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15 best eyeshadow


Any girl who has tried to apply creamy shadows to make-up at least once knows that this is a wonderful tool for enhancing the expressiveness of eyes, hiding small mimic wrinkles and simultaneously moisturizing the delicate skin of the eyelids. How to choose persistent, high-quality shadows and how to use them correctly?

How to apply cream shadows

To cream eye shadow lay down smoothly, with a smooth transition in color, did not roll, you need to know a few secrets to apply. When there is no experience in applying decorative makeup, applying a wet method will seem like a daunting task. Using the tips, the girl will be able to change her appearance, using the technique of applying liquid shadows. Here are the basic rules to keep in mind:

  • Before starting the process you need to decide on the choice of colors.
  • When using creamy shadows do not need to smear them. To shade the surface of the eyelid, gently hammer with fingertips, then they will lie evenly.
  • It’s better to forget about dry powder as a base. The effect will turn out not the most expected and at all attractive with folds from the rolled layers of cosmetics.
  • Optimally, as a base, a cream for eyelids or an eye contour corrector will suit.
  • Imitation of the radiance of wet skin is obtained by applying cream eyeshadow on a dry eyelid, but the mega-effect of such make-up will not last very long.
  • The sequence of blending: the base color for the eyelid, the strengthening of the shade in the direction from the roots of the eyelashes to the upper eyelid, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. A more open look is obtained if the tone is lighter under the eyebrow line and near the inner corner of the eye.
  • Shadows should be well shaded, the colors smoothly move one from the other, not having sharp boundaries.

How to apply cream shadows

Wet eye shadows have an oily structure, so the movements of the hands during make-up should be accurate and verified. There are two ways to beautifully transform the eyes - use a brush for cream shadows or fingers. Professionals can use both “tools” at the same time. Creamy texture melts a little on the fingertips of body temperature and easily fits on the eyelid. It is recommended to choose a brush with a blunt end, then it will be convenient to apply the shadow on all areas, turning it at a certain angle.

Best cream shadows

Like any product, cream shades have their advantages and disadvantages compared to alternative eye makeup. It is worth mentioning this in more detail:

  • Main advantages: the eyelid is moistened due to the content of silicone, oil emulsions, the skin is smoothed, fine wrinkles become less noticeable, the wet structure does not allow peeling off.
  • Cons: it is impossible to use at elevated temperatures, as the melting base can deform makeup, not suitable for those who have a skin prone to oily type.

How not to get lost when buying the best cream shadows? A variety of high-profile brands, advertising, sometimes as opposed to goals, make it difficult to choose the right cosmetics. These pivot tables will help determine the purchase:

The best liquid eyeshadow

Eye shadow - a product of modern production, often produced by branded companies. Their texture is easy to apply, making the look particularly expressive and bright. Make a highlight in makeup or make the image unforgettable - a simple task for such shadows. The structure includes special components that allow them to keep a large number of hours on the eyelid. The ranking presents the best and quality products.

3 NYX Professional Makeup Pigments

NYX budget eye shadows are made in the form of a small tube, which is very unusual for this type of product. Inside there is a special limiter, which, if necessary, can be removed to apply shadows with a brush. They can be used as eyeliner and lipstick. To do this, mix the pigment and appropriate cosmetics. The colors have a metallic effect, and when applied to the eyelid they can look completely different, depending on the shading. This allows you to do completely different makeup with one tool.

  • resilient,
  • beautiful colors with mother of pearl,
  • easy application
  • budget price
  • airy texture
  • optimal cost
  • do not spread.

  • need to learn how to apply.

2 Mavala - Ombres Soyeus Abricot

The Swiss cosmetics company pleases lovers of rich and bright make-up with their liquid eye shadow. Silk amino acids included in the composition gently care for the skin forever, moisturize it and give a pleasant sensation when applied. Freshness, ease, comfort - it's all about the shadows of Mavala. You can choose from 16 colors. Juicy, nude, deep and other colors are suitable for both luxurious evening and light day makeup. Delicate texture ensures perfect application after the first layer. Great for fatty eyelids.

