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Contraindications and consequences of Elos epilation, how not to harm your body in pursuit of beauty

  • Elos procedure does not take much time and is well tolerated by all skin types.
  • The procedure is almost painless.
  • It carries minimal risk of burns and depigmentation.
  • Gives you the opportunity to get rid of blond hair, against which other types of epilation are powerless (for example, Elos epilation of the upper lip allows you to remove the gun hair).
  • Elos hair removal combines the achievements of other hair removal technologies - photo, electro, and laser hair removal.

How is the session

Before the procedure begins, the doctor will carefully examine you and ask you a few questions. In particular, he will find out what type of skin you have, what hair you are sick with and what is the general state of health at the time of therapy. Focusing on the collected information, the doctor will adjust the intensity of exposure during the procedure.

The procedure itself is as follows. You sit comfortably on a couch, wear special dark glasses to protect your eyes, and then apply a contact gel on your skin. After that, the doctor begins to treat the skin with short but strong flashes of light. Pain while you almost do not feel. Plus, the skin is further cooled, and this well reduces its sensitivity. Clients compare their feelings with “hot tweaks” or “clicks”, and each such “micro-plugs” lasts only a fraction of a second.

In total, a session of Elos hair removal takes from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours - it all depends on the area of ​​the body, as well as the individual type and structure of the hair. So, Elos bikini hair removal lasts on average about 40 minutes.

Duration of therapy

Under the influence of the laser, only those hair follicles that are currently in the active growth stage are damaged. And this means that complete hair removal will require 6-8 procedures, which should be carried out at 1-2-month intervals. Only during such a period can all the follicles in the selected area of ​​the skin be destroyed.

The final result is influenced by such factors as the individual properties of hair, the state of hormonal levels, genetic characteristics, the current state of the body. If the hair is thin and light, then a greater number of procedures will be required, if dark, a smaller number.

The good news: on the treated areas of the body, hair disappears gradually - over the next 3-4 weeks, so your skin may well remain clean until the next elos procedure.

The presence of unwanted hair.
The presence of ingrown hair.
The desire to get rid of colorless hair ("fluff" over the lip).
The procedure is indicated for men who get irritated every time after shaving.
The effect of "blue beard" in men - when the hair roots shine through the skin on the shaved face, which gives the skin a blue tint.


  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Cancer (skin or any other type, currently or in history, as well as precancerous conditions).
  • Metal implants located in the area of ​​intended exposure.
  • Implanted pacemaker.
  • Pigment neoplasm treatment is excluded.
  • Porphyria, systemic lupus erythematosus, epilepsy in history, as well as other diseases whose seizures can be triggered by the light of the wavelength used in epilation.
  • Herpes simplex and other diseases in history, which can be triggered by thermal radiation. In principle, Elos epilation for patients with similar diseases can be used, but always with the necessary preventive measures.
  • Poorly controlled endocrine diseases - diabetes, polycystic ovary, etc.
  • Keloid scars, a specific history of wound healing, skin diseases, extremely dry or fragile skin.
  • Therapy is excluded in those parts of the skin where disease processes are actively occurring - with psoriasis, eczema.
  • The use of anticoagulants.
  • The use of drugs that increase the sensitivity (tetracyclines, isotritinoin, St. John's wort, etc.).
  • The use of drugs that stimulate hair growth.
  • Surgical intervention in the area of ​​the intended impact over the past 3 months.
  • Tweezing or waxing in the last 4 weeks.
  • If in the face area laser correction or deep chemical peeling was performed, then Elos epilation can be performed not earlier than in 3 months.

Possible side effects

  • Sometimes - the appearance of minor burns that heal quickly without a trace.
  • Redness of the skin - also passes very quickly.
  • Inflammation of the hair follicle, or folliculitis - passes in the near future.
  • Burning - quickly passes.

Most of those who have completed the course of therapy report a complete cessation of hair growth. In others, hair growth is significantly reduced, which makes this procedure incredibly popular in our time.
Feedback from people who have undergone this procedure is amazing. All of them point out the painlessness of the procedure, its lightness and simplicity. Here are some of the reviews:

“Epilation of the bikini area and upper lip has always been a painful process, but thanks to Elos epilation, this procedure now passes quickly and is almost not felt. After it, hair growth has noticeably slowed down, and therefore, epilation should be carried out much less frequently than normal. All this made me a fan of this procedure. ”

“I didn’t decide on elos epilation for a long time because I didn’t know what to expect from this procedure. My fears were in vain, after the epilation in the bikini area on the skin there was absolutely no irritation (before it seemed to me that the irritation was a constant companion of epilation). Within two weeks, the treated hairs fell out, in their place grow new ones, which are not so tough. The doctor promised that after a few procedures you can forget about unwanted hair forever - I look forward to this moment with impatience. ”

What it is and how the method works

99% of women face the problem of getting rid of excess body hair. Elos epilation is one of the most recent discoveries of science in the field of cosmetology.

It was invented by Israeli scientists more than 10 years ago.

The work of this modern and promising hardware method is based on the principle of the complex effect of light, electricity and radio frequency waves.

The combined impact of these three factors is made exactly on the hair to be removed to its root - the follicles and destroys it. After this, the nourishment of the hair stops, it dies and after a while falls out.

