the French language and culture predominate in the Seychelles, many residents also speak English quite well, but the indigenous people of the islands mostly speak the local Creole dialect.

A few points that it is useful to know the tourist

Seychelles is a very convenient holiday for those who are not well acclimatized, because the time here is almost the same as Moscow time (the difference can be 1 hour), and the season here lasts all year round, so you can easily choose the most convenient period for you. The warm season here falls on our winter - from November to March, and the cold one, on the contrary.

April and October are two transitional months in which surfers and divers love to fly here, after all, they say that it is at this time that the ocean reveals its most unique beauty. By the way, if someone thought that in the “cold” period there is really cold weather, he was mistaken: the minimum temperature at this time is about 24 °, and in the hot season it rises to 29 °.

All beaches on the islands are sandy, municipal and have the appearance of small coves. Each hotel usually has its own stretch of beach, however, it’s not a fact that there will be no one on it except for its guests.

By the way, island hotels have no official star classification, but at the same time even the smallest and, at first glance, modest hotels or lodges are able to provide a service that will meet all international standards. But so that tourists do not get confused and could roughly understand what lies under the name of a particular hotel, tour operators distribute conditional “stars” to them.

You ask if there are any flaws in the Seychelles? Of course, it’s difficult to find them, because it’s not for nothing that they are called a real paradise on earth, except perhaps going off-scale prices - not everyone can afford to visit this archipelago. But if you try, here you can find where and how to save money, in particular, it concerns housing and food.

Kitchen Seychelles

Under the influence of European culture, a national cuisine has emerged here, which is a combination of French and Creole traditions. Perhaps the most popular dish here is pvason ek diri, which means “fish with rice”.

By the way, rice here is part of most dishes, it is often used as a side dish, or as an integral element. Most often, for taste, it is supplemented with a special sauce, which consists of vegetable oil, paprika and lemon juice, and sometimes seasoned with stewed vegetable snacks.

Vegetables in the Seychelles, however, like fruits, are the main and favorite component of any dish, but most often, they are consumed in the raw state.

Tap water here can be drunk directly from the tap; however, tourists are not recommended to drink it, as it is slightly different in chemical composition and can lead to frivolous disorders.

Speaking of local cuisine, it is impossible not to mention fish dishes, because without them a real Creole table is extremely difficult to imagine. Especially popular are baked bourgeois fish, sharks' rods, salted fish with sauce, small crabs and lobsters with lemon sauce, as well as all kinds of stewed, salted, fried and fresh fish.


Going somewhere in a new country, every tourist thinks about what can be seen there. But, no matter how strange it may sound, here the main attraction is the unique nature, snow-white sandy beaches, the clear waters of the warm ocean, the wonderful world of local flora and fauna, fancy stones from multicolored marble, and the marvelous beauty of the underwater world.

Here you will not find the usual historical program, but be sure to visit several islands, for example, Praslin, where there is a nature reserve with endangered animals and birds.

Visit the island of Curiès, home to a huge colony of giant turtles, and do not pass by the marine national park of St. Anne, as well as visit the island of Moyen to find pirate treasures and explore the historic ruins.

Do not overlook the capital of the republic, where most of the souvenir shops and shops are located, here you can get to the Royal Spice Garden, and local beaches with high waves and good conditions for this activity will appeal to surfers. Go to the Seychelles, and you will not regret a bit!

Capital Seychelles Victoria

Microscopic in comparison with the main cities of other countries, the capital Seychelles Victoria is a town blown through by the sea breeze, dotted with Creole restaurants, colorful shops, fruit avenues. Houses with openwork terraces and balconies breathe provincial tranquility. Walking along the main avenue of Marquette Street, planted with coconut trees, will lead to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The clock tower adorning the central square is a mini-replica of the clock tower of the London Vauxhall Bridge. In the Botanical Garden of Mont Fleury and the Orchid Garden you can see endemic plants that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The photographs of tourists who visited this place often feature the iron statue “Free Man”. This is an unusual monument, welded from scrap metal, symbolizing independence. Religious buildings in Victoria resemble a mosaic: here are the Anglican Church, the white and blue Hindu temple ("gopuram") and a small mosque. Night discos are arranged in any hotel.