  • creamy pleasant texture
  • give shine
  • last a long time
  • 16 different colors
  • smooth wrinkles
  • high quality.

1 Yves Saint Laurent FULL METAL SHADOW

First place is easily taken by the famous FULL METAL SHADOW from Yves Saint Laurent. They are represented by 13 beautiful shades that have a gorgeous metallic sheen. Unusual colors give the look freshness and expressiveness. Light texture ensures easy and quick application. The manufacturer claims that the eye shadow from YSL lasts about 16 hours. Special brush and non-standard packaging make them easy to use, and compact size allows you to be always at hand.

  • great texture
  • do not spread,
  • hold on for a long time
  • beautiful metallic effect
  • wide range of colors,
  • economical packaging,
  • suitable for fatty eyelids.

The best eye shadow - eye pencil

Eyeshadow is a very important part of female makeup. With their help, you can weight or refresh your eyes, correct imperfect facial features, emphasize the beauty of the eyes and much more. But not all the fair sex can use this tool. They come to the aid of eye shadow in the form of a pencil. This is a very convenient form that allows you to correctly apply the product without special skills and look luxurious for a long time.

2 Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick

Eye shadow Bobbi Brown will help to emphasize the expressiveness of the look, to give the correct shape to the eyes and ideally complete the image with ease. The American manufacturer of cosmetics gives girls the opportunity to turn their eyes into a real masterpiece in one motion. A bright, attractive look will be provided to you in the shortest possible time. Express application is a great option for those who value their time. The pencil texture allows the shadows to hold for about 8 hours. The composition is so well thought out that it does not allow the product to roll or wash off even with the ingress of moisture.

  • moisture resistance
  • beautiful shine
  • easy application
  • high durability
  • compact size
  • wide selection of shades.

1 By Terry Ombre Blackstar

Liquid eye shadow, presented in the form of a pencil - a real find for girls with high employment. The shape of the shadows allows you to put them in one motion, and a special composition provides quick drying. On makeup no longer need to spend time. Another argument in favor of the Ombre Blackstar is its extensive color palette. Here there is a shade for any occasion. The image for a party or a walk to the park - everything is possible if you choose the right color.

  • economical consumption
  • easily fit in any cosmetic bag
  • convenient form
  • perfect texture.

  • crack when applied incorrectly.

The best compact eyeshadow

Often in the daily routine there is not enough time for the most important. For any girl, one of the main components of the day is makeup. With a shortage of time, the ideal way to look great and still have time for everything, will be the purchase of compact cosmetics. You can take it with you and put it on the way to work, in traffic, etc. Eyeshadows of small sizes - a real find for lovers of express makeup.

3 NOUBA Quattro Eyeshadow Mat

NOUBA mini eye shadow can be categorized as matte. Due to its texture, it is excellent for fatty eyelids, does not require the use of a base, does not crumble, and remains on the eyelids for a long time. The palette consists of 4 colors and 2 comfortable brushes. They are convenient to shade the shadows to the desired shade. Another advantage is Italian quality. It guarantees safety, hypoallergenicity and high wear resistance. Matt colors of Quattro Eyeshadow Mat are suitable for both evening and daytime makeup.

  • colors without a gloss,
  • 4 shades needed
  • compact size
  • delicate texture
  • high quality,
  • simple application.

2 Lancome Iridescent Ombre Hypnose

Mono eye shadow unforgettable pearl shades were published a few years ago and have already won the hearts of both professional makeup artists and ordinary girls. The choice of customers 5 colors. After applying the eyes gain radiance, lightness and freshness. Excellent texture in combination with high quality will not let the shadows crumble. Suitable for fatty eyelids, do not require the use of the base. Easily shaded with a brush. A nice bonus is a stylish and compact package.

  • last more than 10 hours
  • can be beautifully and easily shaded,
  • pearl shine
  • suitable for any kind of makeup
  • shades blend well with each other
  • comfortable brush.