In the case that the hair distribution does not resume at the expense of the bulbs that were at rest, but then awakened, it is recommended to conduct additional sessions of epilation with a cosmetologist.

It happens that 3-5 procedures are enough to forget about your former hairiness forever. Sometimes the number of impacts on waste vegetation reaches a dozen.

The exact figure of possible visits to the salons can be found only after a weighted analysis of the situation and direct consultation with a cosmetologist, whom you decide to entrust yourself, your face and figure.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive moments in Elos epilation are:

    the ability to remove hair from all over the body, including particularly tender armpits and bikini areas,

  • comfortable conditions,
  • good results with hairs of any type (light, red, thin), unlike other methods that affect only dark and coarse,
  • high percentage of effectiveness of the procedure,
  • short time of influence of the apparatus on the body,
  • lack of skin contact and exposure to the follicle directly through the hair,
  • relative painlessness, especially compared to photo-epilation, shugaring or waxing,
  • almost complete absence of side effects after applying this method.
  • Among the minuses are called:

    • high prices, since at present ELOS procedure is the most expensive of all types of epilation,
    • the need for repeated sessions (on the upper lip, chin - about 10 procedures, on the legs - 6-8),
    • inability to carry out Elos epilation at home.

    And how much the procedure for non-injection mesotherapy is in demand and what results it gives you will find out here.

    Well, for those who want to learn the usefulness of photorejuvenation sessions, we recommend to look here.

    In what cases the procedure will be ineffective.

    The greatest danger to reduce efforts to get rid of this aesthetic defect is to act irresponsibly when choosing a place (salon or clinic) where procedures are planned.

    With insufficient qualifications of a doctor or an outdated apparatus that has developed its life, the process of getting rid of excess hair can be not only ineffective, but also capable of doing real harm.

    The professionalism of the doctor is required in order to select the exact parameters of exposure for each individual patient.

    Moreover, even during the procedure itself, the technician requires on-line adjustments and adjustments.

    The desire of some companies to save money and use devices with nozzles that have used their resources, and therefore largely idle, also leads to low efficiency.

    Elos epilation will be ineffective when not strictly following all the tips and instructions given by a competent cosmetician on behavior before and after epilation.

    So, if the terms of repeated procedures are violated, the process of hair growth can begin anew, which levels the results of the work already done.

    Likewise, pulling out hairs during the period between procedures can ruin a case, since at this time only shaving or removing them with creams is allowed.

    The quality of the result of Elos epilation will be influenced by the genetic or hormonal characteristics of the organism, as well as the color and structure of the hair.

    Who should not use this type of hair removal

    The method is recommended for both men and women suffering from a high degree of body hair coverage.

    This procedure is one of the most painless, therefore it is the only one that can be suitable for people suffering from a lowered threshold of pain perception.

    Sometimes this and only this method is able to eliminate such a cosmetic defect as a “blue beard”, which results when hairs grow under the skin and cannot shave them.

    There are a number of contraindications to the method:

    • insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus,
    • oncology of any stage
    • weakened immune system
    • inflammatory skin diseases, especially in the period of exacerbation,
    • the presence of foreign inclusions in the body (pacemakers, stents, gold reinforcement threads),
    • hormonal diseases,
    • the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding,
    • hypertension, frequent crises,
    • epilepsy,
    • recent procedures on the skin (hair removal by other methods, strong tan, scrubbing, peeling).

    In the absence of contraindications and prohibitions on the part of specialists, recording the procedure will not bring you disappointment and harm.

    Probability of harmful effects

    The probability of a negative effect of Elos epilation on the body is small. The method is quite selective: only on the hair follicle. The skin is not damaged.

    All unplanned deviations from the expected result can occur mainly from errors of personnel actions and incorrect use of the device.

    There are cases of allergic reactions to nervous stress. With such a development of events, conventional sedatives are advised.

    If you are hypersensitive to pain medication or an allergy to light impulses, you should inform the specialist at the preparatory consultation stage.

    In order to prevent it, it can prescribe antihistamines.

    After epilation, you may encounter herpes symptoms and other inflammatory processes on the skin, but they are short-lived and are eliminated by taking antiviral drugs both in advance (2-3 days) and after the procedure (3-4 days).

    Here are some possible skin reactions and inflammatory processes that may occur after Elos epilation:

    Side effects

    The consequences of Elos epilation can be divided into positive and negative.

    With the correct and qualified procedure, the effect is achieved, for which the patient came:

    • Hair removal in the areas where the treatment took place. Little of! A few sessions can permanently relieve this problem.
    • Soften the skin, increase its smoothness and elasticity. This happens due to the fact that under the influence of laser-wave point irradiation, the production of beauty collagen fibers is activated.

    But each organism is individual, its reaction to this or that intervention cannot be foreseen with one hundred percent accuracy. For this reason, you may encounter the following negative side effects:

    • skin redness
    • swelling,
    • rash,
    • irritations
    • blisters (very rare).

    If you do not follow the recommended behavior before Elos epilation, the likelihood of skin irritation increases, but usually these side effects are eliminated in 2-3 hours. Maximum - 3 days.