Victoria surroundings

Around the city spread endless plantations of cinnamon. Climbing to the top of the Signal hills, Crav Coeur, Niol or Mount Three Brothers, you can enjoy a stunning view of the sea and the caps of the neighboring islands. Outside the city, you will also find the delightful garden of Les Jardines du Roi in the Royal Cove, and the Bay of the Blue Cours houses the workshop of the famous artist Michael Adams.

This is not just an island, but a natural platform for 68 beaches! On Mahe there are many nice bays: Kas, Coral, Karana Beach, Solnechnaya, Major, Anse-Nord-Ost, Risova and many others. But recently, tourists are trying to get to the desert coast of the bay of Anse Souyac or the quiet beaches of Anse a la Mosh and Anse Forbans. One of the most famous local beaches is Bo-Wallon in the south of the island.

Surfers first go to the beach of Grand Anse, where the waves reach two meters in height and length up to 3 km almost daily. It is better to walk in Sans Souci and the Three Brothers summit area, many explore the Gog Road between Anse Etoile Bay and Glaass Heights, especially since there is a small waterfall in the Rivière Grand Bassin and Varigo area. Scenic trails from Bel Ombre to Major Bay. In general, the easiest way to walk between beaches is to walk: it is a pleasure to walk here.

We say "Praslin", we mean the "Garden of Eden". How else can you call the island, where the unique Vale de Me (“May Valley”) national park, the natural home of 7 thousand coco de mer and a rare black parrot are located? Not to mention the endless landscapes of the Côte d’Or, Volbert, Consolacion, Gulf of St. Anne, Cape St. Mary, Lazio bays and others. In memory, you can take away the products of the factory for the production of copra and vanilla plantation bush.

This island will take you a couple of hundred years ago. Enough to stroll through its cleanest spacious beaches, forest thickets, a ride in a real cow sled. The standard of untouched tropical nature is Surse d’Arzhan Bay and Cape Tursi. The capital of the island, La Paz, is built up with old Creole wooden houses. 4 km from La Diga, the island of Felicite (“bliss”) peeks out of the turquoise sea waters, generously covered with lush vegetation.

Other islands

Denis is called the empire of coconut palms, so that it is the most famous island of the archipelago among tourists. The main entertainment here is fishing. Aldabra is known for its huge coral lagoon. The bottom of this fabulous place appears in all its glory during low tides. Here are colonies of giant land turtles and seabirds.

Shrimps are grown on Koethivi, Derosh is a leader in underwater sports, D'Arros is buried in coconut palms. Diving and fishing are particularly successful in the waters of the 30-km shallows of Providence. Frigate Island is full of legends about pirates, which has become a fashionable resort for rich guests.

Holidays in the Seychelles

Seychelles weather on which remains favorable throughout the year offer a huge range of services in the field of recreation.

Comfortable beaches with clean sand, excursions to nature reserves, various festivals, diving, surfing, deep-sea fishing, pleasure boats and exotic spa-procedures - everyone will find something to their liking.

Of course, a holiday in the Seychelles with a smooth, mild climate will be an unforgettable event in the life of anyone who has visited this tropical corner.

Seychelles reviews

If you take into account the reviews of people who have already been fortunate enough to visit the Seychelles, it is worth noting that spending all your rest only on the beach, you risk never fully understanding the uniqueness of these islands. Excursions to the marine national park, a visit to the Bird Island and the unique nature, to which the government of the republic is very careful, is what really impressed tourists.

Many were pleased with such a detail as the lack of time difference with Moscow, which makes it easier for people sensitive to flights to go through the adaptation phase, while for others it does not cause confusion.