1 MAKE-UP ATELIER PARIS Palette Eyeshadows

The palette of 5 fashionable shades from MAKE-UP. ATELIER PARIS is a premium quality matte eye shadow. The colors in the set allow not only to emphasize the eyes, refresh the look or complement the evening look, but also to sculpture the face, adjust the tone, etc. Versatility and compact size - the main advantages of this tool. With these shadows you can make a beautiful gradient or Smokey. By the way, all shades have a matte effect.

  • optimal size
  • the most necessary colors
  • versatility
  • matte shades
  • do not crumble.

  • not easy to apply,
  • It is not recommended to use without a base for fatty eyelids,
  • high price.

3 The Saem Saemmul Single Shadow Paste

Korean brand The Saem presents The Saem decorative cream eyeshadow. They are available in seven shades, each of which is characterized by saturation and high resistance when applied. They contain flickering particles, giving the color a special expressiveness. Fine grinding provides a velvety structure that evenly covers the skin of the eyelids. Available in packaging in one shade, have a compact size. Easily fit into any cosmetic bag. Apply with a special brush. With its help it is easy to make the required number of layers. Shadows are collected quite easily, as well as applied.

The product has persistent pigment. When applied to the eyelids, the shadows do not crumble and do not lose pigmentation. They look natural, but at the same time saturated. Suitable for bright festive makeup or a gentle day. It all depends on the chosen color and the number of layers. Make the look open and the skin radiant. Korean quality speaks for itself. Most reviews are very positive. Main advantages: resistant pigment, beautiful shimmering particles, good palette of shades, best reviews, compact size, high quality.

2 MAYBELLINE EU Studio Color Tattoo

Cream eyeshadow production MAYBELLINE presents a wide color palette. They are characterized by a light uniform application, as well as rich and beautiful shades. EU Studio Color Tattoo can hold on all day. They correctly emphasize the beauty of the eyes and hide unnecessary wrinkles. Shadows do not get stuck in the folds of the century and do not spread. Despite the fact that this product is considered budget, its quality is not inferior to more expensive counterparts.

  • lie down well and smoothly
  • beautiful deep colors
  • able to hold on all day
  • optimal price.

1 Dior Diorshow Mono

Creamy eyeshadow with an incredibly delicate texture Diorshow Mono is considered one of the best of its kind. Compact packaging in the Dior style is equipped with a special cover that collects dust, a large convenient mirror and a unique double-sided applicator that allows you not only to apply a beautiful shade, but also to properly shade it. The choice of brand offers 4 effects: flicker, satin, metallic effects and matte. The main advantage of this cosmetic product is wear resistance. Diorshow Mono will stay and emphasize your expressive look for long hours.

  • good composition,
  • perfect creamy texture
  • perfectly applied
  • do not roll down
  • beautiful shades and effects
  • hours of use
  • convenient packaging.

The best crumbly eyeshadow

Crumbly eyeshadow is a true legend. Fashionistas around the world get their favorite shades. This type of cosmetics is very convenient because with its help you can get almost any color by mixing several different ones. Also, such shadows are easy to make beautiful and smooth transitions. Professional make-up artists, along with ordinary girls, prefer such products when applying the beloved Smokey. But do not forget that during the use of dry shadows it is necessary to apply a special base for makeup.

2 CATRICE Precious Pigments

The worthy leader of the rating was the pigment from CATRICE, which has unique properties. Incredibly fine grinding, gentle homogeneous texture - the main features of the shadows. Apply in different ways: on the base or clean skin, with a wet or dry brush. In this case, the final result in each variant is very different. With the help of these friable shadows you can refresh your eyes, give it expressiveness or create a unique make-up for any occasion. Suitable for application to the entire eyelid, and for placing accents on specific areas. The texture of the product is crumbly, keeps excellent.

The palette includes 6 amazing shades: rich purple, deep brown, beautiful gray, hot pink, orange and even pale yellow. With their help, you can create a metallic sheen or shine. Makeup artists use Precious Pigments as eye shadow, to give a shining finish to the face tone and to create an accent on the hair or lips. Available in a compact jar with a screw cap. The main advantages: versatility, beautiful shining shades, fine grinding, easy application, good reviews.

