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New trend in cosmetology - all about multimasking

In the wake of the popularity of contouring (face modeling with bronzing tools), strobing (highlighting with the help of highlighters) and the invasion of various masks, #multimusking became the most popular Instagram hashtag today, which caused quite a stir in the world of beauty. As the name implies, we are talking about the use of several masks for different areas of the face. The trick is that you do everything at the same time, and the result looks like a cross between classic contouring and war paint faces.

It sounds weird, and looks about the same. But we must admit that it is quite practical and gives many advantages, if done correctly. No one will argue that swelling under the eyes and excess sebum in the T-zone require very specific active ingredients. And whether one mask for the whole face can cope with such problems remains a big question.

Dermatologists, in principle, approve of this approach to business, but also warn that the more cosmetic products are on the face, the higher the risk of an allergic reaction to one or another (and it will be rather difficult) to understand the “who is to blame”. That is why they advise you to "join" the trend gradually and start by first trying each mask separately, carefully observing the reaction of the skin. Behind this exciting activity you need to spend a week to clarify the situation and not wait for any surprises in the future. Of course, this is not a quick, and somewhat costly path, but it is safe and reliable.

So, here's a little tip on what ingredients are required for a particular face zone.

A coal-based mask or a salicylic acid mask (beta-hydroxy acid) will be good for places where there is an accumulation of black dots. This compound helps to dissolve the substance that clogs the pores, and to clean up the accumulations.

Multimasking for the face: about the benefits of beauty trend

This trend comes from Asia. At one time, a set of masks was released under the brand name Boscia, which consisted of 4 products placed in tubes of different colors and brushes for applying multimasking. The fact is that for Asian women, very thoroughly suited to skin care, it is in the order of things to use cosmetic equipment at a time for a whole “ensemble”.

A little later, multimasking reached Europeans, who were able to appreciate the beauty of this beauty procedure, because there are actually a lot of advantages to it.

So, dermatologists say: the skin in different areas of the face and needs are different.

In particular, in the T-zone, more sebum is produced - the secretion of the sebaceous glands (also known as sebum), and the area around the eyes requires firming procedures and hydration. Therefore, instead of alternating different masks, which help one part of the face, and the other, on the contrary, can only cause harm, it is better to apply several care products at once.

Features of the application and implementation of multimasking

At the same time, experts warn that such a beauty procedure is not so harmless. Cosmetic "duet" or even a "trio" on the skin can cause severe allergies, and it will be very difficult to find those who are “guilty”. So, before applying the masks, try the effects of each of them separately. We recommend applying a new mask to the skin at the chin line for several days (this area of ​​skin on the face is considered neutral). Be attentive and track your reaction. If everything is normal, you can safely proceed to multimasking.

And special brushes will help you to apply the masks: they will allow not to violate the boundaries of other masks on the face.

It is better to start a beauty procedure from the area around the eyes (in this situation, you can use patches), then move to the T-zone, then - to the cheeks and a worthy end will be attention given to the skin of the neck.

For different parts of the face and care is different

Eye area

Here the skin is thin and very delicate, in this area there are practically no fat glands. Therefore, she needs supportive care in the form of patches with toning gels and retinol. If your problem is dark circles under the eyes, or you suffer from edema, you will be helped by masks, which include drainage components: plant extracts, caffeine, etc.

In this area, the skin produces an excessive amount of sebaceous gland secretions and is therefore prone to the appearance of various inflammations. The masks, which include salicylic acid, black clay, etc., can “boast” of cleansing and anti-inflammatory effects. Such masks also tighten pores.

This zone requires protection and hydration, since it is usually here that the skin is most susceptible to flaking, and a stale complexion is also noticeable here. In this case, suitable masks with arousing effect, the active components of which are, for example: antioxidants, vitamin C, etc.

The skin of this part of our body also deserves a thorough care. In particular, it needs nutritional formulations with a tightening effect and delicate creamy textures. As part of the masks for this zone should certainly be: vitamin E, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, etc.

If you have not yet entered into multimasking, we recommend that you try to feel the effects of this useful beauty procedure, because skin health is just as important as the general well-being of the body.

What is multimasking

Despite the huge variety of masks, each of them can cope with only one task. This is what prompted the creation of such an idea as multimasking, when a particular type of mask is applied to the part of the face where its help is required. And in just 20 minutes, during which the mask is on the face, it will be possible to cope with the main problems of the skin, without resorting to additional cosmetic procedures.

After all, all people can visually divide the face into several zones - each of them requires an individual approach. If you are concerned about the ugly black dots that usually appear on the nose, you can glue a special strip on its base. To cope with wrinkles that appeared on the forehead, will help mask based on hyaluronic acid or collagen. And if the skin on the cheeks flakes off, then a moisturizing mask can be applied to them. In addition, multimasking involves the use of cooling masks under the eyes, as well as appliqués, which help to tighten the chin and make a clearer facial contour.