    The appearance of hyperpigmentation when epilation sites hit the bright sunlight during a period of 2-3 weeks after hair removal.

    And of course it is unacceptable to use the solarium during the day after the procedure. The consequences will be redness and even burns.

    During pregnancy and breastfeeding

    Pregnancy (as well as breastfeeding a child) is quite a difficult period in its unpredictability in a woman’s life.

    There is a connection between mother and child at all levels, from the direct physical to the mental. It is not recommended to carry out experiments during this period in order to avoid the risk of harm to the fetus or to the already born baby.

    First, any pain felt by mom can negatively affect. And even a slight pinching at epilation can still injure the child through the body of a pregnant woman.

    Secondly, Elos epilation is associated with short-term and gentle, but still irradiation. For this reason, the impact of any apparatus on the bikini area, as well as on the axillary regions, is strictly prohibited due to the proximity of the lymph nodes there.

    Thirdly, the probability of recurrence of old sores, for example, thrush, is great, which is highly undesirable for carrying and lactating period.

    And about the effectiveness and mechanism of action of magnetic therapy, what treats and what are its indications for use in cosmetology, you can read here.

    We also suggest finding out how hyaluronic acid used for the laser biorevitalization procedure smooths fine wrinkles, improves skin color and elasticity.

    What is not recommended after the sessions

    No matter how benign the ELOS procedure is, it is to some extent a medical and cosmetic procedure. The body gets a more or less light degree of stress. Therefore, you should follow some rules:

    • To help avoid additional injury to your own body, you should eliminate for 3-5 days (or better for a week) exposure to elevated temperatures - hot baths, baths and saunas.
    • It is recommended to postpone fitness, active sports, avoid physical overload.
    • In the case of regrowth of individual hairs in any case, do not pull out them, because the entire effect of hair removal can fade. It is allowed between sessions to use a razor or depilatory creams.
    • And the most important thing is to postpone tanning for 2 weeks, both natural and in tanning beds. In this case, any appearance on the street, even on an overcast day, is best accompanied by the application of sunscreen creams.

    When determining by a cosmetologist the need for a course of treatment, this schedule should not be disturbed.

    Hairiness is the cause of insecurity and complexes among a huge number of women both in our country and abroad.

    And what lady does not want to hit the smooth, velvety and smooth skin of her arms and legs? Doctors, cosmetologists come to the rescue with their latest and most modern devices and methods.

    Thoughtful, careful weighing of all the pros and cons, knowledge of the subtleties and distinctive features of methods of getting rid of the cosmetic defect of excess hair will help the beauties to stay in great shape for many years.

    And in conclusion, we invite you to watch a video in which the cosmetologist will tell you about the Elos epilation procedure:

    About the process of hair removal Elos-hair removal

    When this type of hair removal is performed, the hair follicles are destroyed by a simultaneous exposure to current and a high-frequency light pulse. This technology makes it possible to provide more reliable protection of the skin through careful control over the intensity of certain influences. This, in turn, makes it possible to minimize irritation and damage to the skin.

    Indications and Contraindications

    The following reasons may be indications for the procedure of Elos hair removal:

    • Presence of ingrown hairs,
    • Повышенная чувствительность и сопутствующее раздражение кожных покровов при регулярном бритье,
    • Наличие так называемой «голубой бороды» — когда после бритья волосы становятся особенно заметны сквозь кожный слой,
    • The presence of unwanted vegetation in certain places.

    One of the bright contraindications to the implementation of such a procedure may be the following reasons:

    • Allergic reactions to light,
    • Wearing heart muscle stimulants,
    • Elos epilation is prohibited during periods of pregnancy and lactation,
    • During the previous 2-3 months, procedures aimed at skin rejuvenation using chemical peeling or laser,
    • The presence of cochlear implants or diabetes,
    • Infections provoked by herpes, or that are triggered by skin disorders,
    • Wearing metal implants
    • Oncology,
    • Weak immunity indicators, provided drug treatment or human immunodeficiency virus,
    • Precancerous stage of the skin,
    • Elos epilation is not performed if there are problems with clotting,
    • The presence of epilepsy, lupus or porphyria,
    • Severe ailments of internal organs.

    What is Elos epilation

    Elos epilation and preparation for the procedure will require a series of examinations to identify contraindications and allergic reactions to light. In general, it will be sufficient for a specialist to familiarize himself with the patient's medical record and conduct a short survey In rare cases, it may be necessary to pass additional tests or undergo a detailed examination. Each case for each specialist is a unique case.

    A patient who has received the approval of a specialist for carrying out an epilation of hair removal and is prepared for it, is placed in a comfortable chair and is given dark glasses. A special transparent gel is applied to the skin by the doctor, designed to cool the skin. Also, this gel helps to increase the light transmittance of the skin.

    Next, the specialist starts the treatment of the skin using short and strong flashes of light, which are designed to destroy the hair follicle. The procedure is possible thanks to the latest and modern devices designed to generate just such flashes. And this is not all types of hair removal.