1 MAC Pigment

MAC Pigment is the love of most makeup artists all over the world. This multifunctional product is used for perfect eyelid makeup, applied under the eyebrows, perfectly resizes the eye, etc. Packaging is made in the form of a jar, which is enough for a long time. Pigment provides a great shine throughout the time you wear makeup. It does not crumble, does not lose color and does not slip into folds. With it, you can bring any image to the ideal. Also this product is perfect for fatty eyelids, because hide all the flaws.

  • economical consumption
  • good quality,
  • universal shades
  • multifunctionality
  • do not spread,
  • hold on for a long time.

  • not very reliable packaging that can wake up.

Best Matte Eye Shadow

Matte eyeshadow have a more dense texture than glossy. This provides the best durability and allows you to combine these products with pearlescent palettes. Matte shadows look quite bright, because Because of its texture, it is a highly visible sight. They are often used for evening makeup (dark shades). The main advantage is the possibility of daily application. Such shadows will not shine in the sun, they will only give a barely noticeable shine to the century.

2 Maybelline The NUDES

Maybelline's The NUDES palette of shadows is known among the make-up masters and girls who follow global makeup trends. It includes 12 nude shades that blend perfectly with each other. With the help of natural tones, you can emphasize the expressiveness of the look in the afternoon or create a sensual evening smoky eyes. The owner of these shadows can choose nude, bronze or deep brown hue for their makeup. The product has a crumbly texture. The main advantage of The NUDES - color saturation when applied. The kit is a comfortable double-sided brush.

Despite the low cost, they are in no way inferior in quality to their more expensive counterparts. 5 of the 12 shades are matte. They are ideally combined with other pearl tones from the palette. Keep the whole day, even without prior application base. By the way, girls use dark brown colors also for eyebrows. When socks are not showered, shaded perfectly. The main advantages: excellent value for money, a large palette of shades, beautiful rich colors, several natural nude colors, versatility, positive feedback.


Italian brand Pupa has created a unique eye shadow with an innovative formula. They contain a high concentration of pigment, thereby achieving a uniform beautiful color. Haze gives a slight glow, especially in the corners of the eyes. VAMP! COMPACT DUO are solid compact shadows consisting of two shades that perfectly complement each other. Палитра цветов включает 9 вариантов сочетаний, подходящих как для дневного, так и вечернего макияжа. Самый популярный «Розовый жемчужный» придает взгляду легкость и свежесть. Их можно использовать как по отдельности, так и вместе.

The product has a soft texture, which is easily shaded. Using the brush from the kit, it is easy to adjust the density and saturation of the coating. An important point - the shadow of VAMP! Do not contain parabens, and consist of innovative silicones that do not damage the skin. Judging by the reviews, the shadows are very persistent and hold on almost all day. Advantages: a very beautiful palette of colors, Italian quality, good durability, stylish packaging design, compact size.

Budget Eye Shadow

The best eyeshadow is not necessarily expensive. Many women think that their quality depends on how much the shadows cost. In fact, it is not. You can find a good product among inexpensive items. Of course, these are not the cheapest options, among which there are only fakes, these are budget cosmetics from well-known world brands, distinguished by high quality and affordable price.

Suitable consistency

Shadows are crumbly, liquid and cream.

  • Liquid - this is the most modern option, which combines the ease of application, brightness and durability.
  • Crumbly - the classic version of the shadows. A dry powder composition makes it possible to draw a look in an inconspicuous style or, on the contrary, to make it more expressive by using a larger amount of product. The advantage of crumbly shadows is the ability to mix colors, achieving unique shades. The disadvantages include the need to use a special base under the shadows, as well as the inconvenience of applying outside the home, as the shadows can easily wake up if the packaging is unsuccessful.