Friendly local people are always ready to help solve the problem or explain how to get to a certain place. Of course, tourists who prefer to travel independently, without using the services of agencies, will appreciate this kindness.

Hotels in Seychelles

It is important to note that Seychelles hotels do not have a clear official classification and, thus, the number of stars is rather conditional. Nevertheless, hotels of high service level meet all European standards. Such, for example, are: Constance Ephelia Resort, Raffles Praslin Seychelles, Constance Lemuria Resort, North Island and a number of other leading hotels. Their broad base allows you to choose the most preferable place depending on the budget, age and lifestyle of the client. Hotels on large islands and smaller ones may have significant differences. As a rule, in the first case, in addition to comfortable rooms, tourists are provided with more opportunities for entertainment. Therefore, it is better to find out in detail about the conditions in hotels and not to leave this matter before arriving on the island of Mahe.

Wedding in the Seychelles

Picturesque landscapes, fresh breeze, a beautiful sandy beach, beachfront bungalows and romantic sunsets played an important role in the fact that not only the honeymoon, but also the wedding ceremonies on the island became especially popular.

Newlyweds can spend an unforgettable wedding on the beach, using the professional services of the organizers. A whole system of organizations dedicated to holding such celebrations has been formed in the republic.

Seychelles can offer anything from a modest closed ceremony to an amazingly large-scale and abundant celebration, the choice is only for the newlyweds and their financial capabilities.

Seychelles prices

And since we are talking about financial opportunities, it is worth noting that not everyone can afford a trip to the Seychelles. So, on average, a ten-day vacation with hotel accommodation and breakfast will be about $ 1300-1500 per person, not including the cost of the flight.

Prices and duration of the flight often scare potential tourists. But the exceptional majority of those who decided to take tours to the Seychelles in their opinion are unanimous: this is the place where you need to go at least once in your life, without regretting the funds, since the emotions received pay for any financial costs.

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Intellectual travels around the world

I finally decided to write a post about the Seychelles, although I was probably already 2.5 years ago. For some reason, during these 2.5 years I have heard the opinion that “Seychelles are cool”. Personally, in terms of exoticism, Seychelles did not surprise me at all, islands like islands, there are many of them in the ocean, but then to say “I was vacationing in the Seychelles” is probably cool for someone.

I did not rest there, but went on the recommendation of a friend when one of the Russian tour operators was trying to promote Seychelles on the Russian market. As a result, the national carrier Air Seychelles, which at that time had 4 aircraft (large, excluding "kids" for local lines), opened a direct flight Moscow - Mahe Island.

That was how the flight looked like before takeoff. There on 767 "Boeing" we flew 7 people. And I'm not surprised, well, the Seychelles did not go for mass Russian tourism. My brother has a travel agency since 2001, and I saw with my own eyes people who spend their vacations SUMMER IN SUMMER in Turkey or Egypt, when they came to the office and explained to them that, for example, Turkey is expensive and there are no tickets to Egypt. alternatively, they made an inquiring face and asked: “Where to?”.
Nine hours of flight and the liner lands at the airport of Mahe, the largest island in the Seychelles.

Anyone who plans to visit the Seychelles, I strongly recommend that you choose the hotel correctly, according to your needs. Now you can first see the hotel through Google Earth, or stupidly call there and find out everything that interests you. Here, for example, the beach of a new four-star hotel, and you can not swim there, very small, to swim you need to go 300 meters into the ocean

Although the hotel itself is not bad, this is T Club Allamanda, but I would never go to it.

Some tourist publications are engaged in a cherubly-rated beaches, so they say that in the Seychelles some of the best beaches, but the same is said about the Philippine Boracay or Fiji

Here is one of the best beaches on the island of Mahe near the hotel “Banyan Tree”, as I recall, it is the best because it is sandy.