    After the Elos-epilation is completed, a special caring composition is applied to the areas exposed to light. Elos epilation is relatively painless. The patient may feel only tingling sensations. In this case, the procedure eliminates the aggressive effects, and therefore the usual way of life will not require making adjustments and a long recovery. For the duration of one procedure will take up to 120 minutes. This is affected by the size of the cover area required for processing.

    Frequency and effect

    In order to permanently get rid of unwanted hair, you will need to complete a full course of sessions of the type of Elos hair removal. This is due to the fact that each individual session is characterized by the impact only on the hair, which is in the phase of active growth. The intervals between the individual sessions will be established by a specialist depending on the period of ripening of the bulbs. The average figure is up to 8 weeks.

    Those who only decide on the procedure, ask the question: "How many elos-epilation procedures are needed?". Their number will depend on one or another part of the body that is exposed to light, but the total number cannot exceed 10. The effect of holding it will last for 5 whole years! After that, Elos hair removal can be safely repeated.

    Difference from other hair removal options

    Elos hair removal is suitable for people who want to remove unwanted hairs for a long and fast method. Such a manipulation resembles a laser technique. Consider the differences in more detail:

    Effectiveness in most cases depends only on the master and his skills. When performing the procedure, the electrode must fall specifically into the follicle. Only with such an impact, it will be completely removed. When the beautician does not possess the necessary skill, then there will be no effectiveness.

    Hair removal with the help of highly pulsed light is suitable for those who have dark hair and fair skin. These characteristics guarantee the greatest result. Elos hair removal in this case contains a significant superiority, because it removes both small and lighter hairs. For example, when removing facial hairs, this factor is considered to be a significant superiority. The operations of destruction of hair follicles take a lot of time, because the greatest number of sessions is necessary, and allergic reactions can also occur.

    Elos or laser technique

    These 2 types of procedure have minor differences. The distinctive characteristics include: the number of operations, performance, cost. The action of the laser is aimed only at the hairs, and Elos epilation affects the hair and skin near the hairs. The result of hair removal and the consequences depend on the care and competence of the service in the salon. First of all, pay attention to the following indicators:

    The salon should be an expert in this procedure. Mandatory and preparatory conversation between the master and the client. In this case, the cosmetologist should check with the visitor about the existing diseases, any allergic manifestations, you were at a consultation with an endocrinologist and a gynecologist. The absence of such questions can be a guard, so it’s worth considering whether it is worthwhile to carry out a procedure in this particular salon.

    The presence of the required devices: the unit, a disinfectant, a special gel with a cooling effect, as well as to soften the skin and of course the presence of sunglasses.
    In the beauty salon should be clean, as devices, and in the workplace.

    House procedure

    Today, Elos hair removal is performed in everyday circumstances. However, consulting a doctor is required before starting the operation. Initially, before starting Elos epilation, study in detail how the device works. In the manual, you can find a detailed scheme of the procedure in different areas of the body. It is also important to choose a mode based on the type of skin and hair structure.

    To avoid unpleasant sensations, as well as undesirable consequences, you need to start from the most lightweight mode. First, find out the susceptibility of the skin to this unit. The device itself can be applied to any area of ​​the body, including in different directions. Consider the main features of manipulation in domestic circumstances:

    • 60 days before the procedure it is necessary to eliminate the laser effect and chemical peeling,
    • for 30 days, refrain from exposure to sunlight on the skin,
    • during the week try not to injure the skin. Do not irritate her with cleansing, do not expand the pores by steaming, avoid hypothermia,
    • for 3 days, use a razor to the length of the procedure on the day of the hair was about 3 mm.

    What kind of care is needed after the procedure?

    A woman should always look after her skin; naturally, after a hair removal procedure, care is also required. Therefore, in order to guarantee 100% care of the skin, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the following recommendations:

    1. During the month sunburn is prohibited, including direct exposure to sunlight. In any case, you can not do without sunscreen.
    2. In the course of 3 days it is not necessary to expose the body to the influence of metered radiation in a tanning bed.
    3. Repeat operations only after a period of time set by the doctor - not earlier!
    4. The hairs growing between sessions should be shaved or removed with a depilatory cream, but do not use tweezers or wax.

    Elos epilation is an up-to-date method of hair removal, only under the supervision of a specialist. This process will give the best result when all the necessary precautions are taken, as well as with experience with the device. It is better to abandon devices for home use, because with the slightest inaccuracy, the result will definitely not please you, but only aggravate the situation. All the consequences will be very difficult to eliminate the master.

    In what ways it makes no sense to epilate

    The result of the operation depends not only on the impeccability of the method, the training of medical personnel, but also on the condition of the patient’s organs. You can count on really positive results after cosmetic manipulation after you know for sure that you have no health problems. Given the fact that hair growth is associated with hormones and depends on the operation of this system, then epilation of elos is possible only when the hormone rate is normal.

    Also do not forget that in the process of restructuring hormonal background (mainly pregnancy, lactation or termination of pregnancy), including the period of menopause, the result will also be imperceptible. As for taking hormonal drugs of any form of release, their use may also turn out to be an unfortunate result after the procedure. You should not rely on the result when the client is in constant stress.