A kind of convenient option of crumbly shadows are compact shadows.. The dry product is compressed and placed in the packaging, thus making it possible to have this product in the handbag. Most often, these shadows can crumble only after a sharp blow or fall.

  • Cream shadows - the name of the product speaks for itself. The advantage of such shadows is the ability not only to give the desired shade to the eyelid, but also to moisten the skin around the eyes. Such shadows can be applied even with a finger, which makes them comfortable to use. Of the minuses can be noted - the inability to create bright, catchy images. Shades of creamy shadows, as a rule, do not differ in special saturation. Although rare instances still have a chance to find.

Release form

Liquid shadows can be issued in the form of a tube with an applicator or in a pencil.

Creamy - this is often a separate bottle or jar or pencil-shaped packaging.

Crumbly - individual tightly closed jars, compact available in palettes.

The bulk of the shadows, except for compact, most of them are available in individual packages. Compact can be produced in a mono-variant or as part of a palette, including 2 or more shades.

The variant of a differently colored palette is, as a rule, cheaper than buying the same number of shadows in a mono-variant, however, it is worth weighing the need to purchase the colors presented in the palette. Perhaps, only 2-4 colors will actually be used, and their purchase separately will be cheaper than the cost of the whole palette.

Flicker effect

All shadows, regardless of their consistency and the form of release can be divided into matte and mother of pearl.

Shadows without glitter and shimmer, as a rule, are used in the basic make-up, and also with the help of them you can carry out the modeling of the century.

Pearl shadows - more evening, solemn version.

Exception - creamy pearly shadows. Light shades make this tool suitable for a young summer look.

In combination with matte shades, mother-of-pearl shades are successfully used to make the look more expressive. For example, pearl shadows can distinguish the middle of the upper eyelid, making the look seem more open, and makeup - a little easier.

Shadows for every skin type

This criterion is more interested in those who are prone to allergies. A mark on the hypoallergenic shadows should be found on the packaging means.

In addition, individual products are designed for different levels of skin fat. However, this division is very conditional, since the skin of the eyelids is not distinguished by a high level of fat content, even among those who acquire other products for oily skin.

Having defined the criteria that are correct for oneself, one can proceed to the selection of shadows.

Eyeshadow selection criteria

  • Texture eye shadow is liquid, crumbly and creamy (compact), so-called baked eye shadows, which are highly resistant, also enjoy the special love of women.
  • Color palette Each manufacturer is different, but the basic cold and warm colors are present in each brand. As a rule, you should focus on the color of your eyes and hair, as well as on the natural skin tone.
  • Presence of shimmers (flickering particles) give the eyes shine and brilliance, and their absence in matte shadows makes the makeup natural and sophisticated.
  • Equipmenteye shadow usually depends on the manufacturer, but most brands complement the box with a sponge applicator or brush.

What shadows should you buy?

A huge assortment of eye-shadows of different color palette and texture can confuse even sophisticated make-up lovers. For this reason, it would be more correct to identify those factors that should be avoided with the purchase:

  • If you wear contact lenses, it is better to give up the friable shadows that are more prone to flaking.
  • With an age-related make-up, it is necessary to avoid any shadows with a flickering effect that can emphasize even the smallest wrinkles.
  • If you regularly use eye shadow in your makeup, do not purchase this product with a short shelf life. As a rule, shadows are spent sparingly, and after a certain time can cause irritation and allergic reactions.
  • In the absence of experience in applying shadows, you should not immediately acquire the liquid version, since it is necessary to shade them very quickly (otherwise they wither), and without the skill it is not easy to do this.

For the perfect make-up

Cream shadows have long gained fame as one of the most stable and reliable, not crumbling, not rubbed, not rolling down even throughout the day (of course, subject to the choice of a quality product).

With their help, creating a full-fledged make-up is a real pleasure, because everything can be done as quickly as possible. In addition, these shadows are very versatile, they are used as a standalone product, and instead of the liner, and also, if necessary, as a highlighter or rouge. Here, really, the miracle of the cosmetic industry!