But the colors of the sky and ocean in the Seychelles are certainly beautiful. Beau Vallon Cove

Here is the hotel “Coral Strand”, quite affordable in prices and the only hotel on
an island that belongs to the Russians.
And still live here big turtles.

And in the background another island of the archipelago - Silhouette.

Also on the island of Mahe is the local capital city of Victoria - they say that it is the smallest capital in the world.
The building of the historical museum in Victoria.

There is even a "Big Ben".

Monument to the Frenchman - Pierre Poivrou, who founded the first settlements in the Seychelles, although much more he was known in Mauritius.

T-shirts with a national symbol - Coco de Mer - are sold everywhere in local markets. It would be interesting to have such a t-shirt under the fashionable now casual English "casual style".

Mae has the Hilton Hotel, the smallest hotel in the Hilton chain all over the world. One of the rooms is called Jan Fleming’s Villa. Here the famous writer once wrote his “Bondiad”.

Hilton Beach is considered cool.

Seychelles is a small country and in the restaurant in front of you a local pop star can easily perform.
This is a popular dude David, he is often played on a local radio, a sort of “DeBilan Seychelles”.

Having stayed on Mahe for 3 days, I went to the second largest island of Seychelles Prali, or as it is called Praslin.
It is on such airplanes that local flights are made between the islands.

Прали запомнился тем, что здесь я увидел только что родившегося на свет черепашонка.

Вообще острова Сейшел – это несколько архипелагов. Туристические это только острова внутреннего архипелага.

Мне говорили, что сильно дорого стоит попасть на атолл Альдабра, т.к. правительством Сейшел сильно лимитровано количество человек, посещающих данную достопримечательность в год, да и просто дорого.

На Прали есть самая популярная местная экскурсия в парк Vallee de Mai. Здесь собрана ботаническая коллекция растений.

Тут как раз можно полюбоваться знаменитой сейшельской пальмой Coco de Mer и её мужскими плодами.

The small palm tree is covered with needles. All palm trees, when small, are covered with needles to protect against animals.

Bronze eyed gecko lizard almost invisible

And this is what the “native Seychellois” look like, only his grandfather was from Holland, and this boy Paul works as a guide and never left the borders of his state.

The male and female Coco de Mer or palm nuts (Lodoicea Maldivica).

On Prali, having rented a boat and sailed into the open ocean, I ducked and for the first time I saw a large enough stingray next to me, I remember that at that moment it became very scary.

A rock in the form of stone fish is a place where tourists like to stop and take pictures of the type “I am in the Seychelles”.

The beaches on the Prali are really beautiful and white sand. Here is the beach of the hotel “Les Villas D’Or”. I specifically write the name of the hotels that are near the beach so that it can be identified, because, in my opinion, the choice of a hotel with a beach in the Seychelles is of great importance.

I was swimming in Prali on the beach of the hotel “Le Duc de Praslin”.

Returning to Mahe after a 15-minute flight on an ATR such an airplane.

I went to the 3rd island of the Seychelles archipelago - Silhouette island. To go to this island from the main island of Mahe is necessary on a boat.

There is only one deluxe hotel “Labriz” on the island. The hotel is cool, all rooms are large villas.

The beach is big, sandy, but too small.

There is a mountain on the island where you can go hiking through the forest.

After the Silhouette, where I didn’t even stay for a day, I went back to Mahe to take a trip around the island to interesting places.

Eden Island is a Lahari (Luxury) property in Seychelles. Built artificially island, which sells expensive villas. With Mae, a bridge with a barrier leads here, it seems to me that if you buy a villa on this island, you can automatically get a passport of a citizen of the Seychelles.

Mae even has the Stade Linite football stadium, where the local national team plays. I think, in today's Russian football, this is a dangerous opponent for the Russian team.

Something like a traffic jam on Seychelles roads.

Well, the way home on a direct flight to Vnukovo from the airport on the island of Mahe.

2 general maps of the tourist islands of the Seychelles archipelago