    Elos epilation is in great demand in our country. All clients, having tried this method of hair removal, respond to the procedure as a very successful method and point out one of the advantages - a combination of cost and quality. A huge plus, no doubt, is the probability of getting rid of unwanted hair forever. People who have applied to this method of hair removal are very grateful to the experts of aesthetic medicine, and negative responses are caused by poor-quality service and the irresponsibility of the cosmetologist when studying the contraindications of the client.

    Often, those who are just thinking about conducting this type of hair removal are interested in issues affecting the periods of preparation for the procedure. It is necessary to take into account the fact that women and girls may need to visit a gynecologist and an endocrinologist before performing elos-epilation. This, as noted earlier, will depend on the requirements of the doctor and the results of the preliminary consultation.

    "Beginners" are also interested in the issues of painful procedure. It is worth noting that Elos epilation is a relatively painless procedure and the whole process of combating unwanted hair is accompanied only by a slight tingling.

    A kind of hot tingling may be felt, but short-term so much so that after a couple of seconds, nothing but heat will remain from tingling. Modern models of equipment designed to carry out the type of hair removal in question are equipped with special nozzles, which make the procedure as painless as possible and avoid the formation of redness and burns on the skin.

    After the full course

    When the procedure is carried out in full and in accordance with the technology with the observance of the conditions of a specialist, which are put forward during the initial visit to the cosmetology centers, the patient eventually gets a stable result: the skin becomes smooth, soft and clean.

    In conclusion, I would like to note that the independent conduct of such a type of hair removal is highly undesirable. Elos hair removal will require some of the skills and abilities often only qualified specialists possess, which means that using the equipment yourself can and most likely lead to adverse consequences. In connection with the general availability of most hair removal procedures, and Elos, it is better and easier for yourself to go to the medical center. Also, if you want to get the absolute smooth body will help Brazilian hair removal.

    So, Elos hair removal is currently a particularly common and popular service provided by beauty salons. Anyone can apply for such a procedure. It is only important to understand what the procedure requires from you, as a patient, and only then think about what the result will be. Be healthy!

    Essence of the method

    The hair removal device emits IPL-wideband pulsed light and radio wave bipolar current (RF). During this powerful radiation the following processes occur:

    • the energy directed to the hair shaft heats and destroys its follicle,
    • careful and very careful epilation of elos is based on a point technique, which allows you not to touch the skin around the hair, so the occurrence of burns and age spots is excluded,
    • the device assumes a cooling system for the skin, which, even at high temperatures, treatment of the follicle eliminates severe pain.

    Apparatus cosmetology, practicing this method, ensures that Elos hair removal is a gentle, neat, almost painless hair removal that will quickly get rid of unwanted hair on the body forever. In addition, this technique in parallel with its main function takes care of the treated area. After several treatments, you can notice that the skin has become smooth, velvety and incredibly elastic.


    Since the procedure is quite serious, preparation for it will require patients to do the following:

    • visiting tanning beds and active insolation approximately 2 weeks prior to epilation (and the same time after),
    • the day before you need to shave the area to be treated,
    • Before a session, a cosmetologist may advise you to consult an endocrinologist, a breast specialist or a gynecologist, which will depend on the characteristics of each organism individually.

    As you can see, preparation for epilation does not represent anything difficult: practically everyone who does not have contraindications to this method can use this effective method.

    Who recommended such hair removal? Safe elos hair removal has a variety of indications:

    • facial hair, which is constantly growing and is not eliminated by any other methods,
    • vegetation in the armpits,
    • in the bikini area,
    • on your feet or arms
    • increased vegetation on the chest and back (in men).

    So, Elos hair removal can be recommended to absolutely anyone who wants to permanently get rid of the hair on his body and have a silky rather than prickly skin. Moreover, this technique is actively used to remove hair, even from the male body.


    Like any hardware procedure, Elos hair removal has a number of contraindications, in the presence of which it is better not to resort to such hair disposal:

    • lactation,
    • pregnancy,
    • hypertension,
    • lupus erythematosus,
    • scleroderma,
    • oncology,
    • diabetes,
    • epilepsy,
    • skin diseases
    • blood diseases
    • allergic reaction,
    • metal implants.

    Effects of epilation epilation

    A very important point: what consequences can be expected from the procedure?

    • after the entire course, the follicles of all hair will be destroyed, so that the hair on the treated area will never appear again,
    • no black spots, small hairs, "hemp" will no longer disfigure the skin,
    • skin will become soft, silky to the touch,
    • You can forget about painful methods of hair removal forever and get rid of the problem of unwanted vegetation.

    In many ways, the results will depend on the number of procedures performed.

    How many sessions are needed

    The goal of any beauty is getting rid of body hair forever. Therefore, the question is quite understandable, and how many sessions of epilation do you need to not think about this problem again? Everything will depend on the treated area:

    • for the upper lip or chin you will need at least 10 sessions,
    • for underarms - 3-4 (the session will take no more than 15 minutes),
    • for legs (the longest procedure, which takes up to 1.5 hours) and bikini zones (half an hour for processing) - up to 8 procedures.

    If you have patience and hold a full course, you can forget about painful wax epilation or a terrible razor, which many women probably do not have the most pleasant impressions. Now, when there is an elos epilation, you can provide your body with the most comfortable relief from unwanted vegetation and enjoy its delicate and velvety skin, without traumatizing it, until the end of life.