Multismasking should be especially successful in women with combination skin, whose cheeks often begin to peel off after applying a cleansing mask. If you apply too moisturizing mask, then the T-zone will begin to shine. That is why every part of the face needs proper care, which takes a lot of time. The idea of ​​multimasking, in which various types of masks are applied simultaneously or sequentially to different areas of the face, will help to avoid unnecessary time and effort.

Types of multimasking

As mentioned above, multimasking is divided into 2 types:

Each face zone requires a personal approach to it and multimasking conducted simultaneously for all of them will help in this. It is worth knowing that when combined skin in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) there is an increased tendency to fat, which causes rashes on the face and leads to the expansion of pores. Then, as in the U-zone (cheeks and lower chin), the skin is drier and more tight. Simultaneous multimasking helps to significantly reduce the time of care for the base of the face and apply separate products to problem areas. Just 15-20 minutes is enough for the face to receive complete care and shine with “new colors”.

Sequential multimasking is used when using fabric masks that are inconvenient to lay on the face at the same time. In addition, this method of face care is used when it is necessary to enhance the effect on the skin and to perform several tasks at once. This type of multimasking can be resorted to by those who have normal skin on their entire face, oily or dry.

Benefits of multimasking

The popularity of the new way of facial care can be explained by its advantages, which include:

  • reduction of care time - it is not required to apply one mask, then remove it, and then apply another, as now they work at the same time, each in its own area,
  • This is an excellent option for combination skin - each area of ​​the face acquires only those useful substances that it needs,
  • With the help of multimasking, you can not only take care of your skin, but also treat it,
  • All face care products are included in the multimasking kit.

Thanks to these advantages, more and more people are inclined to move away from the decorative face treatment to its natural beauty. Simplicity of care and minimum cost of cosmetics - another undoubted advantage of multimasking.

How to determine skin type

To be able to more accurately distinguish between facial areas, you should use the following advice:

  • it is necessary to remove all cosmetics from the face, wash and then soak the face with a towel,
  • after that you have to wait - with oily or combination skin for 10-15 minutes, with a dry half hour,
  • you need to prepare a paper napkin in advance,
  • after a set time, it is required to attach a napkin to the face, then firmly press it in all areas.

Then you need to remove the napkin from the face and carefully consider it:

  • transparent wipe areas speak of oily skin,
  • if the areas are speckled, then the skin is combined,
  • where the look of the napkin has not changed - dry.

After that, you can safely select the components that will be included in multimasking.

Multimasking Tips

To make the multimasking procedure more efficient, you should use the following tips, which take into account facial areas and their main problems:

Reduce oiliness, increase skin elasticity and clean its pores will help mask based on clay, which are aimed at solving exactly these problems.

Remove shine, make pores less noticeable, eliminate acne and redness will help warming masks or masks, films, which conduct a deep cleansing of the face.

  1. The area under the eyes

To cope with the appearance of mimic wrinkles will help lifting masks that have a tightening effect.

Wound, dry and flaky skin will help to cure moisturizing and nourishing masks. In addition, you can apply and means to exfoliate.

This area of ​​the face requires thorough cleansing, and cleansing masks can cope with this task.

When embarking on multimasking, you should not buy tools that are sold in sachets and are intended for 1-2 applications, because they will not run out in a single time, and the remnants can dry out or deteriorate. It is better to buy masks in tubes of 30-50 ml, which can be stored for a long time.

The idea of ​​multimasking is good because it allows for each problem zone to choose exactly the means that is intended for these purposes.

"Caesar's laurels". Multitasking: talent or norm?

At all times, people used multitasking in everyday life. For example, going to the store and buying a new dress requires the buyer to keep prices, styles, knowledge of fashion trends in mind, the question of the practicality of these clothes, etc. That is, one must read, count, compare, check the quality of the material.

Schooling also requires the parallel execution of several tasks. For example, a student must listen to a teacher and write what he says in a notebook. All these things are familiar to everyone, they cope with them, without even thinking of their special talent.

Processes in the brain

Many believe that during the execution of tasks the brain works on them synchronously. However, it is not. Programs are divided into small pieces, and actions on them are performed alternately. First we make a piece of one task, and then we switch to a piece of another. It happens so quickly that we do not even notice the transition. Despite the fact that switching occurs in just one tenth of a second, a change can play a fatal role if at least one of the tasks performed requires the utmost concentration of attention.

For example, a person talking on the phone, while driving, runs the risk of an accident. But not always multitasking is so catastrophic. A lot of cases make it easy to switch attention. It’s not difficult at the same time to listen to music and talk to a friend. And this is not the limit of human capabilities.

What does this ability depend on?

About 2% of the population have an extremely high ability to shift attention. They can easily do several things without losing quality. Probably, genetic predisposition is important here. However, like all "genetics" - this is not a sentence. It was found that People can learn multitasking if they specifically train themselves in this direction. It is believed that women are much more able to keep in mind several actions than men, but there is no scientific evidence to support this point.