But before you start experiments with makeup, you should definitely learn how to apply such a tool. Many girls think it is as simple as possible - type using an applicator and shade over the surface of the eyelid. And this is the main mistake. This technique is applicable only for dry shadows, and in the case of creamy such “manipulations” will only lead to the fact that the tool spreads and falls unevenly.

The ideal option is to put the product on the finger and lightly pat it into the eyelid. Another important condition for a perfect make up is that the eyelids should be clean and dry. If they are powdered, there is a risk that the shadows will start to blur.

MegaEffect, Avon

Let's start with inexpensive ones. And I must say that this is not the case when cheap means bad. Miniature neat jars hold 3.5 g of highly pigmented product. Even the lightest shades will be clearly visible on the eyes.

With this makeup, you can even go to a pool party and not be afraid of being taken aback by the sudden rain, because the texture is waterproof. High temperatures are not terrible for such a product, because your summer makeup will remain perfect for a long time.

Maybelline Color Tatoo 24, Maybelline

This bestseller. The line consists of 14 shades, saturated and juicy. Gel texture allows you to easily apply the tool and mix several tones at the same time if necessary.

The name Color Tatoo was not chosen by chance, it is used in the manufacture of technology, as for pigment tattoos, so you can be sure of durability.

In the premium segment

Dry shades from MAC are among the most used by professional makeup artists. The color palette is characterized by the possibility of wide application of the product. It can be a light base for day makeup, accent or semitone - in the evening version. Excellent shadows in order to emphasize the bend of the eyebrows, in this case, the application is assumed directly under the eyebrow.

Each shade is available in an individual jar with a tight-fitting lid.

Shadows are economical consumption and good level of resistance. Suitable for owners of oily skin.

  • Professional quality tools,
  • Efficiency,
  • Versatile shades,
  • Good durability, not prone to spreading,
  • Shadows do not roll in the folds of the century.
  • The risk of scattering shadows when opening,
  • The need to carry a brush or a special applicator for convenient and accurate application to the eyelid.

The price level of funds - 1700 rubles.

How to apply friable shadows correctly - in the video:

Compact shadows from Nouba - this is an opportunity to purchase four shades in harmony with each other in a convenient palette. In addition to the shadows themselves in the package is a built-in mirror and two applicators. The main part of the palettes of this series is pearl shadows, but there are also matte shades.

Shadows do not require applying a base for make-up, therefore, suitable for owners of skin prone to fat. The product is positioned hypoallergenic.

  • Wide palette of shades, including matte and mother of pearl,
  • Compact packaging with everything necessary for applying a product (mirror, applicators),
  • The uniform application is ensured by the delicate texture of the shadows.
  • Not identified.

The average cost is 1500 rubles.

By the way, the Nouba product range includes a wide range of compact eye shadows, there are mono-shadows, and also tools in the layout in 2 shades.

Overview of several shadows from the manufacturer - in the video:

The line of mono-shadows of the Lancome company is represented by 5 shades of pigment in a compact package. Each of the flowers has a pearl overflow. The texture of the tool is quite dense, when used, it shows decent durability, the shadows do not crumble.

For the application does not require the use of a base under the makeup, which means that the shadows will be an excellent choice for women with oily skin.

A double-sided applicator with a different width of the working surface is attached to the shadows. You can draw spectacular "arrows" with a pointed tip.

  • Tremendous stamina, shadows last more than 8 hours,
  • Easy to apply and shade
  • After drawing possess pearl shimmer,
  • Compact packaging with integrated mirror and double-sided applicator.
  • A modest number of shades in the line.

The average cost is 2000 rubles.

This product is a creamy shade, decorated in the form of a pencil. This is a great way to use the shadows not only to cover the whole eyelid, but also to highlight its individual sections, form “arrows” and design the eyelash growth line.

Such packaging is the ability to quickly apply shadows without additional tools (brushes or applicators), the convenience of wearing with them.

  • High durability, including moisture resistance,
  • The attractive shine of most shades
  • Simplicity and speed in drawing,
  • Convenient packaging for wearing in a cosmetic bag.
  • For application, you must have a mirror. Pencil packaging does not contain it.