    The essence of the technique

    The basis of Elos-hair removal includes laser technology, electro and photo epilation. The method combines three ways, this means that this technology is among the most effective.

    During the procedure, hairs are removed using special equipment. High-tech impact occurs simultaneously with the use of light pulse and radio wave energy.

    As a result, the following processes occur:

    • light energy destroys the hair follicle, then it receives an electric current, which eliminates the bulb,
    • point technology allows not to affect the area around the hair, so eliminated the risk of burns,
    • the apparatus provides cooling of the skinBecause of this, there is no pain even at high temperatures.

    The technique not only gently and permanently removes unwanted hairs, in parallel, Elos-epilation favorably affects the skin, the treated area becomes smooth and even. For this reason, technology is used for anti-aging purposes.

    How is the procedure

    For elos epilation no long preparation is necessary. The day before the manipulation you need to shave off the hair in the area where the removal is planned.

    30 days before epilation you cannot use an electric epilator and do wax epilation. Усики над губой лучше не сбривать самостоятельно, это сделает косметолог.

    Как делают Элос-эпиляцию? Процедура проводится по определенной схеме. Рассмотрим основные этапы:

    • The client lies on the couch, protective glasses are put on his eyes. The specialist applies a special anesthetic gel to the hair removal area.
    • The device processes the desired area of ​​the skin. The client usually sees only flashes of light - hair follicles are destroyed.
    • At the end of the procedure, the beautician applies panthenol to the skin.

    How much is the deletion? It depends on the skin area, for example, an average bikini zone takes 40–45 minutes on average.

    After the first session, the first hairs appear on the skin, but they are not alive, so after they reach the surface they disappear. With each session hair getting thinner and their growth is slowing.

    How often can I do Elos hair removal? The break between sessions lasts from one and a half to two months. If the hair does not appear on this period, then we can talk about the end of the process. But experts recommend once a year to repeat the procedure for prevention.

    Elos epilation destroys the hair follicles in the “live” phase, after some time other hairs are activated, which were in a “sleeping” state during the procedure.

    Here are some photos with the results after the Elos-epilation:

    Care instructions

    After the Elos procedure it is important not to ignore the rules of careotherwise there is a risk of negative consequences. Basic rules of care:

    • It should not be in the active sun for two weeks after exposure to the device.
    • You can not sunbathe in the solarium and spend a long time under the open sunshine.
    • If the area of ​​removal can not be protected from sun exposure, then you should use a cream with a high sun-protection factor.
    • Within seven days after Elos-epilation, it is advisable not to use scrubs and skin chemicals. The use of moisturizers is not forbidden.
    • After the session, the growing hairs cannot be pulled out; they are only disposed of with a razor. In this case, use a razor can only be two days later.
    • You can not visit the sauna and bath. The limit is imposed for two weeks.

    In this video, you can learn more about what it is - Elos epilation, how it works and what the patient feels and does:

    Frequently asked questions and answers

    How does Elos hair removal affect health?

    If you follow the contraindications and precautions, the technology has a positive effect on the female reproductive system, improves the quality of the skin, improves blood circulation. In addition, there is evidence that the method has a positive effect on the reproductive system - there is a chance of getting pregnant.

    Is epilation shown on the antennae if titanium implants are in the jaw?

    Epilation in this way is possible with both dental implants and crowns.

    How does the Elos method affect tattoos? Can hair removal be performed on this tattooed area of ​​the body?

    Hair removal is possible, but some colors may become lighter.

    If there are many moles on the body, then the Elos method will not be dangerous?

    The specialist should cover every mole before the procedure. All moles should do without any impact.

    Elos hair removal is a safe and effective way to get rid of the vegetation on the body. But it is necessary to take into account contraindications and high cost of sessions

    Why unnecessary hair appears

    The cause of the appearance of excess hair in different parts of the female body is caused by the predominance of testosterone in the body - the male hormone and the increased sensitivity of hair follicles to its effect.

    Also unnecessary hairs appear for a reason:

    • the appearance of tumors in the adrenal glands, other diseases and pathologies,
    • state of pregnancy, accompanied by hormonal changes in the body, when androgens that stimulate hair growth are intensively produced,
    • the presence of a hereditary factor
    • stress and shock situations that adversely affect a woman’s health and promote the release of stress hormones, which can cause increased hair growth,
    • the presence of diseases of the endocrine system, etc.

    If the nature of the appearance of hair on the female body is not associated with endocrine diseases, then the fluff on the face and small antennae above the upper lip can be considered the norm. If a woman feels uncomfortable, then you can get rid of even a small vegetation with the help of Elos epilation of the face, arms, legs.

    Elos upper lip epilation

    This type of hair removal works very well with the vegetation above the upper lip. The method involves the simultaneous impact of radio frequency and light energy on it. This means that the impulse and current energy, under the influence of which the follicle is destroyed, is directed to the desired area.

    Scheme of the procedure:

    1. The hair is removed with a razor or scissors.
    2. The retina is protected by special glasses.
    3. A special gel is applied to the treated area to prevent irritation and burns.
    4. The specialist processes the desired area using the device for Elos hair removal.