Perhaps social standards to some extent force women to learn multi-tasking. For example, housekeeping implies that a woman can cook, clean and care for children at the same time.

By the way, people assess their ability to multitasking extremely subjectively. Usually, those who consider themselves to be skillful "multi-tasking", have rather low abilities in this direction and make a large number of mistakes.

The problem of media multitasking

With the development of the Internet, social networks, television, radio, etc. the attention of a person quickly moves from one media source to another. Switching channels, switching from site to site, scrolling through friend-tape creates conditions when literally every second the brain is faced with the task of switching to something new. How many seconds are needed to switch TV channels? Less than a second. To download the site page - 1-2 seconds. You would think that such a regime trains the brain. But in fact, the ability to do several things at the same time does not increase. In a short time, the brain does not have time to transfer the received information even to short-term memory. He just jumps from one job without a chance to learn anything.

Continuous switching mode is not without consequences. It was found that in media multitaskers, the amount of gray matter in the anterior cingulate gyrus of the brain decreases. This department is responsible for empathy, emotional and cognitive (cognitive ability) control and creativity. Thus, the brain dependent on the media is changing. It is impossible to say how much these changes are irreversible. Research in this direction has just begun. It is possible that the brain can recover from a change in attitude towards gadgets.

Does multitasking help?

As mentioned above, many people believe that multitasking is a gift of God, which you need to practice as often as possible. He allegedly significantly improves the quantity and quality of work. However, attempts to do two things at the same time lead to a decrease in the quality of work and increase the number of errors. Especially if multitasking is associated with uncontrolled use of media.

Studies at Stanford University have shown that media multitaskers perform much worse intelligence tests. They can lose up to 15 points and show a test IQ equal to the level of an eight-year period. The reason for this - the inability to hold attention, to concentrate on the task and extreme distractibility. Any sound can take them away from the task.

For comparison: being under the influence of marijuana, a person “loses” only 10 IQ points.

Multitasking is a useful skill. But we must remember that, alas, a person is limited in his abilities. Despite the fact that many cases can really be combined, some of them are incompatible. If at least one of the cases performed is related to the life and safety of the multitasker itself or the people around it, it is necessary to focus on this task. Everything else is set aside for later.

It is necessary to put in order your habit of uncontrolled use of media. Pastime in this mode not only does not lead to any results, but also damages the brain. Browsing online news is not worth sacrificing your mental health. published by econet.ru.

The benefits or harm of multitasking?

If everything suits you, you can not continue reading. You are a wonderful multitasker, congratulations! But I realized that in modern society, overflowing with goals, speeds, technologies and anything else, the highest degree of mastery is the ability to maintain concentration on one business, to be completely surrendered to it and calmly (this is not the same thing as “slowly” or “lazily ") To work, to enjoy both work and rest. That is why I am against multitasking.

Doing several things at the same time is inefficient. A person constantly “switches” from one to another for short periods of time and cannot really concentrate on the task. Кроме того, это сложнее, а зачем загонять себя в лишние сложности, а, следовательно, в стресс?

Расстановка приоритетов

Как я борюсь с искушением «хвататься за всё»? Во-первых, пишу список необходимых дел. Во-вторых, расставляю приоритеты выполнения. If I have two large and urgent projects, I will not take up the second until I finish with the first. It saves my time: I think only about one task and forget about everything else until it is done. Then I concentrate on the following. In between important projects, I do something insignificant, but nonetheless requiring attention.

I do all the most important things right in the morning and don't postpone it “for later”. After the important things have been accomplished, the “trifle” seems to be already being done by itself, but I know that I am not in a hurry, I am not putting up anybody and owing nothing to anyone.

When I work on an important project, I exclude all possible interference. No email checks. No exits to the buffet. Just me and the project. The temptation to immediately reply to the letter (and at the same time to distract from the task that has sickened the backbone) is too great. But that's the trick that you can not be distracted. Only under this condition can we talk about full concentration and productivity.

After I cope with a big task, I go outside to breathe. Without a phone and no checks "likes" on Instagram. I breathe, stretch, warm up a little and give myself 15-20 minutes after returning to the office for minor matters. This is my preparation for the next major assignment. I have not done anything at the same time for a year now and I can say that I have started working more and better. Therefore, I am confident that multitasking is only a beautiful appearance of doing many things. Everything is exactly the opposite.

Eye area

Swollen eyelids and dark circles under the eyes are not the best “decorations” of a woman’s face, but sometimes it’s not so easy to get rid of them. What will help? Masks based on antioxidants and caffeine will get rid of dark circles, and hyaluric acid - from the vascular network. Masks based on shea butter, collagen and vitamins A, E and C work well in this area.

Cheeks and cheekbones

This area can be very different in type: someone has dry, and someone has too oily skin with acne and other rashes. You need to use exactly those tools that are aimed at solving problems associated with a particular skin type.

In any case, the skin will never be damaged by moisturizing, and also for instant effect you can always use tissue masks that do not clog pores and do not even require rinsing.