The average price is 2500 rubles.

Test shadows, as well as other interesting products from the manufacturer - in the video:

In terms of their cost, liquid shadows from the Swiss cosmetics brand Mavala are on the border between the premium and the economy of the decorative cosmetics market segments. However, the high quality of the product allows to refer them to a more status group.

In addition to the various colors of solutions, in the line - 16 shades, these liquid shadows have quite good care properties. In their composition - amino acids of silk, which guarantees not only a pleasant tactile sensation when applied, but also moisturizing the skin.

The texture of the shadows is easy, socks are very stable, do not roll. Suitable for skin prone to fat.

  • The pleasure to apply, thanks to the delicate texture of the shadows,
  • Slight shine effect
  • A variety of shades from nude to evening options,
  • Care properties: moisturizing, smoothing small wrinkles,
  • Not bad stamina.
  • Not detected.

The average cost is 1000 rubles.

In the mass segment

Crisp shadows from the company NYX - this is an opportunity to achieve the necessary effect almost anywhere. Convenience is provided by the packaging means. The limiter with which the tube is provided does not allow the shadows to crumble and guarantees the dosed application of pigment. At the same time, it can be removed and then the shadows can be applied in the traditional way for a crumbly consistency - with a brush. All shades have a pearly luster, its depth on the eyelid may differ from the density of the layer and feathering. It is advisable to use a special basic tool.

  • Shadows are resistant, do not spread,
  • An interesting range of colors,
  • Easy application without brush,
  • Light texture.
  • All advantages in terms of sustainability will be achieved only when using a base under makeup,
  • Included is a mirror.

The average price is 500 rubles.

One of the shades of the product in makeup:

Cream shadows from the popular brand Maybelline - this is the ease of application and a variety of shades. The texture of the shadows allows you to hide the small irregularities of the century, to emphasize the anatomical features. Shadows do not spread. The stability of the shadows can be achieved only when applied to the base, but it is important to know that in this case they will be quite difficult to shade.

  • Easy application even without the use of special brushes,
  • Deep shades
  • Resistance when applied to the base,
  • Shadows do not flow.
  • When applied directly to the eyelid, the shadows can become clogged, which will significantly worsen the overall look of the makeup,
  • No built-in mirror in the package.

The cost is about 400 rubles.

Review of popular shades - in the video:

Paint Pot, MAC

Sufficiently high price often scares off potential buyers. But it is fully justified by the quality. The manufacturer’s stated persistence for the whole day is confirmed by the experience of using many girls. In addition, this product is 2in1, it contains both the base and the color pigment itself, which means that it is not necessary to put preparatory preparations on the eyelid. Paint Pot is considered to be among the best.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes, Tom Ford

Plastic and soft to the touch, they literally after a few seconds freeze on the eyelid and remain there without the slightest change for a very long time. 8 shades in beige and brown are suitable for classic make-up and make-up in nude shades. And for those who love more brightly, the brand periodically releases limited series of succulent persistent tones.

Givenchy Ombre Couture, Givenchy

Products of the luxury segment, characterized by high quality, which, of course, affects the price. Light texture helps to easily use the shadows to create a variety of makeup. Brazilian wax, which is part, provides maximum durability, and the quartz particles give an incredible shine and the most pleasant sensations.

To create images for special occasions, there is also a top transparent coating with glitter in the ruler.

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre, Chanel

An ideal example of the quality of the highest sample of French cosmetics. Silky texture with the effect of powdered makes the shadow imperceptible on the eyelids. Included with the jar is a special brush with a beveled cut of bristles that allows you to ideally apply the tool and use it as a liner, making neat lines.

Cream eyeshadow - must-have modern girl who wants to look perfect, without spending a lot of time on perfect makeup. The only thing worth remembering when purchasing such a product is that after using the jar it should be securely closed, otherwise the mousse will quickly lose its plastic texture. Make the right choice and be irresistible!