    To completely get rid of the antennae over the upper lip forever, several procedures are required, repeated in 6-7 weeks and there is no doubt that the lifting effect is guaranteed.

    Elos bikini hair removal

    Epilation in the intimate area can be called a delicate procedure, and perform it for aesthetic and hygienic purposes. Regular shaving gives a short-term effect, and irritation and itching after the procedure cause discomfort.

    Using sugar paste or wax to remove hair in this area is quite a painful option, because Elos deep bikini hair removal is the best choice.

    If this method is chosen, then you should prepare for the procedure, in particular:

    • visit a doctor and preferably not one (gynecologist, breast specialist, endocrinologist) to conduct a survey in order to exclude contraindications to the procedure,
    • prepare the skin, including refusing to visit the beach, tanning bed, at least 2 weeks in advance,
    • shave the hairs with a razor 2 days before the procedure.

    A good specialist will carry out the procedure quickly and practically painlessly, after which he will apply a cooling cream on the skin, then set the date for the next visit. The total number of sessions to achieve a stable result will be 6-8.

    No special recommendations after the procedure will not be possible to live in the usual way.

    Elos hair removal at home and in the salon

    When performing the procedure yourself, you need to purchase the necessary components, including a cream with a cooling effect, glasses and a homemade elos epilator.

    Then you should properly prepare for the epilation of hair removal, it was already mentioned earlier. For the first time, it is better to perform this with the minimum settings of the device, which will allow to evaluate the sensitivity of the skin to it.

    But still it is necessary to make the procedure in a studio where qualified professionals work.

    Moreover, in beauty salons (studios, offices) there are often promotions that allow you to receive a coupon for carrying out procedures at a discount.

    Reviews of Elos epilation are mostly positive, since it can successfully get rid of hair (even ingrown) on the face and body, regardless of their color and skin type.

    How many procedures are needed on average? Here a number of certain factors should be taken into account, for example, in some cases 2-3 sessions are enough.

    What is the difference between elos hair removal and laser hair removal?

    If we compare such methods of removing excess hair as laser, elos and photoepilation, then each of them is quite effective. Elos combines these two options. Photoepilation and Elos hair removal are different in that in the first case we are talking about exposure to the hair follicle with a light beam, and in the second - with a light pulse and high-frequency current.

    Also the difference lies in the fact that:

    • Elos eliminates hair permanently, unlike photo-epilation,
    • photoepilation can cause burns, and elos is almost safe.

    Elos epilation or laser, what are the differences between them?

    • does not dry the skin,
    • requires fewer procedures, etc.

    What a person chooses to choose based on his own preferences and other factors, the main thing is not to be mistaken with the choice of a specialist who can perform the procedure while observing the necessary standards.

    Epilation for men

    Take advantage of the possibilities of Elos hair removal can and men who, for various reasons, do not need extra body hair, for example in mind:

    • the specifics of their profession,
    • natural features
    • the appearance of irritations after shaving, etc.

    A stronger floor is more likely to get rid of facial or neck hair, chest, underarms, and back.

    In principle, the rules of preparation and carrying out procedures for women and men are similar, the only and main difference is its duration, which is explained by more “lush vegetation” on the male body.
    In any case, it is necessary to carry out hair removal, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

    What is Elos hair removal

    Before you decide on the procedure for removing unwanted vegetation, it is worth knowing what is Elos hair removal.

    The term ELOS means that the method combines the effects of light and electromagnetic energy. Light affects melanin in hair structures, causing its shaft to collapse as a result of uniform heating. Electric current destroys the vascular components of the hair follicle. This combination increases the effectiveness of the procedure by 30%. Follicles in this case are completely destroyed. The probability of their recovery and re-growth of hair is minimized.

    How safe is elos hair removal, what it is and whether the method is suitable, you can figure out by studying the methodology in more detail. Apparatus for the procedure are equipped with an innovative cooling system and power control, depending on the thickness of the hair and the amount of pigment. This makes the hair removal process painless and safe. The method can be applied without fear on any parts of the body, including the most sensitive ones. Hair thickness does not affect the result.

    How does elos hair removal

    Optical and radio wave energy destroys the hair follicle. This method of epilation has a lasting effect due to the complete and irrevocable destruction of the hair follicle, which guarantees smooth skin for 4 months without damage and ingrown hair. Light rays warm up the hair follicle, and RF waves at high temperatures destroy chemical compounds in the structure of the follicle and hair shaft without damaging the epithelium.

    Thus, optical and electrical energy potentiate each other, which allows to reduce the power of optical radiation by 60% without loss of efficiency.

    The most innovative device for Elos hair removal - E-max. This system includes 5 applicators with different combinations of active factors: optical, electric, laser and infrared radiation. Also, the device can cool the skin at 5 ° C, controls the effectiveness and safety of the procedure. Processing takes place on the point principle. 1 cm? The epithelium is processed in 1 second. The area of ​​simultaneous processing depends on the applicator.

    How many procedures are needed

    Elos hair removal affects hair in a state of active growth. Neither light nor electromagnetic waves act on the follicles that are asleep or in the retrograde phase. Since all the hair can not simultaneously be in the same phase of development, one procedure will not work.

    How to adjust the necessary method and how many procedures are needed depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Someone will be enough 4, and someone will need 7. For one manipulation you can remove no more than 80% of hair.

    The first 3 procedures are carried out 1 time per month. After the third manipulation, all remaining follicles are synchronized in the resting stage. After 2-5 months, hair can wake up at the same time and start growing. This is a good time for the fourth and final procedure.

    The number of manipulations depends on the localization of the hair, since in different parts of the body the period of rest of the hair follicles lasts different times. Above the upper lip, at the same time 65% of the hair can be in the stage of active growth, and only 20% on the legs. The phase of sleep on the face lasts no more than 6 weeks, and on the legs - up to 2 years. These nuances need to be considered when assigning repeated procedures.

    Comparing elos epilation with other hair removal methods

    In contrast to the elos-technique, photoepilation is not able to affect hair with a small amount of pigment - light and gray. In addition, the hair follicles in this case can regenerate and give hair growth for 1.5-2 years.

    Laser hair removal affects only the hairs with a sufficient amount of pigments and a great contrast between the color of hair and skin.

    Electrolysis requires high precision from a specialist. The electrode must fall into the hair follicle, otherwise the procedure will be ineffective. In addition, it is quite painful, so only a limited area of ​​skin can be treated in one session.

    Procedure steps

    Epilation is performed in this order:

    1. The patient lies down on a couch and puts on glasses designed to protect her eyes from flashes of light.
    2. A gel is applied to the skin with an additional cooling effect. It is necessary to protect against radiation and good contact of the applicator with the surface. If the tip is not tight enough to contact with the skin, the effect of LPG radiation will be lost.
    3. The specialist handles the skin with an applicator. The flash is accompanied by a tingling sensation, short tweaks. Half an hour before the procedure, the skin can be treated with a local anesthetic in the form of a cream or spray.
    4. The duration of the session depends on the surface area, for example, epilation of a deep bikini area lasts 40 minutes, and shins - up to 30 minutes.
    5. After the procedure, the skin is necessarily treated with an antiseptic solution and a soothing spray or cream such as Panthenol, Bepanten, etc.

    Hair will be sprinkled for 3-4 weeks. After each next session, the number of regrown hairs will decrease, and those that appear will be thinner and lighter than before.

    Features of the procedure for different parts of the body

    Epilation can be done on any part of the body. To remove hair on the back, chest, abdomen, 6-8 sessions are required. Elos armpit epilation includes up to 10 procedures. An additional effect of it - reducing the intensity of sweating.

    Hair removal on various parts of the face helps to smooth the skin surface and improve its color. Vegetation can be removed from the upper lip, cheekbones, chin and other parts of the face and neck.

    The presence of hair on the skin of the face has a direct hormonal dependence, diseases such as polycystic ovary, etc., lead to increased hair growth, which can cause an increase in the number of procedures up to 15. Elosing of the upper lip begins with the removal of the “antennae” with razors or scissors. It is necessary to take into account that this is a very painful area, which means that it is better to immediately resort to anesthesia.

    Epilation of the legs, in whole or in part, is a popular cosmetic procedure. The largest number of hairs is concentrated on the legs, only 30% of which are in the stage of active growth. Epilation of the legs will completely require more sessions, and the gap between them will be the maximum possible - 8 weeks.

    The process of Elos hair removal in the salon

    Elos procedure in the cabin is more effective due to the various possibilities of professional equipment. For each zone, a suitable applicator is selected with the desired area of ​​impact and a combination of physical characteristics. Manipulation carried out by a professional master, less often ends with complications and aesthetic defects.

    Skincare after epilation

    Within 2-3 weeks after epilation, you should refrain from sunbathing and visiting the solarium. To protect the skin, if necessary, stay in the sun, you must use a cream with a protection factor not lower than SPF 30. This will protect against the appearance of age spots.

    For skin care, you must use a moisturizer suitable for skin type. Overheating is undesirable, so visiting the sauna, pool, gym during the rehabilitation period will have to be abandoned.

    You can not pull out hair growing after the procedure. Depilation with wax, silk thread, electroepilator and shugaring is prohibited. It is permissible to use only a special depilation cream or razor.

    Procedure cost

    The cost of hair removal course is somewhat higher than any other method of hair removal. But the price is more than offset by the high efficiency of the procedure.

    The cost of 1 session depends on the thickness, structure and degree of pigmentation of hair, on the area of ​​treatment. To remove dark, hard hairs, fewer sessions will be needed, which means that the course will be cheaper.

    Arina, 32 years old, Kirov

    First I did photo epilation on the face, but the fluffy hair remained. Decided to Elos and not regretted. For 3 procedures and no trace left.

    Olga, 36 years old, Sevastopol

    Elos interested in upper lip hair removal, reviews of the procedure are good. She did not hope for her self-control and asked for anesthesia. Everything quickly and efficiently disappeared, and the "mustache", and fluff.

    Anna, 27 years old, Moscow

    У меня проблемы с гормонами, из-за этого на теле много волос. Долго ходила по врачам, но ничего не изменилось. Решилась на элос и не жалею, Да, недешево. Но ведь это 1 раз. После полного курса волосы больше не отрастают.